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      hermax is one of the few
      companies in the world that offer
      integrated solutions in Energy and
Environment Management. With its
broad spectrum engineering expertise
in heating, cooling, power, water and
waste management and chemicals,
Thermax enables corporates to be
energy efficient and at the same time,
environment-friendly. Thus contributing
to industry's bottomline and the
growing global effort towards
sustainable development.
                         Integrating Energy
                         and Environment
                         A need, a challenge

       ince the early days of             In fits and starts, concern
       the Industrial Revolution,     about the eco-system has hit the
       human beings have believed     international community. The
that there is an inherent trade-off   Montreal Convention, the Earth
between ecology and the               Summit, the Kyoto Convention,
economy. The dominant view            all reflect a burgeoning awareness
has been that industrial              that time is running out, probably
development `inevitably' leads to     faster than we think.
damage to the environment.                Corporations, big and small,
    But as human intrusions and       cannot afford to be divorced from
interference took its mounting toll   this trend. Mandates like
on nature, decimating natural         restrictions on use of
resources, habitats and species all   chlorofluorocarbons or on
over the world, the need for          greenhouse gas emissions affect
protecting the environment began      business directly. But the more
to receive widespread acceptance.     pressing effects are from the eco-
And the view that there is an         system itself. To state only two:
inherent win-lose equation            Available water resources
between the economy and the           are getting scarcer and in
ecology is now being seriously        many developing
challenged.                           countries like India,
    The bare, inescapable truth
is that the earth's eco-system
is irreplaceable, at any cost.
If any proof was needed, it
was provided by the Biosphere
II experiment conducted
by a group of
scientists in
Arizona in 1991.
A 3.2 acre glass
dome with $200 million worth
of equipment was installed to
replicate the earth's main eco-
systems. The experiment
collapsed in two years: The
dome could not provide
enough air, water and food
for just eight people.

                                                                     Clearly, a
                                                                     fundamental mindset
                                                                     change in the way
                                                                     of doing business
                                                                     and manufacturing is
                                                                     called for. Needed
                                                                     is a new way, that
                                                                     will marry the needs
                                                                     and aspirations
                                                                     of industrial
                                                                     development with
                                                                     a sustainable

    cheap power from the grid has
    become a thing of the past.
        Clearly, a fundamental mindset
    change in the way of doing
    business and manufacturing is
    called for. Needed is a new way,
    that will marry the needs and         Thermax has helped companies
    aspirations of industrial             stretch natural resources very
    development with a sustainable        much further than they did previ-
    eco-system. Is there such a way?      ously. Another approach has been
        We at Thermax believe that        to eliminate the concept of waste
    there is a way and it lies in first   itself, wherever feasible. A closed-
    demolishing the environment           loop system pioneered in India by
    versus economy equation. We           Thermax eliminates effluent
    believe that Environment and the      discharge and recycles almost all
    economy's prime mover, Energy,        the water used. Or waste heat is
    can be considered two sides of        harnessed from equipment or
    the same coin. By integrating the     processes to generate useful
    management of both these              energy.
    aspects, companies can become             Thermax has delivered sustain-
    green and competitive.                able solutions based on these
        As an Eco-Energy company,         approaches through a combina-
    Thermax has demonstrated the          tion of in-house R&D and world
    validity of this approach in scores   sourcing of the best available
    of installations, for a wide range    technologies. Solutions which
    of industries, in India and many      have enabled industries to use
    other parts of the world.             inputs more efficiently and con-
        In most cases, the key has        vert the "problem" of pollution
    been enhanced resource produc-        into an opportunity for improving
    tivity. By reducing the wasteful      resource productivity. And these
    and harmful flow of resources,        aren't the only benefits. The
solutions provided by Thermax                  India and cutting CO2 and SO2
have also improved process                     emissions which cause global
consistency and reduced downtime,              warming and acid precipitation.
leading to further increase in                    Thermax believes that only
profitability.                                 companies that adopt sustainable
   Thermax has also developed                  development practices through
technologies for industrial use of             integration of energy and
non-conventional and renewable                 environment management will stay
fuels like rice husk, bagasse and              competitive. In fact, in an
palm fibre. Saving scarce fossil fuels         increasingly fragile eco-system, they
in a power-starved country like                will be the only ones around.

