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					                New staff
• Giulia Bellodi – 50 % for LII

• On 01/11 Roderik Bruce back as PhD
  student on Ions issues (mainly LHC)
             News from SLM
• PS/SPS Days 18/19 January 2006 – Council Chamber
   Focussed on machine start-up (4 sessions):
     • What has been done?
     • Re-Commissioning and Testing the Equipment
     • Re-Commissioning with beam (from the CCC)
     • Summary and action plan
              News from SLM
• Chamonix meeting 23-27 January 2006 - Divonne
   – Preparation & sector test : 2 sessions
   – Minimum workable LHC, Staged start-up & Commissioning:
     3 sessions
   – Installation: 1 session
   – LEIR, I-LHC project: 1 session
   – Issues for the Magnetic Optics: 1 session
   – Machine Experiments Interface : 1 session
   – Reserve: 1 session
   – Closing session

               News from SLM
• LHC Proton Commissioning
• Back to the idea of:
     • Machine coordinator (3-4) (Names proposed: RB,ML,RS,….
     • Commissioner in charge (7-8) – Responsible for performance
       - from all groups (GA, RA, SF, MG, JW,…) - on shift when
       there is beam
     • EIC (trainee) (7) – Responsible for technical integrity – OP –
       on shift
     • Experienced shift-leader
     • team of system commissioners, beam physics expert for the
       different phases of the commmissioning (CC, SG, JJ)
                      BDI Commissioners

                                            BDI                           OP                                     ABP                           US-LARP
BPM                   R. Jones                      L. Jensen        J. Wenninger     W. Herr, Y. Papaphilippou
BLM                   B. Dehning        E.B. Holzer S. Jackson                        R. Assmann, H. Burkhardt, J.-B. Jeanneret, S. Gilardoni
BCT                   P.Odier           D. Belohrad M. Ludwig                         H. Burkhardt, Y. Papaphilippou
Screens               E. Bravin                     A. Guerrero                       G. Arduini (matching monitor), Y Papaphilippou
PLL for Q, Q' & |C|   R. Jones          M. Gasior P. Karlsson        J. Wenninger ?   S. Fartoukh, O. Berrig                                  P. Cameron
Profile Monitors      S. Hutchins       J. Koopman A. Guerrero                        H. Burkhardt, S. Gilardoni, M. Giovannozzi
Schottky              F. Caspers (RF)   R. Jones    S. Bart Pedersen                  C. Carli, E. Métral, F. Zimmermann                      FNAL XX
Luminosity Monitors   E. Bravin                     S. Bart Pedersen                  R. Assmann, F. Zimmermann                               Berkeley XX
             News from SLM
• The department leaders have suggested
  increasing number of fellows from the existing
  budget reduction of their pension benefits
• New Fellow and Sci. Ass. Committee (22/11).
  Deadline for requests 4/11:
  – G. Smirnov ("Effects of coulomb and nuclear elastic
    scattering relevant for LHC proton and ion beams“) –
  – F. Roncarolo – Fellow – extension by 6 months
  – E. Benedetto? – Fellow – from June 2006
• On 11/11/2005 at 11:00 visit from B. Salvant for
  a possible PhD subject.
                News from SLM
• AB review will take place on to 14-15/11
• From the SPSC:
   – Lack of protons for COMPASS in 2006 and onwards  SPSC
     encourages studies to cope with this  APC 6/10
   – Not clear yet if CNGS will take beam in 2006
   – ELENA LoI: Feasibility study: requires 4–5 FTE to produce a
     design report. A signal from the top management is needed to
     launch such a study. AD experiments to present the benefits of
     ELENA at the January meeting
    News from other meetings
  – During winter we will stay on EDF network (70 MW
    limit but 22 EJP)  Impact on LEIR  M. Batz + L.
    Rinolfi at next ABOC
  – New Computer Security policy (CNIC): Separation of
    the Office and Technical Networks  impact on the
    way we can access machine and beam data:

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