Preparing for Day 1 by yurtgc548


									Preparing for Day 1
      Day 1 Tasks
 Tasks   include
  Creating an Announcement
  Adding Calendar Entries
  Creating a Discussion Forum
 Creating An Announcement
 On the Control Panel, under Course
  Tools, select Announcements
 Click Create Announcement
 On the Create Announcement page,
  enter the Subject and the Message
 Choose to display the announcement
  permanently or select dates
 Click Submit
Creating An Announcement
Creating An Announcement
Adding Calendar Entries
 On the Control Panel, under Course
  Tools, select Course Calendar
 Optionally, select a calendar view:
  Day, Week, Month, or Year
 Click create Course Event
 Enter Event Name and Description
 Enter the Event Date
 Enter the Event Start and End Time
 Click Submit
Adding Calendar Entries

                    Viewing Options
Adding Calendar Entries
       Hands-on Activity
        Day 1 Activities

 Create an announcement welcoming
  students to your class
 Create one or two calendar entries
 Turn Edit Mode OFF to view as a
Creating a Discussion Forum
   On the Course Menu, click the Begin Class Here
   If you have completed the previous activities, you
    should have a Discussion area created. Click the
    Discussion Board Link in the Content Area.
   On the Discussion Board page, click Create Forum
   Enter a Name for the Forum and an optional
   Select Forum Availability
   Select Forum Settings
   Click Submit
Creating a Discussion Forum
       Hands-on Activity
       Discussion Forum

 Create a Begin Class Here Discussion
 Turn Edit Mode OFF to view as a
    Things to Consider
Ideas to Consider                          Notes

How will you organize your content
•By subject, chronology, or type of
•Will you link to tools from the Content
Area or from the Course Menu or Tools

Will you customize your course?
•Will you change the Course Menu style
or color?
•Will you change the Course Entry
    Things to Consider
Ideas to Consider                         Notes

What Day 1 Tasks are important for
your course?
•Will you create a Welcome
•What initial events do you want to add
to the Course Calendar?
•Will you create a Begin Class Here
Discussion Forum?
•Will you create generic Discussion
Forum so students can interact with
each other?
Way To Go!!

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