                                              Global Warning
                                              The United Nation's Intergovernmental panel
                                              on Climate Change, a group of 2,000 of the
                                              world's leading scientists, concluded in 1995
                                              that global warming is real, serious and
                                             accelerating. They determined that the most
                                           likely cause is burning of coal, oil and gasoline
                                          and increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and
                                       other greenhouse gases trapped in the earth's
                                    atmosphere. According to scientific records drawn
                              from pollen records, ice cores, tree ring analysis,
temperature records, satellite imagery, atmospheric measurements and other tools,
climate change is already affecting every region and most nations. 1995 was the hottest
year in history and the five hottest years have all occurred in the 1990s. The world is
experiencing the biggest thaw since the last Ice Age. Europe's alpine glaciers have lost
half their volume since 1850, some penguin populations have crashed in Antarctica and
much of the tropics have become hotter and drier. In the 1990s, southern Africa suffered
crop failures, water shortages and the five driest years of this century. Sea levels are
rising, on an average they are between 10 and 25 centimetres higher than a century ago
and rising tides threaten the survival of many low-lying coral island nations. Some 80 per
cent of the world's beaches are eroding, often at a rate of many metres a year. There's
more. But this will give you the picture.

                              More from less

             chemical plant in UK               This is just one of the numerous
             produces various gases that    applications of Thermax's proven
             would normally have been       expertise in energy conservation
    released in the atmosphere.             and reuse. The Thermax mission
    However, British environmental          has been to offer technologies that
    regulations do not permit such          transfer heat at the highest possible
    emission. The gases have to be          efficiency; recover heat wherever
    destroyed thermally, a process that     possible; extract and use heat from
    releases a large quantity of energy.    integrated processes; replace power
    Instead of wasting this resource, the   with direct sources of energy;
    plant passes it through a Thermax       generate heat and power simulta-
    boiler to recover the heat and use it   neously wherever possible; and use
    to generate 72 tonnes per hour of       alternate and renewable fuels.
4   steam.                                     While Thermax's wide range of
Thermax recovers
waste heat from
process to
generate steam
at a chemical plant
in UK. This
measure stretches
                                                   boilers and heaters are known for
energy resources                                   their very high efficiencies, the
further at the plant                               company's energy innovations for
                                                   industry include substitution of
                                                   electrical heating with steam, hot
                                                   water and thermic fluids,
                                                   substitution of compression
                                                   cooling with vapour absorption
                                                   technology and heat recovery in
                                                   process plants for steam and
                                                      The Thermax group also has an
                                                   energy services company, Thermax
                                                   Energy Performance Services
                                                   (TEPS), which helps energy-
                                                   intensive industries save money
                                                   through guaranteed energy savings.
                                                   One such project commissioned is
                                                   for Morarjee Mills, a 125-year-old
                                                   textile mill in the heart of Mumbai.
                                                   TEPS is implementing a gamut of
                                                   projects which will lead to
                                                   substantial reduction in the mill's
                                                   fuel oil and power consumption,
                                                   leading to abatement of over 6000
                                                   tonnes of carbon dioxide emission
                                                   a year.

                                                      Oh, Deer !
                                  One of the oldest fables in the world is about the deer in
                                  search of the musk fragrance. Nothing exemplifies it
                                  better today than the number of industries which ignore
                                 the inherent tappable energy in their own processes.
                                Many industrial processes are exothermic to the point of
                              being energy viable, but very few of them are actually utilised
                           as a source of energy. Through its long years of expertise in
                       waste heat recovery, Thermax taps these sources of energy to
           generate heating, cooling or power for industry's needs. A market leader in
         exhaust gas boilers, Thermax has supplied four such boilers to India's first and
     largest DG set based independent private power plant, of the GMR Vasavi Power
     Corporation near Chennai.

                                  Water and
                                  Effluent Management
                                  Every drop counts

    Treatment of
    sewage in a
    fluidised aerobic
    bioreactor pilot
    plant in Pune
    demonstrates the
    effectiveness of
    this economical
    method of handling
    waste in townships

