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Privacy & Autonomy in a
    Networked World
   Learning Module 5:
Marketing and E-Commerce
Learning Module
5: Marketing & E-
Marketing & E-

• Marketers are interested in knowing as
  much about you as possible so they can:
  – develop products and services that will be of
    interest to you
  – Develop their marketing message and
    advertising so that it will appeal to you
Traditional Marketing
Techniques: Examples

   • Surveys: Marketers will ask individuals to complete
     surveys usually by enticing them with prizes or
     money on completion
   • Focus groups: Gather a group of individuals together
     to discuss their views on a certain product or
     advertising campaign.
   • Customer Discount Cards: customers gain discounts
     on products and services in exchange for providing
     their personal information and allowing marketers to
     track their purchases
Marketing Online:

   • Cookies: Electronic text files planted on a users’ computer that
     collects information about the users’ preferences, including the
     sites visited. Normally, they are planted without the users
     knowledge or consent.

   • Web bugs: Work with cookies to mine data from internet users;
     can be embedded in web pages or email messages

   • Spyware: can track the user sites visited and ultimately piece
     together bits and pieces of information to begin to construct
     more comprehensive user identities.
Marketing Online:

   • Clickstream Data: Tracks how an individual responds to
     advertising and websites by recording how long a consumer
     stays on a particular image or website. Marketers can glean
     which images draw consumers’ attention.

   • Advergames: Interactive online games centred around a
     brand, and products or brand related characters used to collect
     information and inundate users with subtle marketing
     messages. Studies have shown that users are more
     susceptible to these messages when playing such games.

   • Blogs: Marketers may simply read blogs to determine the
     interests and preferences of users. They also use software to
     “mine” blogs, creating comprehensive databases.

   • The role of marketers is to collect personal
     information about their users so that they can
     develop products and services that individuals will
     like, and hopefully purchase.

   • Marketers are also skilled at developing strategies to
     encourage individuals to purchase their products.

   • Marketers use a variety of techniques and platforms
     to collect personal information and to convey their
     marketing messages.
• How do you feel about the methods through
  which marketers collect information from you?

• How do these methods impact your personal

• Do you think that the online techniques of
  marketers are more or less intrusive to users
  than traditional marketing techniques? Why or
  why not?

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