KCC Minutes April 2013 by kirkmahoe1


									Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council of 17th April 2013 in Dalswinton Hall -

Present – KCC Members – John Young (chairman), Jackie Bodle, Trevor Hayward, Fiona Meikle-

Non-KCC Members – Councillor Ted Thomson, Richard Buckland, Gary Parker, Gordon Bisset,
Denis Latta,

1 Apologies – Neil Munro (vice-chairman), Derek Ivy (treasurer), Hugh Johnstone.

The Chairman advised that the Vice Chairman Neil Munro was currently in hospital and everyone
wished Neil a speedy return to good health.

2 - Minutes of the last meeting. Approved FML and TH subject to the following amendments-

  Para 3.4 add “and that the Council had agreed to fully fund the project, so the KCC contribution of
£300 was not now required.”

  Add Para 15.9 – JY to approach the Council concerning the sighting lines/visibility/and pedestrian
safety issues arising from the overgrown hedging opposite the war memorial and at the adjacent
junction to the east side of the road.

3 – Matters arising. – Item 9 - Noted the Council had issued a survey in relation to the current
periodic review of Community Councils. JY to consider the terms of a response to the Council.

4 – Police Report. – No police personnel in attendance. There were no relevant issues raised.

5 – Treasurer’s Report - Noted the financial position unchanged since the last meeting, with £4,500
at bank. The programme for the Annual Gala/Fete, once finalised, would be sent to the Council.

6 – Councillor’s Report – Noted the Council had applied to the government for extra funding to
offset additional costs arising from the recent severe weather conditions. The outline planning
application for the new hospital would be considered the following week. NHS Dumfries and
Galloway would require to meet the funding shortfall of £50million for the project. Noted proposed
cluster and transport arrangements between Duncow School and Dumfries High School/Wallace Hall.
Noted a possible reduction in community police officers for this area and that the future options for
the management of the police service were to be considered.

7- Planning application – Temporary Siting of a Metmast at Duncow Common. Richard Buckland
and Gary Parker outlined the background to the proposed application, together with the process of
gathering data and how the commercial viability of any permanent development would be assessed,
and then answered relevant questions.

8 – Kirkton Enhancements. - Noted the maintenance programme on the Kirkton Waste Water
Treatment Plant now complete, with the new works installation expected in 2015. The street lighting
upgrade was now complete with more efficient lanterns to be installed later this year. Further
discussions will take place with the Council regarding more footpath provision in the village square,
upgrading of the Qu’a pathway, and with DGHP about resuming ground maintenance work adjacent
to the Qu’a previously done annually and improvement works in Duncow Court. BT had now fixed
the phone box door.

9 - Dalswinton Wind Farm Monies – Noted the 2013 application would be finalised at the next
meeting in May 2013.

10 – Events - Noted arrangements in hand for the Annual Village Gala/Fete on Sat 8 June 2013 from
5.00pm to 10.00pm on the village green and hall in Kirkton. Details of all 2013 events had been
included in the latest edition of Grapevine currently being finalised.

11 – Correspondence – Noted correspondence received on the following matters :

Survey about Council communications with Community Councils. Noted.

2013 Nithsdale in bloom competition. Noted.

Renewal of the Council’s Licensing Statement. Noted.

Invitation from BBC Radio Scotland to attend a political event. Noted

12 – Any Other Competent Business – Noted that : -

The war memorial railings were now at the stage of being galvanised prior to painting and
installation, running slightly later than anticipated.

A new notice board had been acquired for joint use by the KCC and the Hall Committee, to be painted
and then installed.

The Chairman advised that the bench in the village square would be treated once the weather

A pothole in the roadway near the Church to be reported on the Council.

13 – Next meeting – Wednesday 15 May 2013 at 7.30pm in Kirkton Village Hall.

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