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					                                                                      September - October 2012
                                                                       Elul / Tishrei / Cheshvan 5772

                                     HIGHLIGHTS         Hadassah, the Women’’s Zionist Organization of America

                                                   Charlotte, NC Chapter of the Southern Seaboard
                                                             Region Member Newsletter
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                                     Regional website address:
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         Sa     ve
  Clip &
                             Event                                                      Date                      Loca on
                             Mother & Daughter Event–– Candles cks - Young Women        9/9/12; 10am              JCC
                             Hadassah Board Mtg.                                        9/10                      Temple Israel (TI)
                             Nashe Venishma (Holiday program)                           9/13;7 pm                 The Lusky Hall
                             Lunch & Learn                                              9/21                      TI
  BIG NEWS!                  Sushi in the Sukkah                                        10/4 (Thursday Evening)   TBD
Charlotte Hadassah has       Hadassah Board Mtg.                                        10/15                     TI
GONE GREEN.          Our
                             Breast Cancer Awareness Event -””Celebra ng the Ta-tas””   10/18; 9-1 & 5-9 pm       Gorelick
newsletter, Highlights, is
produced six times a         Breast Cancer Awareness Event - ””Viewing the Ta-tas””     11/4 (Sunday evening)     TBD
year.                        Fall Membership                                            11/6                      TBD

Going forward, in an         Hadassah Board Mtg.                                        11/12                     TI
effort to save cost and      Lunch & Learn                                              11/16                     TBD
being environmentally
                             Fundraising Event                                          11/18/12 (Sunday)         TBD
responsible, we will print
and mail one copy a year.    Young Women Event                                          12/2/12 (Sunday)          TBD

Our Highlights issues will   Installa on                                                12/11/12                  TBD
be available online, on      Lunch & Learn                                              12/21/13                  TI
our website and via email
                             Lunch & Learn                                              1/08/13                   TI
as always.
                             Hadassah Board Mtg.                                        1/14                      TI
Copies will also be
                             Maj Marathon                                               1/20/13 (Sunday)          JCC
available at the JCC
carousel on a first come,    Tu B’’shevat                                               1/26/12                   TBD
first serve basis. If you    Health Night                                               2/11 (Monday)             TI
prefer to get your copy
                             Lunch & Learn                                              2/15/13                   TI
mailed to you, we are
happy to accommodate         Lunch & Learn                                              3/15/13                   TI
your request.                Bingo                                                      3/17 (Sunday)             TI

To receive a mailed copy     Membership Spring Event                                    3/7
as you did before, please    Lunch & Learn                                              4/19                      TI
call Judy Kaufmann at
                             Mother and Daughter Bu ery Project                        5/5; 12 noon
704-847-1022 or email
steveka@a .net.              Lunch & Learn                                              5/17                      TI
      September - October 2012                                                                           Page 2

