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									    Alison Woodruff
     Homer Aguas
      Duong Tran
     Abiye Ketema
     Brian Trezise
     Sean Peterson

SORCER Service Oriented Programming Environment
 Sections of

   The products will be a conversion of the
    existing products from Java AWT
    components to Java Swing components.
    The products will provide a new interface
    with the existing services. The new GUI
    will allow users to locally define the ‘look
    and feel’ of the Swing GUI.
        User Interface

   The end user shall be presented with a
    dialog box when creating a new context.
   The Domain and Sub Domain shall be
    used solely for sorting and searching
    purposes only.
    User Characteristics

 The new GUI’s will be little or no change
  for the user
 Users will have access to change the “look
  and feel” (appearance) of the GUI

   The GUI shall be written solely using Java
    Swing components. The GUI shall use the
    same interface to other applications as the
    pre-existing GUI uses.

   The system shall specify data or
    references to the data along with the
    attributes that goes with it.
   In the creation of new context, the
    system shall reject blank context names.
   The system shall pop up a window
    requesting a name for the context.
      Design Constraints

   Since Context Editor is Java based, a
    constraint non-Java enabled browsers
    such as Internet Explorer (which uses
    ActiveX VM to emulate Java) is imposed.
    So IE users will have to download the
    Java desktop edition.
    Standards Compliance

   All object names will follow Hungarian

   The software will assume that any users
    will have already passed authentication

   Since the Context editor is managed using
    existing code, the level of maintenance is
    virtually simple.

 The Context editor is a part of SORCER.
  SORCER uses Java as it’s base, hence
  the menu can be used cross platform on
  any operating systems with a Java
  capable web browser.
 The “look and feel” process will handle
           System Mode

   The system shall have only one mode of
    use. And that is to edit, create and view
    context from SORCER.
 Old Context Editor
Context Name Domain   Subdomain

                                  Context Node

                                                 Data Node
New Context Editor
            Pop-Up Menu
   All JTree functions are accessed through
    the pop-up menu                 Right Clicked

                                               Pop-Up Menu
        Individual Parts

   Sub-Groups
     Alison and Homer
     Abiye and Duong
     Brian and Sean
Alison and Homer
          Alison and Homer

   JTree
   JTree Functions
       Add Node
       Delete Node
       Rename Node
       Copy Node
       Cut Node
       Paste Node
       Paste Into Node
    Individual Requirements

 Alison and Homer
 Add Node
       Individual Requirements
       Alison and Homer
       Add Node
/** Creates and adds node to tree model */
  protected void AddTreeModelNode(Object child)
     // Declaring a temporary variable, Parent Node
     DefaultMutableTreeNode parentNode = null;

     // Does a recursive traversal of the tree
     TreePath parentPath = jtTree.getSelectionPath();

      if (parentPath == null)
      {         parentNode = root;     }
         // Find out what you have selected
          parentNode = (DefaultMutableTreeNode)

      int childCount = parentNode.getChildCount();
      // Create and Name Node
      DefaultMutableTreeNode childNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("NewNode"+childCount);
      // Inserts new node below the parent
      // insertNodeInto is a function of the JTree Class
      treeModel.insertNodeInto(childNode,parentNode, parentNode.getChildCount());
    Individual Requirements

 Alison and Homer
 Delete Node
         Individual Requirements

      Alison and Homer
      Delete Node

/** Removes selected tree node */
  protected void RemoveTreeModelNode()
     TreePath currentSelection = jtTree.getSelectionPath(); // sets currentSelection
     if (currentSelection != null)
         // Type Casting
         DefaultMutableTreeNode currentNode = (DefaultMutableTreeNode)currentSelection.getLastPathComponent();

      // Type Casting
      MutableTreeNode parent = (MutableTreeNode)currentNode.getParent();

       if (parent != null) {
           // removeNodeFromParent is a member function of the JTree Class
    Individual Requirements
   Alison and Homer
   Rename Node
                  Triple Click or Click+F2   After Renaming
 Individual Requirements
   Alison and Homer
   Rename Node Code


            setEditable lets you triple click to change the
            values of nodes
            setEditable is a property of the JTree
                        Copy Node
   Does a deep copy
       Copies all children and grandchildren
Cut Node
          Paste Node

Before:           After:
     Paste Into Node

Before:        After:
Abiye and Tran
          Abiye and Tran

 Window Size
 Context List
     Updater
     Highlighter

 JTree Updater
 Code Commenting
    Changing Window Size
    When size of window is changed, the interior
     viewing windows resize themselves to match

    Before resizing was fixed:   After resizing was fixed:
    Context List Updater
   Updating list after domain/sub-domain selection
                          Clicked       Area now shows
                          here          context list data
       Context List Updater
   Updating list after selecting different subdomain

                             Clicked        Corresponding
                             here           list shown
    Context List Highlighter
   When a context from the list is selected, it is
               JTree Updater
   When a context is selected, the appropriate
    JTree will be displayed
    Clicked here                  JTree shown
    JTree Updater cont’d
   When changes are made to the JTree, the
    changes will be displayed immediately
JTree Updater cont’d
  Before:     After:
Brian and Sean
           Brian and Sean
   Built a bare-bones context model for use while
    developing the GUI
   Dealing with actual context model, built sample
    database using the Sorcer specifications to get a
    feel for how the context fields interact
   Laid groundwork for interface with actual Sorcer
   Created the JTree to context and context to
    JTree Conversions
       FIP Context Class

   What is stored in a context
FIP Context Class (cont’d)

   What is stored in a context (cont.): (FIP_Context_Data
FIP Context Class (cont’d)
   What is stored in a context (cont.): FIP_Data_Version

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