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									Engineering Operations
FY11 Operations:
• NSTX completed 4.2 weeks of the planned 14 week run,
  producing 839 plasmas in 885 attempts.

•   Outage activities currently in progress:
       -   MSE-LIF Installation/Commissioning
       -   Tangential FIDA
       -   MPTS Upgrade
       -   2nd SPA Upgrade
       -   New Center Column Mirnnovs
       -   Moly Covers for Bz Coils
       -   MAPP
       -   MPTS/BES Shutter Rebuilds
       -   NB Calorimeter Bellows Upgrade/NB TIV replacement
       -   NB Cryo Rebuild/Turbo & 1 ion source replacement
       -   OH Flex Bus Replaced /TF joint inspections (complete)
Engineering Operations
Additional Outage activity planning:
• LLD Plate fastener analysis in progress.
       - Trial fit-ups of 3 rows of original graphite tiles.
       - New “Super” Tile.

•   Viable design to replace 44 inner divertor graphite tiles with
    88 Moly tiles.
       - ISTP delayed to late August.
       - Investigating incentives for early/partial deliveries/
           Multiple shops
       - Consider possibility of reducing scope to 44 tiles

•   Disruption Mitigation GIS. Drop Lower Umbrella and select
    TF links
Engineering Operations
FY11/12 Operations:
• Outage for Upgrade to start in April 2012. FY12 Ops to
  conclude in Feb, 2012, then 1 Month Diag. Calibrations.

•   Need 20 weeks of Plasma Ops between now and Feb, 2012

•   In-vessel construction (except Moly Tiles) to end on Feb,
    2011, followed by 1 month of diagnostic calibrations.

•   Moly Tile installations to begin in March for a late June
    completion, followed by another week of diag. calibrations

•   After ISTP (in August?), run 3 weeks on/ 1 week
    maintenance through February, 2012

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