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					Staying Energized throughout School and Work
Recent trends across the nation are showing that more and more adults are choosing to return to school
to receive or complete their education. With this additional training and education, these mature
individuals are finding and succeeding in quality jobs spanning a number of growing industries.

The Growing Healthcare Industry
One of the booming industries of the past decade, and one that is projected to continue in growth
through the next decade, is the healthcare industry. With its continued demand for trained
professionals, the healthcare industry is one of the main disciplines attracting these returning students.

Nursing programs and nursing administration programs across the country are accepting applications
and training students for work in the healthcare industry. But a common theme faced by all returning
students is the increase in work load that school and work heap upon them as they strive to graduate.

Aside from school and work, which is a big enough strain on anybody’s daily schedule, these returning
college students also have to see to their other obligations such as tending to their family. With all of
the various priorities demanding time from these mature students throughout their everyday life, the
                                                             challenge then becomes staying energized
                                                             throughout their intensely busy day.

                                                              Some may turn to a boost in their daily
                                                              dosage of coffee or perhaps shoot an energy
                                                              drink in the afternoon to see them through
                                                              the day, but these are only tempera solutions
                                                              to a continuing issue of depleted energy. For
                                                              these returning students to keep up their
                                                              pace throughout their busy day of school and
                                                              work, they may want to consider following a
                                                              few proven suggestions on how to boost
                                                              their daily energy naturally and healthily.

Steps to Staying Energized
The first step, that may sound simple enough but that rarely gets followed, is to get enough sleep at
night. Too often, especially for those with a busy schedule, the first thing that people sacrifice is their

Receiving too little sleep in a period of twenty four hours can instantly and consistently drain a person of
their energy. Anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep a night will do, but much less than that and a
person runs the risk of burning out halfway through the day.
Another energy booster that can immediately expand the stamina and energy of an individual is by
improving one’s diet. Fatty, salty, and sugary foods have been shown to drain energy and cause a body
to put more energy into digestion than fueling motion.

Instead, a person who wishes to gain energy throughout the day should consider eating small portions
of healthy foods regularly every couple of hours. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins eaten
throughout the day will provide the clean energy and fuel that the body needs to remain active and

With school and work often involving long periods of seated study or effort, the next natural energy
booster may be more difficult for an individual to maintain, but staying active is itself a key to staying
energized. Staying in motion, getting exercise, and keeping the body moving will increase the body’s
capacity for energy and keep it from shutting down halfway through the day.

By boosting energy naturally a returning student will be able to face their busy schedule with
confidence. The energy that these busy adults feel throughout their days will increase and their ability
to succeed will likewise see improvement.

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