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					                                   Born To Rock Questions:

Chapter 1                                        Chapter 13
What club does Leo belong to? Young              What happened to Neb, Purge's
                                                 guitarist? He did the splits and hurt himself;
                                                 he was not able to tour with the band.
Chapter 2
Who admits to having a crush on Melinda?         Chapter 14
Gates                                            Who is Leo's roommate on tour? Cam
Chapter 3
                                                 Chapter 15
What is Leo accused of in Chapter 3?
                                                 When Leo goes to look for the band who does
Cheating                                         he run into? Melinda and Owen
Chapter 4
What does Leo call his alter ego? McMurphy       Chapter 16
Chapter 5                                        What happens to King Maggot during the
                                                 concert in Phoenix? He is arrested
What does Leo discover about his biological
father? He is the king of Punk music w/a         Chapter 17
very long rap sheet                              What animal toured with Purge? A poodle
Chapter 6
                                                 Chapter 18
What does Leo’s mom’s favorite pastime?
                                                 What law did Leo and King Maggot break in
Putting together puzzles
                                                 Denver? Stole what they thought was Llama
Chapter 7                                        the poodle from the dogcatcher
What happened w/Leo’s scholarship and why?
Taken away because of the cheating               Chapter 19
accusations                                      Who did Melinda finally get to meet? King
Chapter 8
After the Purge concert what does Leo try to     Chapter 20
do? Approach his father and tell him he has a    Who and what is KafkaDreams? Melinda
                                                 Chapter 21
Chapter 9
                                                 When the DNA test arrived what did Leo find
How did King Maggot know Leo was his kid?
                                                 out about his father? King Maggot is not his
The notch in his ear.                            father, Bernie is.
Chapter 10
What was the new job Leo got for the             Chapter 22
                                                 What was hidden in Max's drums? Jewels
summer? Working for King Maggot on his
tour                                             Chapter 23
Chapter 11                                       What happens to Purge? They break-up
Who was Melinda’s Idol? King Maggot
Chapter 12
Who picked up Leo from the Airport when he
arrived in L.A.? No one

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