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Sports Committee Guidelines - SCCHEA - Weebly-ag


									Purpose Statement
SCCHEA sports programs were created to provide the opportunity for home-educated students to play
competitive sports with emphasis on Christian values and character. Student athletes strive to glorify
God by becoming more Christ like in their conduct during practices, games and in life.

Sports Committee Guidelines
The SCCHEA Board appoints a Basketball Committee for the purpose of overseeing the activities and
business of the basketball programs. Responsibilities of the committee are to carry out policies set by
the SCCHEA Board for the basketball programs, provide decision-making and leadership for the
basketball program and oversee the basketball program in general. They will also oversee that Coaches ,
Parents and Players compliance with the conduct agreements they have signed and ensure the integrity
of the SCCHEA sports programs. All other sports programs will be under the authority of the SCCHEA
Board and Coaches of those programs.

The Basketball Committee will consist of all head coaches and selected parents of players whenever
possible. Size of the Basketball Committee should be 7-11 coaches and parents total and the majority
method will be used to make decisions with the goal to be unification among the committee members.

The Basketball Committee shall meet at least one time per year and on other occasions as needed to
conduct their responsibilities. Two-thirds of the Basketball Committee present shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business.

Eligibility and Participation Guidelines
SCCHEA sports eligibility requirements are based on the 75% rule and participation on a SCCHEA
sports team is for currently home schooled students that are not on an organized Jr. High or High School
team during the regular season. (An organized team is defined as being a public, private or parochial
school team. (YMCA leagues, church leagues, Club teams, etc. Would not be considered an organized
school team.)

A player is ineligible to play on any team on the next September 1st, following that players 19th birthday.

Participation considerations of playing on the SCCHEA sports teams would also include geographical
distance to the closest home school sports program, church attended, the areas where you conduct
business regularly and family connections. All exceptions to these requirements would have to be
reviewed and approved by the SCCHEA Board.

What is the 75% Rule?
For a player to be considered “home schooled,” 75% of his/her education must arrive from the following
    Class taught at home by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or an older sibling of at least 18
        years of age, (may include tapes, online coursed, video school, etc.)
    Class taught by a hired instructor or tutor, (designated by the parent), at home or another
        location, (does not include community college)
    Home school co-op
    Class at any location where homeschooling gather to receive contracted educational services
        from volunteers and/or hired teachers, and where each parent manages the transcript and diploma
        of the particular student, (does not include community college.)
    Distance learning program such as Bob Jones, Abeka, or other high school-level correspondence
        program as long as the classes are overseen by a parent at home.
Note: If a student is attending “part time” public or private school and that school deems the student eligible to participate in
its sports program(s), then that student is ineligible for the SCCHEA sports program.

These are guidelines to handle most questions about eligibility. Other exceptions to any eligibility
requirements may only be made and approved by SCCHEA Board.

Parent/Player and Coaches Expectations and Responsibilities Agreement
Parent/Player Expectation and Responsibility Agreements and Coaches Expectation and Responsibility
Agreements will be required to be signed by all parties involved in SCCHEA sports programs, at the
beginning of the sports season, (August), to ensure the integrity of the programs.

Coaches will be responsible for the overall sports program they are coaching. They will honor the
Coach’s Expectation of Conduct and Responsibilities Agreement they sign and help to ensure integrity
of the SCCHEA Sports Program. The SCCHEA Board may require current or prospective coaches or
assistant coaches to fill out an application to coach and may ask the coaches or assistant coaches to
meet with the SCCHEA Board and/or for permission to conduct a background check. Playtime
policies, who travels and other specific program coaching policies will be based on several factors and
up to the coach’s discretion. Any compliments or concerns should be written on the SCCHEA Sports
Comment Card and mailed to the address listed on the bottom of the form. These forms are found on our
website at or from any committee member.

Parents will be responsible to honor the Parent Expectations and Responsibilities Agreement as well as
get the players to and from away and home games. Each sport will handle details of travel differently
but most will have a parent(s) in charge of setting up car-pooling with other parents to save on costs.
Every player’s parents should find a way to help the program their son or daughter is involved in. These
will vary from sport to sport. Some examples are: concession stand, refereeing, keep game book,
arrange car-pooling, drive, arrange lodging for overnight travel, help set-up and tear down during home
games as well as helping during home games with admissions, monitor facility, announcer, time clock,
opening prayer, etc.

Players Expectations will be to honor the Player Expectations and Responsibilities Agreement and assist
coaches and parents in upholding the integrity of the SCCHEA Sports Programs.

Costs and Fund raising
The cost associated with the sports programs will be paid by the players and/or their families. They will
have the option of paying the fee themselves outright or participating in fundraisers that are overseen,
organized, and approved by one or more of the following: The SCCHEA Board, and/or the head of the
Fund-raising Committee. Donations to SCCHEA sports will be split evenly between the active programs
at the time of the donation unless they are designated by the donor to a specific sports program. All fund
raising we do will be for the benefit of the entire team/group. Team/Group fundraisers may be held to
buy equipment, new uniforms, gym rental, gas reimbursement, etc. All current or future players are
expected to take part in all group fundraisers. All fund raising will be approved by the SCCHEA Board
and the Fundraiser Coordinator or Fund raising Committee to ensure the integrity of the SCCHEA name.
See fund raising policy for more detailed information.
Amended 4-15-12
Amended 6-25-12
Amended 9-9-12

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