                 hindwara, Central India. The   Raymond Woollens plant recovers
                 site of Raymond Woollens       6,50,000 litres of reusable water
                 manufacturing plant. It is a   every day this way. A similar facility
         water scarcity area and the plant      installed by Thermax for Arvind
         uses a huge amount of water. Even      Mills in a water-starved area of
         a day's closure due to lack of water   Gujarat has reduced the plant's
         would mean a loss of millions of       fresh water intake by 85 per cent.
         rupees. However, such a loss has          Thermax has over 20 years
         never been suffered. Thanks to a       of experience in implementing
         closed-loop water recycling system     cost-effective water management
         pioneered in India by Thermax.         and recycling projects for industry.
         The system ensures that only a         What is offered is total water
         small amount of fresh water is         management capability. From
         drawn and the rest is met by           pre-treatment of raw water and
         recovery from wastewater. The          treatment of process water to
recycling of effluents and sewage
treatment through a variety of
technologies. Thermal power
plants, steel plants, refineries,
fertiliser, petrochemicals, heavy
chemical and non-ferrous metal
industries are the major industry
groups served.
    Several unique solutions have
been successfully commissioned for
material recovery from effluents. In
Bajaj Auto's Waluj manufacturing
facility, an acid recovery plant
supplied by Thermax recovers                         The expertise gained in industry
around 1200 kgs. of chromic acid                 is now being extended to treatment
every month from effluent and                    of wastes generated by cities.
purifies it for re-use. Apart from               Fluidised Bed Aerobic Biological
slashing the company's purchase of               Reactors developed by Thermax
fresh chromic acid, the system helps             require less than 25 per cent of the
purify the chrome bath, so that                  land occupied by conventional
plating quality is better. What's                sewage treatment plants. Compact
good for the company is also good                and energy efficient, they replace
for the environment: the problem                 the need for centralised sewage
of toxic sludge has been eliminated.             plants. Due to the high cost of the
    Another area where path                      latter, sewage in many cities is
breaking work has been done is                   dumped directly into rivers. The
re-use of cooling tower blowdown                 Thermax system is a viable solution
water which accounts for nearly                  for India's dying rivers.
50 per cent of industry's total
water requirement.

                                                 The Big Thirst
                                         Most of the earth's surface is covered by water, but
                                         most of the water is seawater, or locked in icecaps
                                         and glaciers or is far too deep under the earth's
                                        surface to economically tap. Imagine this: If all the
                                       earth's water fits in a gallon jug, available fresh water
                                     would equal just over a tablespoon. And that
                                  tablespoon is being used up rapidly. Economists who
                               have closely studied the world's emerging water crisis
                       estimate that by 2020 the price of water in some parts of the world
will be at least half that of crude oil and the investment in providing it will be comparable
with that for providing electricity!
     In this scenario, Thermax plays an important role by helping industry cut down its
intake of fresh water and by tapping the abundant availability of seawater through
desalination. India's largest membrane based seawater desalination plant has been set
up by Thermax for leading detergent manufacturer Nirma in Gujarat. The plant will
desalinate and purify seawater and supply it for boiler feed, process and drinking water
use.                                                                                               7
                              A dose of higher efficiency

            atalganga near Mumbai.         But that possibility was averted by
            Engineers at Reliance          using specially formulated fuel
            Industries' plant at this      additives and fireside treatment
    location were worried about the        chemicals from Thermax.
    fuel quality and combustion of             Thermax's Chemical division
    three 70 tonnes per hour boilers.      works in synergy with the group's
    The efficiency of the boilers was      expertise in water treatment and
    above 80 per cent but there were       combustion engineering, to provide
    nagging reasons for worry. The flue    fuel and water management
    gas exit temperature was higher        chemicals for optimum
    than the optimum level. There was      performance. Among the many
    fouling and deposition on the          `firsts' recorded by the Chemical
    furnace and superheater tubes.         division are production of India's
    There was also the problem of low      first fireside chemical; a range of
    temperature corrosion. It all added    fuel additives; all-organic single
    up to a scenario that spelt trouble.   product boiler water chemical; a
Improving efficiency
and performance
of equipment by
offering a variety
of fireside and
waterside chemical

                                                                depressant for the oil industry and
                                                                modification of ion exchange resins
                                                                for use in the nuclear industry.
                                                                    The R&D team has also
                                                                developed chemicals for several
                                                                specific applications. An example is
                                                                special polyelectrolytes for coal
                                                                washeries which lead to better
                                                                recovery of coal fines and cleaner
                                                                coal; the saving is up to a quarter of
                                                                the raw coal which would have
                                                                otherwise ended up as waste.
                                                                    The overall benefit of
                                                                Thermax's chemicals: better
                                                                utilisation of precious water and
                                                                energy. And through internal
                                                                synergy with the group's expertise
                                                                in both these areas, Thermax's
                                                                Chemical division is able to make
                                                                accurate analysis of plant problems
                                                                and offer tailor-made solutions.