P r e s i d e n t ’’ s M e s s a g e
                                                             9/13/12, 7 PM at Lusky Hall. Be part of Hadassah!
 Dear Members and Associates,
 Summer is almost over and we are                                                  Shana Tova - your Hadassah friend
 welcoming the new Jewish year. I wish all of us a happy                           and President - Hadas Kasher
 and healthy New Year. A year of Tzedakah, good deeds.
 Tzedakah, as it is wri en in the Talmud, is equivalent to
 all of the other mitzvot of the Torah –– Jerusalem
 Talmud, Pe'ah 1:1.
 Being part of Hadassah means that you are part of
 making Tzedakah happen. Your ac ons, your dona ons,
 are impac ng lives. This year Hadassah opened the
 Tower, our new hospital in Jerusalem, touching
 countless lives with the precious gi s of health and         Membership
 hope. Hadassah con nues to provide excellent health            Please encourage your friends to attend our activities and
 care to all those who need it, regardless of race or           join our chapter. If they are Life Members elsewhere, they
 religion. Hadassah con nues to do trailblazing basic              need to make a request in order to be transferred to
 medical and clinical research, as we work to realize the                                Charlotte.
 promise of stem cell based cures for heart disease,                       Our Most Precious Asset
 cancer, mul ple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
 In Charlo e, Hadassah provides a year of educa onal
 events, health events, and fun events. We founded and            Welcome New Members & Congratulations to our
 partner in the Charlo e Jewish Film Fes val, make                           newest Life Members.
 meals for Jewish Family Services, and provide the en re
 community with the Hadassah Directory. Being part of          Please encourage your friends to a end our ac vi es and
 Hadassah means you have 1000 new friends - just               join our chapter. If they are Life Members elsewhere, they
 wai ng to meet you!                                           need to make a request in order to be transferred to
                                                               Charlo e.
 Being part of Hadassah means friends. Friends like Belle
                                                               We are pleased to welcome the following members new to
 Simon, a Hadassah member from New York, who met
                                                               the Charlo e Chapter of Hadassah: Kimberly Aron, Rory
 Ka e Edelstein, a Hadassah member from Sea le.
                                                               Aron, Jaime Cojac, Lisa Davidson, Nancy Delner, Lisa Erlich,
 When Belle needed a kidney, Ka e made the amazing             Kris na Rose Franklin, Rebecca Nowik, Elizabeth Reiss,
 gi of dona ng a kidney to her Hadassah friend. Ka e           Jenalee Owen Barnhill, Stephanie Rousso, Susan Soto, Julie
 said she was inspired to do this mitzvah by the Pikuah        Kohlenberg Tache, Talya Tateo, Alexis Zarrow Fish and Laura
 Neefesh program of Hadassah, promo ng organ                   Zatkowski.
 dona ons and organ dona on awareness. Today, both             The newest Members to make a commitment to life
 Belle and Ka e are alive, healthy, and part of Hadassah.      membership are: Kimberly Aron, Rory Aron, Jenalee Owen
 Friends.                                                      Barnhill, Susan Soto and Talya Tateo.
 Being part of Hadassah means that you are
 empowered. Help empower the Charlo e Chapter of                                     The Centennial
 Hadassah by making a dona on, doing Tzedakah,                                   Celebration Continues!
 making the world a be er place. Dona ons to Hadassah
                                                                      Sign family members up through the
 empower us to support our programs here and in Israel.
 Volunteering for Hadassah also empowers all of us-
                                                                     Charlotte Chapter to help us reach our
 please join us this Rosh Ha Shana as our Hadassah                         commitment to Hadassah.
 friend, donor and par cipa ng member. Come to our
 programs, volunteer and donate. All of these                      Please contact Penny Krieger to become a
 contribu ons do make a di erence- for all of us!                   life member, enroll a family member or
 Join me to raise a toast for the New Year at our                       make inquiries. 704-542-9402 or
 Hadassah welcoming "Nashe Venishma" event on                        
     HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                          Page 3

         Upcoming Meal Prep Dates for JFS
Hadassah members who contributed to the meals for JFS for               The Return of
May are: Sharon Cavanaugh, Helene Cullen, Zelma Fink, Audrey
Herman, Sandy Hoagland, Judy Kaufmann, Penny Krieger, Sharel         Na’’aseh V’’Nishma
Persin, Hagit Stav and Joyce Stoll.
                                                                     Charlotte Hadassah will open
Five dozen delicious meals were assembled on June 12th. This
was accomplished in under an hour because a er almost 5               its programming year with
years, we work like a well-oiled machine. It is such a great          the return of Na’’aseh V’’Nishma (we will do and
project with a small me commitment.
                                                                           we listen), an educational and spiritual
The following people par cipated in the June Mitzvah: Barbara
Abrams, Cathy Bogus, Sharon Cavanaugh, Lynne Cojac, Milly              experience to help prepare members for the
Corday, Helene Cullen, Zelma Fink, Mary Gordan, Audrey                         upcoming High Holiday season.
Herman, Karen Kantrowitz, Judy Kaufmann, Penny Krieger,
Sharel Persin, Hagit Stav, Amy Strasser and Robin Zimmerman.
                                                                     Be inspired, as our own Suly Chenkin, shares her
We assembled once again in July to create more delicious
dinners. Assis ng in this e ort were: Barbara Abrams, Susan           personal story of survival during the holocaust.
Aizenman, Sharon Cavenaugh, Lynne Cojac, Helene Cullen,              Suly’’s journey took her from Eastern Europe, to
Zelma Fink, Mary Gordan, Gail Samber, Hagit Stav and Joyce
Stoll.                                                                 Palestine, to Cuba and eventually to Charlotte
Please JOIN US for our upcoming cooking par es. It is deeply         and began when she was just two years old! Suly
appreciated, we have lots of fun and this really makes you feel          is a popular speaker in schools around the
good about what you are doing for others!
                                                                       Carolinas. We are very lucky to have her as a
                                                                           member of our chapter and community.
10 a m - Monday, September 10 and Friday, September 14
         Home of Penny Krieger
         12030 Summerberry Court, Charlo e                           This year we will once again do cooking Tzedakah
         704-542-9402                                                 projects that will help needy members of our
Rosh Hashanah Meals will be prepared. Monday’’s will be               Jewish Community have a brighter New Year.
frozen, Friday’’s delivered fresh.
Brisket, turkey, potato kugel, tsimmes, stu ng, honey cake,
sponge cake, challah bread or rolls and other tradi onal holiday        And of course, we will come together as a
foods are most appreciated.                                          community of friends and Jewish women to visit,
                                                                       learn and work together for common goals.
10 a m - Monday, October 22
        Home of Penny Krieger                                          Watch your email and save the date for this
        12030 Summerberry Court, Charlo e                              great opportunity to do and listen (Na’’aseh
                                                                                V’’nishma) with Hadassah!
Don’’t like to cook? You can s ll help by o ering your kitchen for
a future meal prep, dona ng food or supplies, assis ng in the
packaging and labeling of meals or delivering the meals to JFS.
                                                                     When: September 13 at 7:00 PM
                                                                     Where: The Lusky Hall and the TBE Activity
                                                                            Center. Please enter through the
                     Save the Date                                          Hebrew High/Library entrance!
                                                                     Cost: $10 materials fee to go to our
                                                                            Tzedaka projects.
                 Fall Membership Event
                   Tuesday November 6                                     RSVP: Roz Cooper @ 704-846-8315/
                Details to follow in eblasts                       

