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  Conditions Required For Deed of Judicial
  Separation in Singapore
  By sherilynjar on May 9, 2013
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  There are times in a marriage when living with the person, you said your vows for, becomes
  difficult. Since you cannot take divorce, judicial separation is the only way with you. Read
  further to know more about it.
   Being married is one of the greatest responsibilities. One has to follow his heart, by keeping
   the feelings of his or hers spouse in mind as well. He or she cannot work out the marriage
   without keeping everything in mind. Marriage is not about just one person but it is about two        FEATURED STORIES
   people living their life together as one therefore one has to maintain a balance in everything.
   Even after trying hard, there are times when living with the person, you said your marriage
   vows with, becomes quite difficult. This is the time, when one has to take decisions for them,
   to protect further damage, caused by the broken marriage. For such couples there are two
   solutions which can help them to avoid the further damage and that are divorce and judicial
   separation. Both of them are capable of helping a couple to live their own life, without any
   restriction from each other. Yet both have a major difference between them.

  Divorce is legal dissolution of marriage which is undertaken by the court of law, after the
  applicants have applied for the same. They can have divorce on various reasons. Here the
  marriage is completely dissolved on the basis of the points the couple has presented in the
  court of law. But there are times when a couple wants to have divorce but is unable to have           Seriously Awesome Celebrity Homes
  due to some reasons like moral grounds, religious grounds or even personal obligation
  towards one’s kids. At this point of time one can apply for judicial separation which is
  maintained through a deed of separation in Singapore. Deed of separation is the legal
  document which will contain all the obligations a married couple has to maintain while living
  separately as an unmarried person.

  Judicial separation is also known as divorce from bed and board in general terms, as the
  couple needs not to live together as a married couple fulfilling all the responsibilities of
  marriage. In some religions, getting a divorce is considered to be a sin, which can be a difficult
  thing for a person who cannot live with his or her spouse due to some situation. If the spouse
  is engaged in illegal activities or has committed adultery in marriage then it can be difficult for
  a person to live with him or her. In Singapore a couple has to follow certain obligations to be
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  eligible for judicial separation in Singapore . You have to be married for at least 3 years
  unless until there is some serious concern involved then the court can take your case as one
  with exceptional hardship. If you are foreign national then you must have been living in
  Singapore for at least 3 years. Consult a good divorce lawyer for more guidance.

  Sherilyn jar is an expert writer having vast experience about the Law industry. Currently, she is
  writing on various topics related to Divorce Lawyers like Expat Divorce and others. For more
  Information Click Here .

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