                                                                To your health
                                                       Thermax offers a superior solution to settle organic
                                                        matter and suspended solids in raw municipal
                                                        water: using a polyelectrolyte of consistent quality
                                                       which requires less manpower and storage space
                                                      than alum. The Palta water works in Calcutta, one of
                                                    Asia's largest drinking water plants, regularly uses this
                                                 product to treat the water that is supplied to meet the
                                              household and industrial needs of the entire Calcutta
                                       metropolitan region. Drinking water plants in other Indian cities like
                  Bangalore and Nashik also use it regularly. This is just one of the services Thermax
                  offers in the treatment of municipal water.
                              Pollution Abatement
                              and Resource
                              Clean is profitable

                                                       At a cement plant
                                                       a Thermax pollution
                                                       control system
                                                       helps in keeping the
                                                       air clean with the
                                                       recovery of raw

             hermax's engineers have      abatement equipment supplied by
             expertise in handling over   Thermax has prevented the spread
             30 different kinds of        of cement raw material that could
     industrial dusts: from cement, to    have polluted an area larger than
     carbon black, asbestos, coffee and   Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh,
     even milk powder. Air pollution      India's largest states, had it been
                                    OK G
released from a                                               Thermax wet scrubber-
vantage point. But                                             based gas cleaning

                           OP SM
clean air is not

                                                                 system. The major

the only bonus.                                                   benefits: improved
Companies that                                                    worker health and
have opted for                                                   lower machine

Thermax's                                       S
                                                S               maintenance.
                                                                  Recovery and
abatement                                                  pollution control. These are
technologies have also                                also the key elements of
recorded significant commercial                   Thermax's pioneering development
benefits. Take the case of Gujarat                of coal preparation plants for blast
Ambuja's cement plant in Kodinar                  furnaces in the steel industry. The
in the state of Andhra Pradesh . A                critical areas were recovery of coal
Thermax reverse air baghouse at                   at the pulverising end and
this location handles a gas flow of               controlled emission in the blast
4,50,000 cubic metres per hour. It                furnace area. Mastering this
also collects 320 tonnes of cement                technology, Thermax supplied a
a day — as a bonus.                               plant to Tata Iron and Steel
    Sometimes the commercial                      Company in 1991. Orders from
benefit is less tangible. But it still            several other steel plants followed,
makes a big difference. In the                    for the benefits were tremendous:
Bhilai steel plant, the dust content              The Thermax system replaces
of the exhaust gas of rotary kilns                expensive metallurgical coking coal
was much higher than the                          by cheap non-coking coal and also
permissible emission limit till the               enhances the performance of the
plant management invested in a                    blast furnace.

                                                 Gasping for air
                                      In some heavily polluted cities of the world like
                                      Tokyo, Beijing and New York, pure, clean air is
                                      actually sold to residents in special `oxygen bars'.
                                     You can well imagine the business potential of such
                                   bars in Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. While
                                 automobile exhaust is customarily identified as the main
                            cause of air pollution, industrial pollution also plays a big role in
                    making the world a difficult place to breathe in. Thermax contributes to
the availability of fresh air by supplying equipment for control of harmful particulate and
gaseous emission. For example: In a glass production plant located in the heart of a
residential area in Hyderabad, Thermax has supplied a system for bringing down the
sulphur dioxide content in exhaust gas emissions from the furnace to an acceptable
                                in Fuels
                                 You name it, we burn it

          Steam and power
          generation from
          biomass fuels is
          vital for an agri-
          based country like

              hermax's long involvement          The depth of understanding —
              in the Energy business has      the limits and potential of various
              led to a very deep              fuels for various applications — is a
     understanding of fuels. From             result of pioneering research and
     conventional fuels like oil, gas, coal   development work being done by
     and diesel to non-conventional           Thermax. In 1973 when the entire
     fuels like washery rejects, agro         world was gripped by the oil crisis,
     waste and even slag!                     Thermax came to Indian industry's
rescue                                                            retrofitting services,
with a                                                           from scarce fuels to
boiler capable of                                                more easily
burning low grade                                               available options.
Indian coal efficiently.                                      The Rashtriya
Thermax was also largely                                Chemical Fertilisers (RCF)
responsible for bringing fluidised            came to the Thermax group when
bed combustion technology to                  it faced a shortage of natural gas
India. In Purwakarta, Indonesia,              which ran its high pressure and
Thermax has for the first time in             temperature boilers for generation
the world burnt coal with highly              of power and process steam. RCF
polluting sludge from a huge textile          wanted to switch over to naphtha,
plant to generate steam.                      but wanted to keep its options
   Closer home, Thermax has been              open for using natural gas,
a key supplier for India's first rice         whenever available. Thermax
husk based independent power                  Babcock and Wilcox (TBW), a joint
plant, located in the state of                venture company of the Thermax
Madhya Pradesh. Thermax has                   Group, designed a retrofit that will
supplied a fluidised bed boiler,              fire gas and naphtha in any
along with accessories, to burn               proportion. TBW has also done
around 50,000 tonnes of husk a                such conversions for most major
year and generate high pressure               fertiliser units in the country.
steam to run the plant's turbines.                The Thermax offer to industry
Combipac, the standard Thermax                on fuels: You name it, we'll burn it,
boiler for such applications, offers          and we'll give the option of
multi-fuel capability with high               switching between fuels. An offer
thermal efficiency.                           that makes fuel scarcity a thing of
   Expertise in a variety of fuels            the past.
enables Thermax to offer industry