            If you do not use a computer,                                                    or
                                                                              Margie Sigal @ 704-366-8304/
              call Penny at 704-542-9402
       HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                                             Page 4

                                                   ANNUAL DONOR CAMPAIGN
Only once a year our chapter's volunteers approach you asking for donation. A group of dedicated volunteers get together to write the letter, stuff
the envelope and send it to you. From our heart to yours.
Show our volunteers that you support their effort. Mail your donation today to:

Support our goal. Help us reach 100% participation in our donor campaign. Please show your support. Donate with your heart.

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know that you have the power to make the world a better place? We are so proud that because of your support,
Hadassah is starting its second century as a vital force in our local community, nationally and around the world. Last year alone, over 60,000
individuals joined our organization.
Thanks to your generous support
Hadassah doctors are making astounding progress to improve our health.
Hadassah discovered a special compound that dramatically shrinks lung tumors.
Hadassah University Medical Center is conducting clinical trials for a vaccine against cancer.
Hadassah’’s Multiple Sclerosis Center continues as a global leader in treating MS with stem cells.
New Hadassah/Hebrew University research is bringing a cure for diabetes a step closer.
A successful clinical trial brings researchers closer to a cure for blindness.
Thanks to you we were able to open the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower in Jerusalem saving lives across the Middle East.
Thanks to you we have shared with the Charlotte community the latest medical knowledge on topics ranging from sleep medicine to Jewish genetic
awareness programs.
Thanks to you we have been able to share Jewish culture with the Charlotte community through the Jewish Film Festival, our monthly study group,
and our annual health program.
Thanks to you we provide hundreds of meals to the needy and every year produce and distribute the Charlotte Jewish Area Community Directory.
Thanks to you the list of good deeds is too large to list here.
Our achievements were recognized by the City of Charlotte which honored us with a proclamation and dedication of a weekend as ‘‘Hadassah
Weekend in Charlotte. During this time, our national president, Marcie Natan, joined us in Charlotte to share the latest news about Hadassah’’s
We have great plans for the future and we need your help. Show that you care. During this annual campaign, please donate with your heart.
     Hadas Kasher-President, Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah

          Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah - 2013 Board - Nomination and Elections
             We are pleased to announce that the election process for the 2013 Hadassah Board has begun.
  The Nomination Committee Chair was selected during the August board meeting. The Nomination Committee has
                                 started working during the month of August.
                           Nominations for the 2013 Executive Board positions are now being accepted.
  Please email your suggestions to or mail them to our mailing address listed on the
                                          back page of the Highlights.
The slate will be presented to the board during the September 2012 board meeting and then it will be available for
  all members on our website and face book. In addition, members who are on our email list will receive an email
notification. The new President and Board will be elected during the October 2012 board meeting. All members are
                                     welcome to attend the meeting and vote.
                                          The new board will be taking office on January 1,2013.
                        Please direct any questions to or call Hadas Kasher.
     September - October 2012                                                                          Page 5

