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					      In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Understand Qur’an – the Easy Way
For Primary School Children (Book-1)

Lesson-6b: Surah Al-Naas
5. Alladhi yuwaswisu fee
      َّ                               ُ‫ِفيُص ُدو ِر‬
                                               ُ             ُ‫ُي َوس ِوس‬
                                                              ُ ْ          ‫ال ِذي‬
                 fee‹udoo-rin-naas.                          yuwas-wisu    'Alla’ee
(of) mankind –                    into the chests / hearts   whispers      Who

 – Allah has given a chance to Shytaan to
   whisper into our hearts. This is to test
   us, and to see if we listen to Allah or to
 – You can easily find out when Shytaan
Shytaan whispers!!!
Whenever you feel like
– Lazy or sleepy at the time of prayers (most
– Listening and watching bad things etc.
– Not listening to our parents, arguing with
  them etc.
– Spreading bad things about others.
– Fighting, hitting, talking rudely to others etc.
– Calling people bad names, making bad faces
– breaking promises, telling lies etc.
His special role for you…
– First, he will whisper you to not to obey Allah, pray
  Salah, obey parents, etc.
– next, he will make you feel like not studying, talk in the
  class, disturb others, not doing homework, copying in
  exams, etc.
– Why? He wants you to be a beggar, a sweeper or a
  janitor when you grow up. Then you will have very little
  chance of earning rewards. You will not have any
  money to help others or for making Masjid and schools,
  you will not have time to pray.
– Shaiytaan wants to destroy you.
– You will not have knowledge to know Allah.
5. Alladhi yuwaswisu fee
       َّ                               ُ‫ِفيُص ُدو ِر‬
                                                ُ             ُ‫ُي َوس ِوس‬
                                                               ُ ْ          ‫ال ِذي‬

                  fee‹udoo-rin-naas.                          yuwas-wisu    'Alla’ee

 (of) mankind –                    into the chests / hearts   whispers      Who
6. Min-al jinnati wannas:

                                             ْ َ
         )6(ُ‫َوالناس‬              ُ‫ِمنُالج َّن ِة‬
          wan-naa‹.              minal-jinnati
       and mankind.”          From among Jinn

 – Each one has a Shytaan with him always.
   He is a jinn who we can not see. So, you
   can not fight him, nor avoid him.
 – You may say: Why is Shytaan given so
   much power? Well, Allah loves us and He
   showed us how to defeat Shytaan easily.
   Allah has in fact given us more powers
   than to Shytaan.
Min-al jinnati wannas:
– Shaitaan sees us but we don’t see him. Still
  we can defeat him by following Allah’s
  instructions! Wow!!! Isn’t that great!
Shytaan in people
 – A boy or a girl also can behave like
   Shytaan! Anyone who asks us to do bad
   things is like a Shytaan because he or she
   is following Shytaan.
Shytaan in people
 – Example: Sometimes may be our best
   friend might tell us to do bad things like
   spitting or hitting others in the class or to
   copy in exams etc. In that case, he has
   become the agent of Shytaan, or the
   Shytaan itself. We should not listen to
   him. And more importantly, we should
   never ask others to do any bad things
                               ْ َ
  )6(ُ‫َوالناس‬       ُ‫ِمنُالج َّن ِة‬
   wan-naa‹.       minal-jinnati

and mankind.”   From among Jinn
– Remember Shytaan is very jealous of us
  because Allah loves us. He is the most evil,
  wicked, and the worst enemy. He is our
  enemy No 1. He wants us to disobey Allah
  and loose everything we have.
– Therefore, love this Surah and recite it again
  and again like Prophet Muhammad pbuh did.
– He used to recite these Surahs after every
  prayer, and while going to bed, for Allah’s
  help and protection against all evil dangers.
Spoken Arabic
Spoken Arabic
Say the following: when (1) remembering
  Allah;                                     َ‫1: ُُي‬
                                          Yaa 'Allah

                                          O Allah!

(2) thanking Allah and when someone
  asks you, “How are you.”
                                          ُ‫2: َا ْلح ْمد‬
                                    ُ‫َ ُُِلل‬
                                       'Al-…amdu lillaah

                          (All) the praises and thanks be to Allah.
Let us learn 6 sentences.
 His    ،‫ربُّه‬   She    ََ
                        ‫هي‬      He     َ‫ه‬
Their            They    ُ
                        ‫هن‬      They   ‫ُم‬
Lord    َ ‫رَه‬
        ‫ب ُم‬
Your             You    َ ‫أن‬
                        ‫ت‬       you    ‫ت‬
                                       َ ‫أن‬
Lord    ‫ُّك‬
        َ ‫رب‬
                 You            you
Lord    ‫ُّ ُ م‬
        َ ‫ربك‬     all
                        َ َ‫أن‬
                                       َ ‫أنت‬
Lord    ‫ي‬
        َ ‫رب‬      I      ‫أنا‬     I      ‫أنا‬
Lord    ‫ربُّنا‬   We     َُ‫نحن‬   we     َُ‫نحن‬
                               way of life    ... +ُ‫ِدين‬

       way of life        his way of life
                                                            ْ ُ
                                                           ُ‫ِدين ُهم‬
   Use your left hand    their way of life
    to show these                                          deenuhum
    forms. (You have                                        َ ُ
    used right hand for   your way of life
    showing He, They,                                         ُُ
    …)                                                     ُْ‫ِدينكم‬
                          your way of life

                          my way of life
                                                           ‫ِدين َنا‬
                          our way of life
Don’t forget to do the HWs

  – Listen to a tape
  – Paste the poster in your room and learn
    the meanings from it at different times in
    the day
  – Fill up the worksheets in your book

            َ َ َّ ُ َ َ َ ُ َ َ ِ َ َ ُ
   َ ‫س ْبحانُهللاُوبح ْم ِد ِهُس ْبحانكُاللهمُوبح ْم ِد‬
 ُ‫ِ ك‬                                           َِ
  َ ‫َنش َه ُدُانُالُالهُاالُا ْنتُنس َت ْغ ِف ُركُو َن ُتوبُا َل ْي‬
 ُ‫ِ ك‬        ُ َ َ ْ َ َ َ َّ َ َّ َ ْ
                                               ِ ِ

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