                                     Clean fuel value chain
                        The Energy sector is witnessing structural changes, with
                        changes in fuel policy, the cost economics of various fuels and
                        power pricing. A shift is taking place towards cleaner fuels that
                        are assuredly and conveniently delivered. In this scenario,
                        Thermax is partnering with fuel suppliers to provide a vital
                        chain to reach customers. Through its expertise in heating,
cooling and power using cleaner fuels such as natural gas, Thermax is in a position to
deliver greater value to the customer's energy needs and environmental concerns.
Thermax's first fuel supplier alliance is with Gujarat Gas, India's largest private sector
company in the business of gas distribution.
                              Cogen, Trigen
                              and Disgen
                              The cleaner and cheaper alternative

                                                                      A wide array of
                                                                      systems and services
                                                                      required for
                                                                      plants are available
                                                                      from Thermax as a

     P        rocess industries require
              power as also process heat
              and/or process cooling.
     Traditionally, this requirement has
     been met by taking power from the
                                           converting the fuel to electrical
                                           power. Thermax offers Cogen and
                                           Trigen options that reduce this
                                           wastage, by harnessing heating,
                                           cooling and power from a single
     grid, process steam from industrial   source.
     boilers and cooling through              Take Arvind mills for example
     electricity. An example of
                                           which is a large integrated textile
     tremendous wastage : electricity
                                           processing and Denim
     generated through a mega power
                                           manufacturing facility. The textile
     plant uses only about 30 to 35 per
     cent of the energy contained in the   process is energy intensive.
     fuel ; the rest is wasted in          Thermax conceptualised two 27
MW integrated
combined cycle cogen                           CO ER Bagasse which is
                                                      available in plenty is
plant to answer all the
energy needs of the
customer — power and
                                                POW    used as fuel and by
                                                       generating steam at
                                                      much higher pressure,
heating. Excess heat                    surplus power can be generated
energy available from the system       and sold to the grid. It's an idea
was recycled for inlet air cooling of  with tremendous potential: It's
the Gas Turbines to enhance output     estimated that just one Indian state,
and efficiency of the cogen plant. In  Uttar Pradesh, can generate around
addition Thermax also provided a       1000 MW of power through this
comprehensive waste recycle facility   route, at a fraction of the cost
to recover upto 95% of the process     involved in setting up conventional
water — a classic case of integrating  coal-based power plants.
energy and environment.                    Thermax's expertise in fuels and
                                       Cogen gives it the capability to offer
   Similarly for Kolkata based
                                       industry the sustainable solution of
Shree Cement Limited, Thermax
                                       distributed generation or Disgen:
provided an integrated energy
                                       power that is generated on site, at
solution with a 36 MW captive
                                       lower cost, with higher quality and
power plant. The power plant will reliability. Using high pressure
be a first of its kind in India to use boilers and turbines, Thermax's
a new and emerging fuel petroleum captive power plants use fuels like
coke (pet coke). The plant will        coal, lignite, husk and other agro-
deliver quality power which will be waste, to generate power at a lower
about 30% cheaper than grid            cost than diesel gensets, with lower
power.                                 maintenance costs and better power
   Cogen solutions for the sugar       quality. The Thermax plants are
industry pioneered in India by         also eco-friendly, with low Nox/Sox
Thermax have another advantage.        emissions.