                                                         The weekend would not have been such a rousing success
                                                         without all of our fantas c volunteers. All of the Charlo e
                                                         area chapters and groups leant a hand, including the ladies
                                                         from Sun City and Lake Norman. Kol Hakavod to all of us!
Spring Conference Unites 100                    Regional We really made our visitors to the Queen City feel like
                                                      th royalty!!
Women to Celebrate Hadassah’’s 100
Charlo e hosted Hadassah’’s Southern Seaboard Regional                                      It was a great conference
conference this past April, which drew over 100 women                                       with fabulous speakers,
from all over our region, na onal board members, and for                                    wonderful women and
the rst me ever, Marcie Natan, Hadassah‘‘s, na onal                                        lots to do, learn and
president. The conference chaired, by Roz Cooper, and                                       enjoy!
Lynda White, was a tribute to Hadassah’’s 100th birthday, as
well as a celebra on of a successful year for our region.
Amidst laughter, camaraderie and lots of fun, the magical
weekend was chuck full of religious worship services
wonderfully led by Elaine Ragoni and Debbie Friedman,
inspiring sessions, dinners, luncheons and fes ve
celebra ons. All of the meals and mee ngs were enhanced
by the beau ful decora ons created by our resident
designer, Teri Seidman.
During the sessions we learned about the needs of women
in the Diaspora from Rabbi Judy Schindler, the global
impact of our Jewish experiences in the World from Racelle
Weiman and learning how to present our best selves with a
professional stylist. Mor Green, Hadas Kasher and Amalia
Warshenbrot shared their experiences in the IDF. We
enjoyed some light hearted fun with a Mediterranean
theme 100th birthday party chaired by Sue Klein and Amy
Montoni. The evening featured belly dancers, story tellers,        Holiday Mother and Daughter
drummers and music by Roni Tel Or.
                                                                   Event Sunday, September 9th
It was thrilling for all of us to see Charlo e’’s Mayor Anthony
Foxx give a proclama on speech dedica ng the weekend to             The High Holidays are early this year!
Hadassah and to experience the changing of the regional            Help us welcome them by joining us for a
guard during a beau ful luncheon. Our own, Janice
Bernstein was installed as Region President by Roz Rosen,          special event, Sunday, Sept. 9th,
conference chair. Charlo e chapter members, Heidi                        10:00 am at the JCC.
Rotberg and Roz Cooper, were also installed to the regional
board.                                                             We will be making ceramic honey
Patricia Johnson lead a deligh ul Young Women’’s Session               pots and candle sticks.
with our na onal president. Marcie shared her unique                 Refreshments will be included.
story when as a young mother looking for meaningful
connec ons with other women, she stumbled into a                          Cost of materials will apply.
Hadassah mee ng. The Young leaders had the opportunity            Additional details are included in the e-vite.
to ask about Hadassah’’s legacy, future and the best              Please be sure to RSVP.
prac ces for success of a chapter. Marcie captured the
women’’s a en on with her narra ves about how Henrie a                          For more information contact
Szold, in a leap of faith, began the Hadassah journey and                            Sherri Zimmerman at
her excitement about the upcoming tower unveiling this                    
   HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                        Page 6

