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					Research Paper Guide

 Take out your brainstorming web for this step in the
  process, you will need it to help you with the body
 1. Introduction: Tell me what you will
  write about
    Include your final THESIS statement
 2. Beginning Body Paragraphs
    Describe the Societal Problem
      Problem Statement (problem & geographic
      Definition of the problem (Exercise 1)
      How does the problem negatively affect
      What should be done to help the problem
 3. More Body Paragraphs
   Incorporate / Integrate Facts, Statistics and Case
     studies to support topic sentences claims
         Factual Information- Case Study / impact
         Experts in the field
           Identify & what are they reporting about the problem
         Statistics that problems existed, now exists, and still needs
          improving (Supporting Evidence)
         Explain / Interpret statistics, they cannot stand alone!
       Explain the Factors that Contribute to the Problem
             Use statistics to prove this
The Public Policy Statement & Information

  4. Policy Statement & Ideas      (this should be broken in to more than one
      What Bill do you want passed?
      Explain the path of this policy would take from idea through
       becoming legislation
      Explain whether the policy is proactive or reactive.
      Provide the benefits of this policy to society (at least 3).
      Financial Costs (minimum of 3)
      Discuss the Feasibility & Effectiveness of the policy
      Should this policy be continued, altered, or repealed?
           Provide specific evidence to support your opinion.
 5. Conclusion
     Restate your thesis
     Restate the major points of the paper
     Length Depends on how much room is left
Parenthetical Citations

   Used after the factual information
   (Author(s) Last Name, year).
   (“article title,” year).
   (Book title, year).
     Page # or Paragraph # when a direct quote is

When a work has 3+ authors
    1st cite lists all authors
    2nd + cites list surname of 1st author followed by et
References Page

 Reference page must be alphabetized
 All citations must be perfect
 Paper will not be accepted without a
  reference page & Parenthetical
   additional page not counted in the total
Sample Citation
 Author’s Last Name(s), Author’s Initials.
   (Year). Article Title. Title. Publishing City:
    Publishing Co.
 Online Citations
   Author’s Last Name(s), Initials. (Date[year,
    month               day]). Article title. Title.
    Retrieved Month             day, year, from
    internet address.
 Database Citations
   Author’s Last Name(s), Author’s Initials.
    (year).             Article Title. Title,
    volume #(issue #), pages.
    Retrieved Month day, year, from Database.
 Paper Must be 4-6 pages in length
  plus a reference page.
 Typed
 Double-spaced
 12 point, Times New Roman font
 1 inch margins all around
 Include the formatting described for
  an APA style paper on the attached
  example handout.

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