                    Cost Effective Heating and Cooling
                         Thermax offers unique solution for heating and cooling needs for all
                    distributed generators like diesel engines, gas engines, microturbines
                   and gas turbines. With an integrated approach to waste heat recovery
                  and absorption chillers, Thermax offers the highest system efficiency
  making distributed generation available at a very affordable cost to the users of hospitality
sectors & process industries. Besides, through strategic alliance with steam turbine
manufacturers, Thermax also offers cost effective solutions for generating power at nominal
cost from process boilers using variety of fuels like coal, lignite, agro-waste or even waste
heat from processes.                                                                              15
                                 R&D and
                                 Innovation and world sourcing
                                 of technologies

 A combination of
 in house R&D and
 technologies from
 world leaders
 gives Thermax the
 edge in providing
 integrated solutions

                 hermax offers a range of     Development Process. And many
                  solutions for integrated    of the technologies that have come
                  energy and environment      out of this process have become
        management through a                  generic names and trend-setters in
        combination of in-house R&D and       Industry. An early success was
        sourcing of technologies from         Thermopac, the first high
        world leaders in the respective       temperature liquid phase heater.
        areas.                                Replacing electricity as the heating
            The R&D effort is highly          medium by oil or coal, the
        market-driven; identification and     Thermopac generates higher
        definition of customer needs is the   temperatures for shorter process
        first step in Thermax's Product       times.

    R&D successes in recent years
include Submerged Aerated Fixed
Film technology for reducing
chemical oxygen demand in chemi-
cal wastes; a colour removal system
for dye-house effluents; a
polyelectrolyte for making water
potable; incineration of black liquor
in a recovery boiler; fluid bed
scrubbing for gaseous as well as
particulate emission and speciality
resins; a corrosion inhibitor for oil
and gas pipelines and polymers for
removal of toxic effluent.
    Current thrust areas are compact
oil/gas fired boilers with new
combustion systems; new fuels
and reduction of Sox levels in flue          for energy performance contracting
gases ; use of electricity rather than       with guaranteed savings.
chemicals to treat difficult effluents           And Thermax has entered into
like heavy metals (thus minimising           strategic technical transfer and
the problem of sludge disposal) and          licensing agreements. With
biological treatment of effluents.           Struthers Wells Corp., USA, for
    Thermax has also forged various          process integrated boilers and fired
business and technology alliances            heaters. With Kawasaki Thermal
with leading international compa-            Engineering, Japan, for modular
nies. A joint venture with Babcock           vapour absorption machines. With
& Wilcox, USA, for higher range of           Dansk Rodzone Teknik, Denmark,
steam generation and energy con-             for biological treatment of
servation equipment. Another with            effluents...
Energy Performance Systems, USA,

                                              Nature cure
                                    Thermax has a collaboration with Rodzone Teknik of
                                    Denmark for a totally biological method of treating
                                    contaminated water, with no use of electricity and
                                    chemicals. Called Root Zone Treatment, the method
                                  involves construction of reed beds. Contaminated
                                water is passed underground through the root zones of
                             the reeds. The reeds and the reed bed together create an
                         outstandingly efficient effluent treatment factory below the
surface of the soil, so that what comes out is water that is environmentally safe. The
Root Zone Treatment has been installed by Thermax in holiday resorts, dairies and a
few industrial units. At Procter and Gamble's detergent plant in Bhopal, a Thermax root
zone installation treats acidic effluents.
                                  Engineering excellence

          plants are a centre
          of engineering
          excellence delivering
          quality and value
          to the customer

               customer in Delhi wants a    In the Computer Aided Design
              process heat equipment        centre in the factory, engineers
              urgently. The Thermax         work with specialised software for
     sales engineer finalises the           structural analysis, piping stress
     specifications and sends them to the   analysis and gas flow modelling.
     manufacturing facility in Pune via     Manufacturing engineers are
     the company's dedicated electronic     involved in all stages of design, so
     mail system, Thermnet. In 24           that re-work is avoided.
     hours, the order is `loaded'.              The 14 manufacturing plants
with over 50,000 square metres of
covered area are equipped with
state of the art facilities for plate
bending, cold rolling, hot rolling,
continuous welding, membrane
panel welding, CNC Co-ordinate
drilling/milling and physical,              Each production
chemical and non-destructive                plant is dedicated to
testing facilities.                         one product family,
    All equipment is designed and           leading to faster deliveries and
manufactured to international               better quality. Through a group-
standards like ASME, BS, DIN,               wide TQM movement initiated in
GOST and the IBR Code for Land              1993, process changes are
Boilers in India. The facilities have       continuously implemented to lower
been inspected by renowned                  throughput time, inventories,
agencies like Lloyds, Bureau                material costs and wastage.
Veritas, SGS, EIL and TUV.                  Through horizontal integration
Through supplier partnerships,              with production and sales, material
Thermax has established reliable            groups have reduced procurement
sources of supply for quality               lead times drastically. With
components, structurals and piping          suppliers also getting aligned, the
and the group also sources globally         stock position is very close to actual
for the best cost and quality               day-to-day needs. Design, Materials,
advantage.                                  Production and Marketing work as
    A cellular mode of                      customers to each other, for the
manufacturing has been adopted              quality and cost benefit of the
for virtually all product groups :          customer outside.

