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Director VP Operations Supply Chain in Chicago IL Resume James Berglind


James Berglind is a Director of Operations and Supply Chain who has comprehensive experience analyzing, designing and leading high-impact, multi-million dollar strategic initiatives, creating real cost, margin, cash flow and capital management improvements.

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									                                        JAMES M. BERGLIND
        (708) 359-0750                                                     

PROFILE  Comprehensive experience analyzing, designing and leading high-impact, multi-million
          dollar strategic initiatives, creating real cost, margin, cash flow and capital management
          improvements. Transforming organizations from bottom quartile to best-in-class.

              Effectively design, plan, implement and train staff and managers in operational
               improvement programs leveraging Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering,
               Benchmarking and Best Practices to produce significant and sustainable results.

              Design and leverage manufacturing systems to streamline all major functions including
               engineering, production forecasting, scheduling, asset utilization and operations
               management, maintenance and reliability, quality and in-plant / ex-plant distribution.

              Strong background in Supply Chain Optimization; implementing S&OP, systems
               enhancements, supplier and customer management practices. Greatly improve logistics
               and distribution methods to reduce cost, shorten cycle time and increase competitiveness.

              Skilled in designing and implementing disciplined, effective project management
               processes to improve cycle time, reduce cost, drive continuous improvement and free up

MARX CONSULTING GROUP                                               Grand Rapids, MI         2007-2012

Director – Operations Supply Chain Strategy

Gas Transmission and Storage Division of Fortune 500 Utility
Drove the transformation of a $1B division with underperforming assets across 18 states, and an underperforming
management team. Worked in partnership with the executive team, involving over 200 resources to raise the
organization from the bottom quartile of their industry in growth, reliability, safety, cost and project management
        Structured and implemented a strategic alliance with an external consulting company to overcome cyclicality
        and atrophy of skills within the client, resulting in a $30 million cost reduction. Established the alliance’s
        operating structure and business agreement from zero.
        Redeployed 40% of engineering resources and reduced full time contractors/consultants by 95% through the
        reorganization of Engineering and Construction to leverage the alliance, eliminate waste and transfer work
        back to capable resources inside the company.
        Achieved 100% deliverability with no customer outages through an operational and equipment reliability and
        safety program. Program moved the client from “worst operator in the US” to top collaborator with industry
        Streamlined the lifecycle of capital projects by 40-50% for $400 million annual capital spend, while freeing
        up $50-100 million per year by reducing overruns through a new structured and disciplined capital project
        management process.
        Aided the launch a growth opportunity within the division to take advantage of new technology and
        their unique asset footprint (in the Appalachians). Established business operating processes, staffing
        requirements, infrastructure support needs and management structure to run a $100 mm business.
                                           JAMES M. BERGLIND - 2

JAMES LEADERSHIP, INC.                                               Palos Heights, IL       2003 – Present

Vice President – Operations and Supply Chain Consulting

A $1.1 billion Logistics Company
Designed and implemented operational and supply chain improvements to meet a significant increase in demand,
leading a team of eight consultants. Organization was facing a 33% cumulative annual growth in revenue, volume
and margin with current worldwide facilities and personnel at maximum capacity.
        Optimized the supply chain through operational changes to achieve the 33% growth target with no increase
        in supply chain cost, facilities or personnel. Improvements required changes in sales, labor utilization,
        operations, systems, service offerings, maintenance, marketing and management.
        Identified a 30% improvement in customer service and order fulfillment cycle time through changes to
        facilities and network design, material handling and maintenance practices, and distribution management
        processes throughout the one-million square foot master facility.
        Initiated a Lean 6 Sigma improvement program across major facilities and met the 33% growth target.

Fibers Division of a $6B Chemical Company:
Implemented a structured S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process, greatly improving operations capability
and sales forecasting accuracy over 5 facilities, utilizing 6 cross-functional teams. A $2 billion division was facing a
15% EBIT shortfall in a company emerging from Chapter 11, and yet needed stability in revenue and EBIT to assure
financiers of long-term viability.

        Recaptured $12 million in lost EBIT through S&OP, integrating production planning, reporting and
        inventory management. Balanced and streamlined supply with demand, and improved relationships and
        visibility with suppliers leading to increased product runs, reduced changeovers and more material produced
        in the optimum-manufacturing zone.
        Analyzed and established optimum operating capabilities and capacities across 5 facilities, while integrating
        improved forecasting data and increasing production 10-20%, while decreasing unit cost.
        Captured $25 million in additional product margin though sales forecasting integrity improvements and the
        integration of supply chain planning with customers’ demand plans.

