The Book of Ruth

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					  The Book of Ruth

The story of love and loyalty
              The Characters
• Who are the main people in the book of Ruth?
  (Click on the name to find out if the person is a
  main character or not)

     Boaz                          Kilion
     God                           Mahlon
     Jesus                         Naomi
     Joseph                        Ruth

 Definitely a main character. His name
 means “strong” or “powerful”. He is the
 prince-charming in the story who marries
 a young Moabite widow.

Find out who this young widow is.

Not a main character except for the fact that
 He is in control of all things and allowed
 all that happened in this story to happen.

• Not a main character as he was not born
  yet, however, Boaz and what he does
  symbolizes what Jesus did for us as our
• Comes from the family line of Ruth and

• Not a main character
• A descendent of Boaz.
• Jesus’s earthly father.

• Nope, sorry, Kilion is only a minor
• Naomi’s son – married to Orpah
• His name means “used-up”
• Died early in the story (Ruth 1:3)

• Nope, sorry once again. Mahlon is only a
  minor character.
• Name means “sickness”
• Like his brother Kilion, he died early in the
  story (Ruth 1:3)
• Was Naomi’s son
• Married to Ruth
• Absolutely a main character.
• Her name means “pleasant”.
• Her husband (Elimelech – means “my God is
    King”) and two sons die when they are in a
    foreign land. She is left to fend for herself.
•   She changes her name to Marah which means
    “bitter” after the death of her loved ones.
•   Her daughter-in-law ends up following her back
    to Israel from Moab.

• Most definitely the main character.
• The book is her love story.
• Her name means “beautiful” or “lovely”
• She ends up following her mother-in-law
 back to Israel rather than stay in her own
 country of Moab and finds her “prince

• Bethlehem
• Moab

• Find out how far apart these two places
 are from each other.

• Naomi and her husband and two sons
 moved from Bethlehem to Moab.

• Read Ruth 1:1 to find out why they
• If you remember, most places in Biblical history
    are named because of the people who lived
•   The country of Moab were the descendants of
    Lot’s son (Abraham’s nephew) who was born to
    his eldest daughter after Sodom and Gomorrah
    were destroyed.
•   These people didn’t worship the LORD.
•   Map of Moab
                Map of Moab
• Moab is to the east
    (right of the Dead
•   Bethlehem is to the
    west of the Dead Sea,   Bethlehem
    south of Jerusalem.
              Time Period

Read Ruth 1:1 to find out the time that the
 story of Ruth occurs.
What Happened? - Introduction
• Read Ruth 1:2-6 to find out why Naomi
  wanted to go back to Bethlehem.
• Read Ruth 1:7-17 to find out how Ruth
  ended up leaving all she knew (family,
  friends, religion, culture) to go from Moab
  to Bethlehem with Naomi.
• Read Ruth 1:18-22 to find out when
  Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehem.
Some Cultural Background

• In Bible times, women relied upon their
 husbands to take care of their needs.
 When a woman’s husband dies, the
 husband’s closest relative (usually the
 brother) was to take the woman as his
 wife so that she would be taken care of
 and to carry on the family line and
What Happened? – They Meet
• Who you ask? Well of course
    Ruth and Boaz.
•   Ruth 2:1 says Boaz was a man
    of “standing”. What do you
    think that means?
•   Who is Boaz related to?
•   How do they meet? What was
    Ruth doing? How do you think
    she felt when she met Boaz?
    What did Boaz allow her to
    do?(Read Ruth 2:2-10)
•   Cultural background
       More Cultural Background
• You may be thinking why does she have to
    glean the fields. (What does glean mean
•   Well according to tradition, the poor, the
    widows, and strangers to the area were allowed
    to glean the fields if the owner let them In this
    way they were able to eat.
•   Ruth was both a widow and poor, as her only
    family was Naomi, who was also a widow and
    had no one to provide for her. Ruth was taking
    care of Naomi.
   What Happened? Continued

• What else do you learn about Boaz’s
  character in Ruth 2:11-16?
• What did Naomi think of what happened
  to Ruth? Read Ruth 2:17-23 to find out.
    More Cultural Background

• Read Ruth 2:20. What term does Naomi
  give to Boaz, her close relative?
• This term refers to a close family member
  who is to protect and provide for his
  relative’s widow. This family member
  would marry the widow and carry on the
  widow’s dead husband’s name and
          The Plot Thickens

• What questions do you have so far?
• What do you think is going to happen?
• Why are we even studying this story?
• Is there more than meets the eye?
• Let’s continue the story and find out!
           The Story Continues
• What did Naomi ask Ruth
    to do in Ruth 3:1-6?
•   How did Ruth respond to
    her mother-in-law’s
•   What do you think the
    purpose of her instructions
    was for?
Boaz - the Kinsman Redeemer?

• Read Ruth 3:7-18.
• More cultural background.
• What did Ruth do?
• What does the spreading of Boaz’s
  garment over her mean?
• How did Boaz react to Ruth?
Cultural Background
• You may be asking yourself what is
 happening here. Well Ruth is basically
 asking Boaz to marry her. In verse 9,
 when she asks him to spread the corner of
 his garment over her, is a symbolic
 gesture of asking for protection. If he
 does, then he is giving her his protection,
 which in turn means marriage.
Stop and Think

• What do you think is going to happen next
 between Ruth and Boaz?
Will Boaz be the Kinsman Redeemer?
• Read Ruth 4:1-11 to find out.
• What does Boaz ask his brother, the kinsman
    redeemer to do?
•   More about the Kinsman-Redeemer.
•   Does Boaz’s brother do what Boaz asks? Why or
    why not? When the kinsman redeemer marries
    his brother’s widow, what is he responsible for?
•   What did the Israelites do to finalize the
    redemption and transfer of property between
    two people?
More about Kinsman Redeemer

• In order to be a kinsman redeemer:
  – He   must   be   a kinsman, a relative.
  – He   must   be   free not a slave.
  – He   must   be   able to pay the price.
  – He   must   be   willing to pay the price.
The New Life of Boaz and Ruth
• Read Ruth 4:13-22 to
    see what happens to
    Ruth and Boaz.
•   Do they get married?
•   What did the Lord
    enable Ruth to do?
•   Who was Obed?
    (There are a couple of
    things I’m looking for)
Why is this story important to us?
            • Read Matthew 1:1-16.
            • What is the connection between
                Ruth and Jesus?
            •   Think and look back at what it takes
                for a person to be a kinsman-
            •   How is Jesus our kinsman-redeemer?
                How did he fulfill each of the four
                requirements of being a kinsman-
They lived happily ever after.

          The End

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