                                  An ISO 14001 Company
                                  Thermax has an ISO 14001 certification from Det
                                  Norske Veritas for its environmental management
                                  system in its manufacturing plant at Chinchwad. The
                                 certification recognises Thermax's comprehensive
                               environmental management system and its proactive
                            approach for preservation of the environment, which calls
                       for active initiation of change based on anticipated
developments, rather than merely reacting to events that occur. The certification also
indicates commitment to compliance with environmental regulations and legislation,
sustainable development through prevention of pollution, conservation of resources,
reduction of waste generation and continual improvement of the system.
Environmental measures implemented in the manufacturing plant include construction
of an effluent plant, a closed drainage system and greening of the entire complex.
Thermax also buys green power from a wind farm located in Satara district of
                                             For more customer delight


                                  Fuel & Water                  Effluent Treatment
                              Management Chemicals              & Water recycling

                  Pollution Abatement &                                           Water Treatment
                    Material Recovery                                              for Processes
                                                     YOUR B
                                                 ING        U          SI
                                            OV                              N

          Process Cooling and

            Air-conditioning                                                                 Water


                                                       STA AB                              Systems
         Process Heating




               Procurement,                                ELOPME                          Construction

               Construction                      EN
                  (EPC)                               VIR ONMENT
                    Utility and            IS

                                                      R BUSINES
                   Power Boilers                                                     Operation &


                          Cogeneration and

                           Captive Power


                                          Waste Heat                  Services


                 he myriad skills, expertise                  ensures faster deliveries and
                 and knowledge areas of the                   response times. Above all, with
                 Thermax group have been                      Thermax assuming all responsibility
         meshed with its service and                          for design, manufacture, supply and
         marketing network to offer                           maintenance, the customer gets the
         customers integrated delivery of                     full freedom to do what is topmost
         sustainable energy and                               on his mind: run his business,
         environment solutions, with a                        whether it's textiles, steel, cement
         single point responsibility. That                    or pharmaceuticals.
    Thermax's expertise is also
available for retrofitting Energy and
Environment equipment and
systems. Thermax Babcock &
Wilcox offers life assessment and
performance enhancement studies
for energy systems, including
power plants.
    Thermax has well-established
project management systems for
EPC (Engineering, Procurement,
Construction) assignments and a
fully-owned subsidiary for                       Thermax has established itself
engineering construction. Through             as a reliable partner for inter-
critical top management inter-                national EPC organisations: Ebasco,
vention in major projects and the             Black & Veatch, Bechtel, Mitsui
customer enjoys a single point                Engineering & Shipbuilding,
contact for clarity on schedules,             Snamprogetti, Krebbs, NKK,
progress reporting, drawing                   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyo
approvals and quality control.                Engineering Corporation, Daelim
Project management using state-of-            Engineering Company, Hyundai
the-art software raises `early                Engineering...
warnings' that initiate mid-course
corrections, whenever necessary.

                                      Services on a Platter
                                 Thermax is moving to the new global business model of
                                 providing services rather than goods, by offering
                                heating, cooling and water and waste management as
                               services. Thermax also offers Operation & Maintenance
                            and lab services. India's largest wastewater recycling plant
                        is operated and maintained by Thermax engineers. More than
400 million gallons of wastewater is treated and recycled, to ensure continuous supply
of water for process and power applications at an optimum cost.
                                A customer in every part of the world

             wo Thermax chillers air-          Thermax heating equipment. A
             condition the BBC's studios       paper and pulp manufacturer in
             and offices in London. A          Thailand uses a Thermax water
     number of Thermax steam                   treatment system. Seven out of the
     generators are used to dewax oil          nine textile plants in the UAE use
     wells in Siberia. Thermax's Tulsion       Thermax equipment. Kenyan tea
     brand of resins are best-sellers in the   gardens use high efficiency boilers
     US and have also penetrated the           from Thermax and the group has set
     market in Japan. A major tyre             up an integrated energy conservation
     retreader in East Europe uses             system for Bali Nirvana, one of the
                                               biggest holiday resorts in Indonesia.
                                               Thermax Babcock and Wilcox's
                                               boilers are installed in Jordan,
                                               Saudi Arabia, Philippines and
                                                   Apart from eight overseas
                                               offices, the group has front-end
                                               value chains with leading
                                               distributors in the US and in
                                               Europe for its vapour absorption
                                                   Thermax's global vision is based
                                               on international marketing rather
                                               than mere exporting. Building on
                                               the awareness that "the world is
                                               our market", Thermax has chalked
                                               out a long-term strategy, choosing
Three Thermax
                                               products and services where there
vapour absorption                              is a competitive advantage not
chillers — using hot                           merely through lower manpower
water as the energy                            cost but through innovative, cost-
input — air condition
the production facility                        effective and reliable solutions,
and paint shop at the                          leading to a globally recognised
DaimlerChrysler plant                          brand image.
in Sindelsingen near
Stuttgart in Germany

