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					     Welcome to the Virtual Texas Tour
             With your tour guide
    Tumbleweed Tonya on the Texas Trail
  Please remember to fasten your seatbelt!
      Enter and Exit through the aisle!
   Take notes on the beautiful sites you see!
We will be making four stops, so hold on tight!
       By the way, tips are allowed!!!!
Mountain and Basins
•   This region is located in West Texas.
•   This region has all of Texas’ mountains and valleys.
•   This land is very dry
•   Rio Grande Valley runs along this region.
• El Paso and Big Bend National Park
    •High number of Hispanics
    •Many factories
•Cactus, shrubs, and cotton
Coastal Plains
• Largest region in Texas
 •Most flat region in Texas
• Plentiful water supply, like the Gulf, rivers, and lakes
• Good for farming
• Flat lands makes it easy to build, so there are many large cities, like:
Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Laredo. This region
has the highest population.
• The coast and flat land make it easy to transport goods to other places
• A lot of cattle because lots of dry grass to graze on
• Oil is an important industry in this region
The High Plains or
  Great Plains
• Very high land
• Plateaus, land that is high and flat
• This region is dry and has little water supply
• Cooler weather because land is higher
• Major Cities: Lubbock and Amarillo

• Important crops are cotton and wheat because the land is dry.

• Caprock Escarpment separates the Great Plains from the Central Plains
Central Plains
• This region is known as the Rolling Hills

• This region is slightly higher than the Coastal Plains
• The Central Plains are cooler in the winter
and hotter in the summer
• Many large cattle ranches are located in the CP
• It is a rural region, not high population
• Not much rain

• Fort Worth, Abilene, and military bases are in this region
I hope you enjoyed your
    I’ll see y’all later!
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