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					HARVARD SQUARE                                                                                           meals made with ingredients freshly harvested

                                                                                                                                                             eat local guide
617.661.5050                                                                                             from our hydroponic greenhouse and from
RIALTO-RESTAURANT.COM                                                                                    other like-minded local producers. Discover
Chef Jody Adams is known for her regional Ital-                                                          what fresh tastes like!
ian cuisine prepared from the finest New Eng-       TAVOLO
land ingredients. Signature menu items include      1918 DORCHESTER AVE.                                 IPSWICH
her lobster bucatini and slow-roasted duck. the     617.822.1918
Boston Globe awarded Rialto a coveted four stars    TAVOLORISTORANTE.COM
and Gourmet Magazine named it one of the            This large ristorante & bar supplies neighbor-
“World's Top Hotel Restaurants.”                    hood energy and authentic Italian flavor to The
                                                    Dot with housemade pasta, sausage and cheese,        CHRISSI’S CAFÉ & FINE CATERING
                                                    plus recipes starring local fish, lamb, pork, pro-   8 HAYWARD STREET
                                                    duce. $20 Pasta Tour Wednesday, Sunday Sup-          978.356.6941
                                                    per, weekend cooking classes. Ashmont MBTA           CHRISSISFINECATERING.COM
THE TABLE AT SEASON TO TASTE                        stop, or park free across the street.                A unique local café & market that offers a vari-
2447 MASSACHUSETTS AVE.                                                                                  ety of options including, full service fresh sus-
617.826.9037                                        ESSEX                                                tainable seafood, prepared meals, artisan foods,
SEASONTOTASTECATERING.COM                                                                                made to order sandwiches, local specialties and
We are passionate about local sourcing and be-                                                           daily lunch specials with great gluten free op-
lieve that the ingredients should dictate cooking                                                        tions.
techniques and menu content. The table d’hôte
format best reflects that farm-to-table philoso-
phy. Our intimate kitchen and rustic farm table     WOODMAN’S OF ESSEX
allow guests to see the highest quality ingredi-    121 MAIN STREET
ents crafted into a truly unique dining experi-     978.768.2559
ence. Reservations only.                            WOODMANS.COM                                         THE FIVE CORNERS CAFE AND DELI
                                                    Enjoy the Best of Local Seafood at Woodman's         0 CENTRAL STREET
                                                    where the fried clam was invented in 1916. This      978.356.2100
                                                    “American Cult Classic” (Zagat) serves tradi-        This hometown deli is conveniently located in
                                                    tional NE fare “in the rough” all year round. Self   downtown Ipswich at “Five Corners.” Serving
                                                    service, gluten free menu, and kids eat free sea-    breakfast and lunch daily including a large vari-
                                                    sonally. Nestled in heart of Cape Ann with easy      ety of delicious deli and club sandwiches, home-
TATTE FINE COOKIES & CAKES                          access to beaches and other area attractions.        made soups, chili and chowder, smoothies and
318 THIRD STREET                                                                                         baked goodies. This cafe attracts regulars and
617.354.4200                                        GLOUCESTER                                           tourists alike. Make your own salad at the
TATTECOOKIES.COM                                                                                         healthy salad bar. Catering also available.
Top quality European-style patisserie and café
using fresh and local ingredients. Our mission                                                           JAMAICA PLAIN
is to bring our customers a different world of
taste and flavors through our unique and deli-      THE WILLOW REST
cious, never-seen-before, pastries and desserts.    1 HOLLY STREET
We offer weekly special desserts and handmade       978.283.2417
juices and ice cream all through the summer.        WILLOWREST.COM
                                                    The Willow Rest is considered by neighbors, vis-     CITY FEED AND SUPPLY
DORCHESTER                                          itors and foodies from all over the North Shore      672 CENTRE STREET
                                                    to be their home away from home. We use only         617.524.1700
                                                    the finest ingredients (locally grown is our first   CITYFEEDANDSUPPLY.COM
                                                    choice) for breakfast, lunch, and our prepared       City Feed and Supply has been building con-
ASHMONT GRILL                                       foods. Artisanal cheeses, local meats and fresh      nections between local and regional food pro-
555 TALBOT AVENUE                                   produce too.                                         ducers and local eaters since 2000. How else can
617.825.4300                                                                                             you get a locally grown tomato year round in
ASHMONTGRILL.COM                                    HOPKINTON                                            New England? Try our #9, Farmer’s Lunch sand-
The Grill’s wallet-friendly modern tavern fare                                                           wich, featuring locally grown pickled green
has been a hit since 2006. Pioneering locavore                                                           tomatoes. Enjoy!
chef Chris Douglass pulls ‘em from well beyond
the ‘hood with an ambiance of community,
cocktails and conviviality. Monday wine club;       WATER FRESH FARM
Thursday buck-a-shuck. Organic wines. Craft         151 HAYDEN ROWE STREET
beers. Free parking.                                508.435.3400
                                                    Come on down to our farm and nurture your-
                                                    self with our soups, sandwiches, and prepared

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