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					2008 NCRA ACE Workshop
CART Equipment List
Laura P. Brewer, RDR-CRR, CCP

Tape (preferably gaffer’s tape - to tape cords down)
Power Cords (2-3) (low-profile plugs; different shaped plugs)
       25' heavy-duty grounded
       2 10' grounded
Surge Protectors/Power Strips (2)
3-to-2 Plug Adapters (2)
VGA cables (3 rows; 15 pins) (preferably heavy-duty shielded cables)
       male/female (at least 2 cables, 25' minimum total length - we carry about 8)
       male/male cable (1-2) (or female/male adapter)
       25' or 50' heavy-duty male/female cable
Steno Writer Adapter (2) (consider 110-240v adapter)
RT Cables (2) (two rows, 9 pins)
StenoCast wireless RT receiver/transmitter
USB-to-Serial or PCI Card-to-serial adapter (2)
Flashlight or pen light or desk light (battery-operated is nice)
Collapsible cart for carrying equipment
Extra Batteries for any equipment you carry that uses batteries

For Team (2 reporters), add:
A/B switch (
Male/Female VGA cables (3 total; 2 in use, 1 as backup, heavy-duty, shielded)
Male/Male VGA cable (at least one) or gender changer

For Multiple Monitors or Multiple Devices, add:
VGA Channel splitter (video splitter)
Male/Male VGA cable (one additional for backup, shielded)
Power adapter for channel splitter

For TV Monitor, add:
AVerKey (Power adapter, remote control, VGA pigtail cable, batteries for remote)
RCA cable (25') and RCA couplers
S-Video cable

For Audio, add:
Headsets (in-line volume adjustment, extra batteries) (large enough to cover your ears)
Audio extension cable
1/8->1/4 headset adapter
Y adapter (2-to-1) for miniplug (1/8") and 1/4" plug
External mike for audio synch (extra batteries)
Audio cable with miniplugs at each end for direct audio to audio synch
Audio mixer (lightweight - behringer four-channel MiniAmp,
2008 NCRA ACE Workshop
Laura P. Brewer, RDR-CRR, CCP

For Projector, add:
Projector power, VGA, other cables that come with projector (ours has euro adapter)
Projector manual
Extra bulb for projector (something to handle hot bulb)
Screen (test screen for portability, quick setup/break down, and ease of carrying)
Projector table with adjustable legs
VGA cable (preferably heavy-duty shielded) (male/female)
       25' or 50' heavy-duty
       -or- additional smaller VGA cables

For Work Outside U.S.:
Big Bertha 500-volt transformer-Walkabout Travel Gear
and/or 100-Watt transformer (Voltage Valet) (2)
Grounded Adapters for destination country (at least 2) (check ahead for adapter type)
Road Warrior Adapters
Stentura Adapter (1 extra - preferrably for 110-240v operation)
220-240-volt laptop surge protector (EuroSurge)

Laptop Adapter (1 additional as backup)

Extra software key
Contact Numbers for CAT vendor (if outside U.S., have a number that is good for
       calling from outside the U.S., i.e., not a U.S.-only 800 number)
Software Disks/CD/Flashdrive backup - or ability to download
Backup Dictionaries - I e-mail all essential files to myself at my Gmail account
Backup Setup Files/Macros - ditto
Flash/Jump Drives

Backup Laptop with power adapter
Backup Writer

References - Equipment Suppliers
Walkabout Travel Gear (800) 852-7085
      (Electrical supplies)
Black Box (724)746-5500 (connectivity)
Professional camera store (gaffer’s tape, projector table, screen)
Road Warriors
AverMedia Presentation Products

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