                                                                DIRECTORY ADVERTISERS
                                     Pictured on left    Always wanted to advertise in the Charlotte
                                    Patricia Johnson &
                                      Marcie Natan       Jewish Community Directory- but didn’’t know
                                                         how? Email us at or
                                                         call Heidi at (704)365-3859 and learn more. We
   Charlotte Board Member Joins                          have all levels of advertising, from Business
  Hadassah National Social Media                         Cards to Full Color! Please show your support of
        Ad Hoc Committee                                 the Jewish Community and of your Charlotte
Na onal Hadassah has created a new and innova ve         Hadassah Chapter by advertising now!
ad hoc commi ee focused on social media. The group
made up of na onal and regional board members,
with key social media exper se, has set out
to tackle the following objec ves:                        Watch the Opening of the Sarah
     Iden fy the most important audiences                 Wetsman Tower in Jerusalem on
     Hadassah should be addressing and the most
     e ec ve social media pla orms to reach them                    YOUTUBE
     Iden fy social media outlets (Facebook, Twi er,
     You Tube, etc.) with the greatest impact in
     increasing visibility
     Discuss the content on all our pla orms as a        feature=player_detailpage&v=0suBx
     vehicle to involve, engage, inform and retain
     Hadassah members, new audiences, and
     poten al donors
     Consider possible on-line partners to increase
     Hadassah’’s outreach and impact
Patricia Johnson, Opera onal VP and Young Women’’s
Commi ee Chair, has been invited to be a member of
this valuable ini a ve.
Locally we would like to thank Dorit Cohen and
Lauren Walter who maintain and ac vely promote
Charlo e’’s Chapter Facebook and Twi er proles.
                                                               DIRECTORY–– Help Wanted!!!!
Like us on
at Charlo e Hadassah or follow us on twi er at           The    Charlotte      Jewish   Community      Directory    is
                                                         published by Hadassah- and we need help! If you
Na onal social media pla orms:
Visit,     like us  on               have been looking for a project- here it is! We need follow us on
Twi er @HadassahOrg or watch our channel                 help selling ads, getting people to put their names and
                                                         addresses in the Directory, and organizing            a new

                      GOING GREEN IN                     section of the Directory to celebrate our loved ones!
                       ANOTHER WAY                       We have a team ready for more members- everyone
                   If there are duplicate copies of      is welcome. Please contact Tess Berger (704-708-
                   Hadassah Magazine coming to
                                                         4857), Judy Kaufmann (704-847-1022) or Heidi
   your home, please contact Penny to discon nue
     the extra(s). This both conserves paper and         Rotberg      (704-365-3859)    for   more    info    and   to
               saves Hadassah money.                     volunteer!      You      can    also    email        us    at
         704-542-9402 or         
HIGHLIGHTS                                                                             Page 7

      Hadassah Volunteering                                           Buy a 2012 Directory
                                                                     If you missed picking up the new
Involvement in Hadassah’’s ac vi es o ers the                        2012 Charlotte Jewish
opportunity to meet wonderful women, makes                           Community Directory- we still
you feel produc ve and helps you have a be er                        have a few available at the gift
understanding of the mission of Hadassah.                            shops at Temple Beth-El or
Volunteer for an hour or two if that is all the                      Temple Israel, and at the Levine
  me you have to give. The sa sfac on you                            JCC Front Desk.
derive might lead to deeper commitment at
                                                  Remember - every Directory Patron gets her
some point.
                                                  Directory first- mailed or delivered. To be a Patron
Below are some volunteer opportuni es.            for 2013 and to update your free listing, complete
Contact any of our board members to learn         your BLUE SHEET that will be mailed in September
more and nd your niche.                          or go to the Charlotte Hadassah Website. Any
                                                  questions call Tess Berger (704-708-4857) or Judy
1. Cooking for JFS –– hands on project to help
                                                  Kaufmann (704-847-1022)
   those in our community
2. Serving on the board, chairing an event,
   serving on a commi ee                                      Lunch and Learn
3. Being part of a phone squad                     The popular study group ““Lunch and Learn”” meets
4. Directory –– ge ng ads, proong, etc.           on the third Friday of the month. They will be
                                                   comple ng the book, ““Pray Tell.””
5. Se ng up and breaking down events
6. Being a buddy for new members                   Join your Hadassah friends as they read, learn, and
                                                   have fun together. The following is a list of the
7. Gree ng people at mee ngs and events            mee ng dates:
8. Manning a sign-in table
                                                       September 21         Nov. 16        Dec. 21
9. Baking                                                Jan. 8      Feb. 15         March 15
10. Solici ng in-kind dona ons for events.                         April 19         May 17
11. Par cipa ng in Date with the State and/or      The group meets at Temple Israel at 11:45 am.
    Day on the Hill –– be heard                    Please bring a dairy lunch and join in the fun.
12. Working at Jewish Film Fes val
                                                   New & Veteran Lunch n’’ Learners are welcome.
13. Helping at the Purim Carnival
14. O ering wri ng, ar s c, computer, kni ng        Any questions, call Roz at 704-944-6782
    etc., skills as needed                            or email

If you would like to be a Hadassah buddy or be
invited to a volunteer mee ng, please contact
Penny     Krieger     at    704-542-9402    or
September - October 2012   Page 8

Proud to Be Charlotte Hadassah
  HIGHLIGHTS                                                                    Page 9

                                              Your Personal Card Store


                   Let's Celebrate
                 It’’s almost here!
   OCTOBER 15-18, 2012
     There is still time to register,
        but you must call NOW.