                    Innovating for sustained leadership
                     To enlarge the scope and increase the number of niche markets
                     overseas, Thermax develops products and solutions for the
                    specific needs of different countries. In a palm oil refining plant in
                  Malaysia the de-oiled earth, a talcum powder like waste, is fired in a
              boiler to generate steam; at the same time solving a serious landfill
          problem. In an innovative approach, Thermax developed a speciality resin for
          a US process licensor to improve the quality of the end product — a
          petrochemical.                                                                     23
                 The Thermax Group

                               Fact File

      Board of Directors   Directors             Indian Subsidiary Companies :
                                                 Thermax Surface CoatingsLimited
                           Anu Aga
                                                 Thermax Engineering
                           Dr. R. A. Mashelkar   Construction Company Limited
                           Dr. Valentin Massow   Thermax Instrumentation Limited
                           Tapan Mitra           Overseas Subsidiary Companies :
                           Pheroz Pudumjee       Thermax International Limited, Mauritius
                           Dr. Manu Seth         Thermax Europe Limited, U. K.
                           Dr Jairam Varadaraj   Thermax Inc., U. S. A.
     Meher Pudumjee                              Thermax do Brasil Energia e
       Chairperson                               Equipamentos Ltda, Brazil
                           Executive Council     Thermax Hong Kong Limited,
                                                 Hong Kong
                        M. S. Unnikrishnan       Thermax (Zhejiang) Cooling & Heating
                        Shishir Joshipura        Engineering Co. Ltd., China.
                        Gopal Mahadevan
                                                 Registered Office :
                        Sudhir Sohoni
                                                 D-13, M.I.D.C. Industrial Area,
                        Ravinder Advani          R. D. Aga Road, Chinchwad,
                        R. V. Ramani             Pune 411 019. India
                        S. Ramachandran          Tel : ++91-20 - 27475941
     M. S. Unnikrishnan                          Fax : ++91-20 - 27472049
                        Dr. R. R. Sonde
      Managing Director                
                                                 Corporate Office :

                                                 Thermax House,
                                                 14, Mumbai-Pune Road,
                                                 Wakdewadi, Pune 411 003, India
                                                 Tel : ++91-20 - 25542122
                                                 Fax : ++91-20 - 25541226
                                                 Manufacturing Plant :
        To be a globally respected               D-13, M.I.D.C. Industrial Area,
                                                 R. D. Aga Road, Chinchwad,
            high performance                     Pune 411 019. India
                                                 Tel : ++91-20 - 27475941
          organisation offering                  Fax : ++91-20 - 27472049
          sustainable solutions        
                                                 D-1, MIDC Industrial Area,
                in energy                        R. D. Aga Road, Chinchwad,
                                                 Pune 411 019. India
            and environment                      Tel : ++91-20 - 66126464
                                                 Fax : ++91-20 - 27472099
                                                 Paudh, Taluka Khalapur,
                                                 District Raigad 410 206, India
                                                 Tel : ++91-2192 - 276010
                                                 Fax : ++91-2192 - 276040
                                                 Plot No. 21/1, 2,3,
                                                 G.I.D.C. Manjusar, Tal Savli,
                                                 Dist. Vadodara - 391 775, Gujarat, India
                                                 Tel.: (02667) 264727/28
                                                 Website :
      hermax is committed to developing,
      procuring and supplying the best
      technologies to make integrated energy
and environment solutions a profitable and
attractive option for all sectors of industry.
Through a strong customer focus, Thermax
will strive to deliver the most cost-effective
options, with the best quality.

A visible symbol of this commitment is
Thermax's Energy and Environment Research
Centre (EERC), a centre for research and
training conceived by the company's late
chairman, Rohinton Aga. The centre is a
beehive of technical education relating to the
fields of energy generation and conservation
and pollution abatement technologies. The
centre also conducts training and awareness
programmes for Thermax customers and
employees. .
    Conserving Energy
Preserving the Environment

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