How is Web Design Changing in 2013 by DonaldQuixoteC


									How is Web Design Changing in 2013?
Web design has trends just like any other art form in the world. People experiment with new ideas until
one sticks with the public.

That idea trends and becomes mainstream until people get tired of it. This year has a few particular
trends on the rise that will change website design this year.

Four Trending Internet Elements
Increase your website design education by looking for the following 4 elements that are trending on the
web in 2013. Then begin applying those principles in your own work.

First up, a lot of emphasis is being given to mobile-able sites. Each website is not only carefully designed
for desktop computers, but it is also designed to fit perfectly across phones, tablets, and other mobile
                                                              applications with access to the internet.

                                                             The best way designers are finding to make
                                                             this process doable is to build up as opposed
                                                             to build down. This means that every page
                                                             designed starts on the tiny screen of a smart

                                                             Colors, graphics, and designs are made to
                                                             streamline and look good here before the
                                                             designer moves on to bigger displays.
                                                             Graphics and designs are added as more
                                                             space becomes available, but the basic site is
                                                             built before the complex one.

Whitespace & Minimalism has been popular for a while, but the principle sticks stronger than ever today
than it did in days past. Whitespace is being redefined as empty space (as the principle is really based on
the open spaces and not the color of the space left).

Empty space is being used more and more to focus the reader’s attention on the content provided.
Pages are being simplified as much as possible to get to the point faster than ever.

Natural Design Elements are easier to use due to an updated CSS. Years back, you would have to create
an image with rounded corners, background gradients and box shadows.

Using CSS 3
Today, CSS3 can help you do all of those things simply, and easily. Including the code “background:
linear-gradient(45 deg, #f06, yellow), for example, will help you create a 45 degree, straight line gradient
from color #f06 to yellow.
These more natural design elements are more popular than ever. Use them abundantly, especially since
they’re so easy to make.

Finally, big pictures are in. People love large, beautiful pictures.

Use them as a banner (not just the thin panoramic shots that have been popular). Use them in any ads
you make.

Use them as welcome pages to websites. Use them whenever you need to make a statement.

People love pictures. They make your job easier because they draw people in.

Your website design education is best enhanced through personal research. Take a look at what others
are doing with these 4 elements and over what mediums.

There’s always a reason for everything, i.e. GIFs are still incredibly popular because they can reach more
browsers than the new PNG files can. Find a reason for these trends and determine if that’s good
enough for your clients to need those elements as well.

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