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					                                                                 CumuluSuiteSM for SoHo
                                                          Integrated Email, Communications, and
                                                     Collaboration Services to Build Your Business.

                                                  You do not want, nor do you have the time, to be the IT guru. And yet,
    866-356-1202 / 508-948-4070              your IT services must be reliable and secure. CumuluSuite for SoHo gives
                                               businesses with 1 to 20 employees affordable email and IT services with
                                                           the features, security, and support businesses want and need.

Basic Bundle
Google Apps for Business is more than a secure, guaranteed version of                       Best of Breed Products
Gmail. Google Apps for Business gives you control over your calendar,                   CumuluSuite bundles combine the
contacts, and documents. With free voice/video conferencing, secure                      best cloud services available into
IM, and secure web sites, you have a robust suite for managing your                    solutions designed for small business.
communications and information. The Basic Bundle includes Google
Apps for Business, full setup services, contact sharing, advanced
                                                                                      Google Apps for Business is a suite of
security and auditing features, and unlimited support for you and your
                                                                                      integrated communication and
                                                                                      collaboration tools, including Gmail,
Safe Bundle                                                                           Calendar, Talk, Docs, Sites, Video, and
The Safe Bundle enhances the Basic package with fully compliant email
archiving and eDiscovery services. Designed for businesses with
regulatory (SEC, FINRA, etc.) or policy needs, retention runs up to 10

Secure Bundle
The Secure Bundle adds message .level encryption services to the Basic
package. Delivering encrypted messages to your recipients’ inboxes,
Secure is a powerful component of your HIPAA, PCI, or other privacy
                                                                                      Value Add Tools include Google
Professional Bundle                                                                   Message Security, Google Message
                                                                                      Archive & Discovery, Appogee Domain
The Professional Bundle combines the Safe bundle with data backup
                                                                                      Management Studio, and Backupify.
and recovery services for Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, and your
social media accounts. Move into the cloud with peace of mind.

Medical Bundle                                                                         Premium Support Services
Small medical offices have special needs for data privacy and                              Unlimited Tier 2 end user support via
protection. The Medical Bundle meets these needs by combining the                           Email, Web, and Phone from the
Secure Bundle’s encryption services and integrated backup/recovery                           Cumulus Global Support Team
for all of your data in the cloud.

Cumulus GlobalSM helps small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, governments,
and educational institutions thrive by delivering cloud computing solutions. We align
technology with our clients’ goals, objectives, and bottom lines. We leverage our
expertise, vendor relationships, and a diversified range of best-of-breed cloud services
to create custom solutions with tangible value.

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