Contact Ayelet Tours immediately
                                                        Sample Holiday Card
 ( or 800-237-
  1517) to be part Hadassah’’s
                                            Hadassah Holiday cards are an
    celebration of a lifetime!            easy way to make a small donation
                                           with a personal touch. For these or
                                           any other Hadassah cards please
                                          call Cathy Bogus at 704-246-6964.

                                                 Hadassah Certificates
                                              Send a Hadassah certificate and show
                                                      the world you care.
                                         Your tax deductible donation enriches the lives of
                                                       millions of people.
                                             Classic and beautiful certificates are
                                             available in a wide variety of prices.
                                                  A meaningful way to honor
                                                someone, acknowledge a special
                                                 event, or express condolences.

                                        To order, call: Madeline Aron -
                                            704-442-8234 or email:
                                                 aron133@a .net
                                             or call Ruth Richardson -

                                          See addi onal cer cates and
                                                e-cer cates on:
                                                                              $25 Classic Frame
   September - October 2012                                                                                     Page 10

                                         KEEPERS OF THE GATE
         Keepers of the Gate are a group of Hadassah Donors who participate in a unique program of annual giving.
                  The program attracts outstanding women who want to make their donation to Hadassah count -
                                                     and count BIG!
           Annual Pledge: $1000      Golden Keeper: $5000       Young Keeper (through age 45): $500/$750/$1000
                   All Keepers of the Gate receive a beautiful silver and 14-carat gold David's Harp Pin designed for
              Hadassah by Israeli artist Rachel Gera. This lyrical piece of jewelry conveys a profound message expressed in Psalms:
                                                  "Blessed is he that considereth the needy."
                                       100 WAYS TO WEAR YOUR KEEPER OF THE GATE PIN
             How do you wear your Keeper of the Gate pin? The men's pin (many Associates are Keepers) is worn on the
             lapel, but women have many more op ons. Pin it on the shoulder of a suit jacket, or use it to hold a scarf in
                              place around the neck. Pin it the upper——or lower—— sleeve of a jacket.
                                   Wear it on a long chain, or on an omega close to the throat.

         However you wear your Keepers pin, it signies that you understand the need for an annual gi to Hadassah to
         con nue our lifesaving care and research at Hadassah Medical Center, and our life-enhancing projects in Israel
                                                         and at home.

                     Your Keeper’’s pledge can be paid in one sum or divided into monthly payments.
                                              Credit cards are also accepted.
               Please contact Heidi Rotberg (704-365-3859) for more information and to make your pledge!

                        Hadassah Physicians Honored for Their Work

Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda recently received the annual award for outstanding physician, one of 3 recipients,
presented by the Society for Medicine and Law in Israel. What makes it most unique is that it is given
based on recommenda ons of pa ents only. In presen ng the award, the commi ee reported: "She has
vast experience in Hematology, and is involved deeply in clinical as well as research work. Recently she
was recognized as an outstanding teacher by the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine. Prof.
Ben-Yehuda excels in crea ve thinking and tailor making treatments to pa ents just like a suit. Her
pa ents say that the value of saving life is deeply rooted inside her personality, and she is a symbol of
diligence and thoroughness, compassion and devo on.
This is the second year in a row for a Hadassah physician to receive this pres gious award, as last year it
was presented to Prof. Neri Laufer.
Sari Cohen, senior orthopedic nurse in OR, who was recently the rst Israeli nurse to present in the
annual conference of AOTRAUMA, the world leading orthopedic trauma associa on, made the news
again when she was elected as a member of the European Regional Commi ee of this pres gious
organiza on, for opera ng room prac ces. Sari is one of two Israelis with high level nomina ons in this
interna onal organiza on. The other one is Prof. Rami Moshei , also of Hadassah Hospital, who has been
a member of the Interna onal Board of ORTRAUMA for some me now.
Prof. Ya’’akov (Kobi) Pe’’er, head of ophthalmology has recently received the Michaelson Macula Society
Award, during the 35th annual conference of the interna onal society which was held in Jerusalem.
Dr. Chamutal Gur from the internal medicine department, who is doing her PhD in the school of
medicine, received the Kaye Innova on Award for a researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Her research deals with the role of Natural Killer Cells in autoimmune diseases.
September - October 2012                                                                   Page 11