CAP GEMINI ERNST AND YOUNG                                           Chicago, IL            1984 – 2002

Principal – Supply Chain and Manufacturing Results Delivery

Service Parts Division of Big Three Automotive Manufacturer
Strategized and designed operations excellence initiatives that improved the division’s “last in class” performance as
measured by efficiency, customer service and cost. Spearheaded a consulting team of 15-25 resources across the $6
billion Service Parts Division to attack 15 different initiatives over 5 years, with the division ultimately achieving
“best in class” status.

    Achieved an $18 million net benefit (primarily labor) by simultaneously and uniformly addressing productivity
    (30% improvement), schedule attainment (20%) and throughput (15-25%) across three facilities (3000+ people
    and 7 million square feet total).
    Implemented lean practices including 5S, Kaizens, Value Chain Mapping, etc., through all primary operations at
    the processing centers, resulting in an additional $6 million of cost and productivity improvements.
    Generated a $170 million inventory management cash flow reduction with a net cost benefit of $25-30 million by
    implementing improved ordering decision logic, revamping supplier/contract management practices and
    improving visibility tools to monitor and attack excess material purchases.
    Improved customer service delivery by 33% through supply chain enhancements, taking client from “worst in
    class three plus weeks” to industry standard of two weeks. Streamlined logistics, distribution, shipment
    management (integrated with the 3PL) and local distribution facilities material handling processes.
                                           JAMES M. BERGLIND - 3

Fortune 50 Manufacturer of Chemicals, Plastics and Industrial Gases
Created a comprehensive Production Management System for the $1.5 billion specialty chemical division, with
antiquated, inefficient and costly manufacturing facilities, which was failing to capitalize on potentially high margin
“Specialty” products. Directed a 16-member consulting team analyzing, designing and implementing processes and
practices to enhance operations, delivery, competitiveness and profitability.

    Designed a manufacturing management system after benchmarking best in class, then implemented through the
    client’s newly-established, business-centric work teams.
    Developed discrete processes and clarified responsibilities and accountabilities (RACI) across all functions and
    activities involved in manufacturing including maintenance, production, scheduling, SPC, process engineering,
    safety, in-plant and ex-plant distribution, quality assurance and plant management.
    Reduced costs by $12 million, improved quality and increased production with no increase in facilities or
    personnel. Project's success led to implementation of the “Production Management System” across all seven of
    the company's major production facilities, employing over 10,000 and resulting in $5-15 million in annual benefit
    at each facility.

Fortune 50 Manufacturer of Chemicals, Fibers and Petroleum Products
Transformed the operational and business process of a $400 million division, resulting in $39 million in direct
benefits. Led a 40-member consulting team to assist the market leader, faced with declining profitability caused by
increasing costs, new entrants to the market, antiquated facilities and outmoded manufacturing and inventory
management practices.

    Fixed cost reductions totaled $15 million after plant operational and maintenance improvements, along with
    implementation of new supply chain, production management and inventory management processes.
    Accompanying yield, throughput and quality improvements accounted for $6 million across three manufacturing
    Increased revenue contributed $18 million in margin through rationalization of the division’s product line, and
    the integration of new streamlined sales and marketing practices with supply chain planning.

                                              PRIOR EXPERIENCE

RELCO EQUIPMENT COMPANY                                             Joliet, IL
Sr. Engineer and production scheduler for this locomotive leasing and remanufacturing company.

COLLINS, MILLER and HUTCHINGS                                         Chicago, IL
Production Engineer for a supplier of graphic arts to the advertising industry.

ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL                                              Texas, Iowa
Sr. Engineer with manufacturing responsibility.


MBA: Finance, DePaul University, 1984                  BS: Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 1977

     Co-author and Trainer - Project Management and Team Leadership; Gemini Consulting University
        Certified Trainer - Life Orientations (LIFO); Organization Effectiveness and Team Building
    Co-author - The Independent (Automotive) Aftermarket after Connected Transformation; Cars OnLine
                                          Trainer - Lean Practitioner

                         Sales and Operations Planning and Checklist A - Oliver Wight
                    6 Sigma for Managers; Senior Member - Institute of Industrial Engineers

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