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									Education Department
   & Leisure and

       Health Buddies in Schools
             (HBS) 2009/10
          Health Buddies in Schools

•S3 pupils delivering CfE Sexual Health and Relationships O/E to
pupils in two schools
•Integrated into schools timetable and in PSHE Programme
•More O/E delivered to S3 from S3 sessions and delivering to S1
•S3 developed workbooks covering puberty, relationships and local
•Youth Achievement Awards, towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards,
Millennium Ward
            Health Buddy Training Sessions: each lasting 2 hours

Session 1       Confidentiality and Getting to know you

Session 2       Team Building and Confidentiality

Session 3       Confidentiality, Puberty, Contraception and Conception

Session 4       Consequences: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Session 5       Consequences: Unplanned Pregnancy and Choices

Session 6       Relationships: Self esteem and Body Image

Session 7       Relationships: Peer and Media Pressure and Decision Making

Session 8       Access to Local Services

Session 9/ 10   S1 Delivery Planning and Practice

HBS training sessions continue throughout the delivery stage to allow for
evaluation and preparation for next session.
                           S1 Delivery
Session 1 : Boys Bits / Girls bits
                 Getting to know you
                 Ground rules
                 Male Reproductive System
                 Female reproductive System
                 Menstrual Cycle

Session 2 : Relationships and Feelings
                 Different types of relationship
                 Qualities of relationship
                 Affect of relationships on Confidence / Love
                 Problem pages Q and A

Session 3 : Scenarios and Services
                 Scenarios for discussion
                 Increasing awareness of health and information services for YP locally
                 and online
                 Self Esteem
    Health Buddies Experience
    •What I got from health buddies
“   •Important for us to learn issues raised
    •Why I enjoyed it
    •Beneficial to S1 pupils
         Workbook Collaboration

•   Organised Chaos
•   Lots of Discussion
•   Perfect
•   New experience
•   Like a Teacher
•   How I felt …
Newspaper Articles

•Twisted Words – wrong info
•Disappointed & Angry
•Too much pressure
•Dundee Courier –positive
•Lazy journalists
•No such this as bad publicity
Feedback from S3 Health Buddies:
All Health Buddies demonstrated that through involvement with the Health
Buddies programme they had gained in:
                Self esteem
                Understanding about SHRE issues
                Awareness of local services for young people

They also said they enjoyed their involvement and would recommend it to
the following years S3 pupils.

In response to the statement ‘the knowledge I have gained will affect my
future decision making’ all Health Buddies answered a lot or a little.

“I will think more carefully about any decision and make sure it is 100%
what I want”
                                   (S3 Health Buddy 2010)
                        Feedback from S1 Recipients

Half of S1 classes at each school were delivered SHRE by Health Buddies, the
        remaining classes used the workbooks in lessons taken by their

Of S1 pupils taught by Health Buddies 52%, felt they had learned a little or a lot
    about self esteem, compared to 37% of those taught by their teacher.

S1 pupils were asked to list people and places they could access for help and
Those taught by Health Buddies demonstrated a greater awareness of sources
                   of help outwith the school and family.

“Very good. I felt more confident. The Health Buddies were nice and spoke
                     clearly and explained everything”

  “Really enjoyed the sessions with the Health Buddies. Nice to have a
      Health Buddy to explain stuff as they are closer to my age”

               “They helped more, we are in smaller groups”
                       Feedback from Teachers

“Positive, new approach has worked well, kids (S1) showed respect to S3”

 “I saw sessions with / without the Health Buddies. Thought it was much
          better, pupils more involved when Buddies involved.”

             “Thought the books and materials were great”

                 “Good blend of content and activities”

It was recognised that further development was required of the role
   of the teacher in the classroom    “Felt a bit like a spare wheel”
         Feedback from Parents

S3 Parents were invited to a Celebration Evening to see the Health Buddies
   awarded with Certificates.

 “I think they are all so brave. Good to see that Dundee is opening up to
                                   the taboo.”

              “Proud to know that our son can help others”

 “Great project - will be good to see it rolled out to all schools in future”

  “I covered my daughter’s paper round (which I hated) to let her attend
       Health Buddies. She loved HB from the teaching from you to the
    delivering to the first years. She hopes it will carry on for many years”
                    Any Questions

Natalie Healy & Ben Culley Health Buddies Morgan Academy
Parveen Afzal Health and Wellbeing Staff Tutor
Sara Beveridge Health Improvement Practitioner
Celeste Thomson Community Learning and Development

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