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            Embroidered patches - symbol & reward for events
Appliqués and embroidered patches can be ironed onto anything like: shirts, jeans,
hats, blouses, pants, skirts, etc. Sports and military are just an example of a few types
of patches that are frequently ordered as iron on embroidered patches. Make your
backpack or tote unique! As you can imagine almost any patches created can benefit
             on                                   Embroidered
from an iron-on backing to hold them in place. Embroider patches have the following
features that make it special:

   •         effective
       Cost-effective - Embroidered patches are cost effective and cheaper than other
       direct embroidery. High stitch count designs are exclusively reasonably priced
       with embroidered patches manufacturing costs now has reduced due to new
       computerized design and sewing applied sciences.
   •   Flexibility - flexibility feature of embroidered patches is amazing and it may be
       simply utilized to pants, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, caps and just
       about any other type of clothing. Moreover, embroidered patches can be buy with
       an iron on backing which is very useful as quick relevant promotional piece.
   •   Importance – It has many advance features now has came like glow    glow-in-the-
       darkish and three Dimensional choices and with at this time's computerized
       design process, embroidered patches in fact stand out more than
       instantaneously embroidered images.
   •   Collectibles - Many embroidered patches have change into collectors' items. In
       case your organization is constructing a picture, which is the response you want.
   •   Fashion Trend - Patches are in! Look around. PBS did a sequence on the
       "Patch Pop Culture." At the moment's corporations, people and groups are
       making style statements with embroidered patches. Show your inventive
       character and design your individual embroidered patch.

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