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					                               Teacher Immersion Program

The Teacher Immersion Program (TIP) is an Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) approved by
the Florida Department of Education that provides an alternative route to certification. This
program is designed for career changers and those with degrees in areas other than education
who wish to become teachers. It is delivered at the graduate level and includes eight 3-credit
hour courses, including an internship

Whether you are a career-changer with a passion for teaching or a current teacher seeking to
meet Florida State certification requirements, FGCU’s Teacher Immersion Program offers a
unique and effective way for you to meet your professional goals.

Advantages of a state-approved Educator Preparation Institute

      Upon completion of the TIP program, you will be qualified to receive a 5-year
       Professional Educator’s Certificate from the Florida Department of Education.
      Certification through a state-approved program means greater portability relative to other
       certification routes, and certification is recognized by states which have teacher
       certification reciprocity with Florida.
      TIP completers will find their skills more marketable in a competitive job market.

The TIP Internship

      TIP allows candidates who may have limited or no teaching experience to spend time in a
       real K-12 classroom, developing lesson plans, working with students and assuming actual
       classroom responsibilities.
      TIP provides opportunity to work with a highly-qualified internship supervisor and a
       cooperating teacher in a local school district.
      TIP provides an excellent way for beginning teachers to make contacts in the local

For more information about the Teacher Immersion Program, please contact Dr. Schmidt at

         Florida Gulf Coast University College of Education – Teacher Immersion Program
                     Merwin Hall | 10501 FGCU Blvd South | Fort Myers, Florida 33965
                     Phone: (239) 590-1557 | http://www.fgcutip.com | tip@fgcu.edu

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