     2012 Charlotte Hadassah Board Contact Info

   POSITION                       NAME                   PHONE #         E-MAIL
   President                      Hadas Kasher           704-541-6775 president@charlo
   Treasurer                      Dana Kapus n           704-364-8669 dkapus
   Recording Secretary            Susan Soto             704-443-7932
   Records Administrator          Judy Kaufmann          704-847-1022 steveka@a .net
   Corresponding Secretary        Nancy Kerstein         704-643-9494
   Membership VP                  Penny Krieger          704-542-9402
   Educa on VP                    Margie Sigal           704-366-8304
   Fundraising VP                 Barbara Abrams         704-708-9820
   Programming VP                 Roz Cooper             704-846-8315 rcooper@shalomcharlo
   Programming VP                 Lynda White            704-541-8317
   Communica ons VP               Sari Hochberg          704-545-6611 shh
   Organiza onal VP               Patricia Johnson       704-844-8624
   Immediate Past President       Bunny Bramson          704-341-8322
   Parliamentarian                Janice Bernstein       704-846-9290

   Publicity/Marke ng             Patricia Johnson       704-844-8624

   EDUCATION                      VP - Margie Sigal
      Community A airs            Audrey Madans          704-541-8360
      Young Judea                 Dana Kapus n           704-364-8669    dkapus
      Health                      Heidi Rotberg          704-365-3859
   FUNDRAISING                    VP –– Barbara Abrams
      Donor Event                 Leslie Rusgo           704-365-1988
      Social Event - Bingo        Bunny Bramson          704-341-8322
      Directory Chair Data        Tess Berger            704-708-4857
      Directory Data Consultant   Judy Kaufmann          704-847-1022    steveka@a .net
      Directory Ads               Heidi Rotberg          704-365-3859
      Directory Treasurer         Judy Kaufmann          704-847-1022    steveka@a .net
      Cards                       Cathy Bogus            704-246-6964
      Cer cates/Trees            Ruth Richardson        704-366-2441    N/A
      Cer cates/Trees            Madeline Aron          704-442-8234    ARON133@ATT.Net
      JNF Event                   Beverly Grey           704-846-8049
      Keepers of the Gate         Heidi Rotberg          704-365-3859
   MEMBERSHIP                     VP - Penny Krieger
      New Member Integra on       Brenda F. Gale         704-759-1115
      New Member Integra on       Ilana Mar n            704-443-7612    ilanamar
      Life Membership             Penny Krieger          704-542-9402
      Renewal and Reten on        Linda Greeneld        704-543-0346    lindamgreen
      Renewal and Reten on        Ellen Bo ner           704-256-4767    ebo
      Sun City Representa ve      Roberta Wilner         803- 547-5988
      Hospitality                 Joyce Stoll            704-365-4733
      Young Leaders               Patricia Johnson       704-844-8624
   COMMUNICATIONS                 VP –– Sari Hochberg
      E-blasts                    Liz Miller             704-604-3852
      Facebook                    Dorit Cohen            704-490-7616
      Highlights Editor           Sari Hochberg          704-545-6611    shh
      Webmistress                 Lauren Abeles          704-969-1563
                             H I G H L I G H T S
                                                   Hadassah, the Women’’s Zionist Organization of America
                                                Charlotte, NC Chapter of the Southern Seaboard
                                                          Region Member Newsletter
       2011 / 2012 issue 7

Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah                                                                                        First Class
323 Sardis Pointe Road                                                                                             U . S. Postage
Matthews, NC 28105                                                                                                      PAID
President - Hadas Kasher                                                                                           Charlo e, NC
                                                                                                                  Permit No. 3243

    Financial information about Hadassah, the Women’’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. and its license are available from the
 North Carolina Secretary of State, solicitation licensing section at 1-888-830-4889. The license is not an endorsement by the State.

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                                               We are such a hi-tech and mobile society. . .
                       Please, please –– when you change your home address, phone number or e-mail address, keep
                                                Hadassah in the loop so we can keep you in ours!

                                                                        Thanks so much,
                                                 Penny Krieger, 704-542-9402,

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