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					W W W. O L D T O W N T R I A N G L E . C O M                           JULY 2009                                  VOLUME X •       NUMBER 85

                                                                                                                                      This issue
CA L E NDA R                                                                                                                          is dedicated
All events are held at the Old Town                                                                                                   to the 60th
Triangle Center unless otherwise                                                                                                      Old Town
designated. Meetings are open to all                                                                                                  Art Fair,
members.                                                                                                                              from the
TRIANGLE EVENTS                                                                                                                       at Whole
                                                                                                                                      Foods on
July 14, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                    Huron to
                                                                                                            FERN BOMCHILL DAVIS
OTTA Board Meeting                                                                                                                    the Thank
July 20, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                         You Party at the Triangle Center
Neighborhood Improvements Meeting                                                                          and a host of activities in between.
July 21, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                         Friends and neighbors gathered
HD/PZ Meeting                                                                                              at each event and celebrated sixty
July 23, 7:00 p.m.                                                                                         years of fine art, neighborhood
CAPS Meeting                                                                                               pride, and the spirit of volunteer-
                                                                                                           ism. If you attended any or all of
OPENINGS                                                                                                   these activities, the photographs
July 1 – July 31                                                                                           will reinforce your memories. If you
The Art of Claire Rosean                                                                                   were unable to participate, you can
No formal opening                                                                                          take a vicarious pleasure in what
August 2, 2:00-5:00 p.m.                                                                                   you missed. We thank everyone
Brother Nature: The Comparative                                                                            who made this fair possible. Have a
Images of Three Brothers:                                                                                  wonderful summer. T
Andy (In Memoriam), Doug, and Mike
By Mike Barret Kolasinski     T

                                               ART FAIR                                          FIRST SIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT  Seventy artists par-
 COMMITTEE                                     chris beer, general chair                         ticipated in the Silent Auction for this event
 REPORTS                                                                                         which previews the art fair to take place on
                                               WHOLE FOODS PREVIEW     Whole Foods graciously    the next two days. The party-goers were
                                               offered to allow a few artists to show a sam-     treated to a glimpse of the works that would
                                               pling of their work on the Wednesday before       be shown at the fair and were allowed to bid
                                               the fair. About ten artists responded and         on their favorites. The party was called Ship
                                               drew an appreciative audience to their work.      Ahoy, following the theme on the 60th Art
                                               The Old Town cookbook, A Taste of Our Old         Fair poster image, Sunnyside Up by artist
                                               Town, was displayed, along with the 2009 Art      John Peer. Steven Graham, from Perennial
                                               Fair poster and literature about the organiza-    Restaurant created a special Ship Ahoy mar-
                                               tion. The Chair and Vice-Chair were on hand       tini for the event and Erich Steermer, also of
                                               to greet visitors and talk about the activities   Perennial acted as emcee. Guests munched
Check it out                                   going on in connection with the fair: the 260
                                               exhibiting artists, the Children’s Corner, the
                                                                                                 happily on hors d’oeuvres from Catering/
                                                                                                 Chocolate, listened to the lively music of
The OTTA Times with color                      Music Stage, and the First Sight Friday Night     Andrew Pratt, and placed bids on their favor-
photos—online at                               Party. We are looking forward to repeating the    ite pieces of art—all in the lovely ambience of                            experience in 2010.                               the New Leaf Studio and Garden. To use Ëp2

COMMITTEE REPORTS                       ALDERMAN'S OFFICE                   GALLERY         OTAF PHOTOS             CRIER        POSTSRIPT
PAGES 1 & 2                             PAGE 2                              PAGE 3          PAGES 4 & 5             PAGE 6       PAGE 7
fromËp1 an old phrase “A good time                                es, and chicken supplied by Pete Rose did                         adds that Joe McCarthy of the Bureau of
was had by all”.                                                  not suffer at all from being served indoors;                      Forestry has been instrumental in having
                                                                  nor did the wonderful salads and sides.                           a Swamp White Oak Tree planted on the
OLD TOWN ART FAIR   Saturday morning’s rain
                                                                  Dancers, young and younger, moved to                              Menomonee side of Marge’s Still. Thank
showers did not dampen the spirits of our
                                                                  the beat of Bill Brichta and his lively group                     you, Joe.
artists, volunteers and vendors. Armed with
                                                                  of musicians. And then, it was all over but
brightly colored ponchos and umbrellas, we
                                                                  the memory of a job well done—very well
greeted fair patrons with a smile. Mother                                                                                           MEMBERSHIP
                                                                  done, indeed.
Nature got her act together around 2pm                                                                                              michael warnick, chairman
on Saturday, when we were blessed with
                                                                  So many of you admired this year’s poster,                        Once again we are asking you to help us
beautiful sunshine for the remainder of
                                                                  Sunnyside Up by artist John Peer. Sadly,                          go green by opting to read our monthly
the weekend. Within minutes of the skies
                                                                  we must inform you that John passed                               newsletter online rather than receive a
clearing, our streets were flooded with art
                                                                  away on July 2 from complications follow-                         hard copy in the mail. Many of you have
lovers. I heard so many compliments on
                                                                  ing open heart surgery. His wife wanted                           responded, but if you’ve missed the mes-
the fair—from the high quality of art and
                                                                  you to know how proud he was to have                              sage, all you have to do is contact the
the charm of the neighborhood to the lively
                                                                  been selected as the poster artist for our                        office, and sign up
music at the soundstage and the delightful
                                                                  fair, and how pleased he was of the final                         for e-delivery. You will receive an e-mail
craft projects in our Children’s Corner—
                                                                  image. He said that it was an honor to                            attachment when the most recent newslet-
and I am so proud of our neighborhood
                                                                  be asked to do the poster for one of the                          ter is available to view. The online version
for hosting another fantastic Old Town
                                                                  nation’s largest and best fine art festivals.                     is always available about a week before
Art Fair. I was touched by how many
                                                                  Though his work is featured in galleries,                         hard copies are printed, and all photo-
artists told me that they were honored to
                                                                  museums, hotels, and corporate headquar-                          graphs are shown in four-color.
be selected as exhibitors in our fair and
                                                                  ters throughout the country, his wife asked
that they consider our fair to be one of the
                                                                  that he be remembered as a kind and gen-
finest in the country. I was inspired by our
                                                                  tle man with a quick sense of humor who                           CAPS
loyal volunteers who donate their time year                                                                                         shirley baugher, liaison
                                                                  was loved by all who knew him.
after year, rain or shine. Thank you to all of
our exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, patrons,                                                                                         Some of you may have missed the
entertainers, and volunteers—you made the                                                                                           Community Emergency Response Team
                                                                  NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTS
60th Old Town Art Fair a great success!                                                                                             (CERT) booth at the Old Town Art Fair.
                                                                  Neighbor Corinne Svoboda reports that                             This group is a dedicated team of neigh-
WE THANK YOU SO MUCH     Rain did not keep                        Chris Gagnon of CDOT’s bike program                               borhood volunteers who are specially
faithful art fair volunteers from gather-                         has responded to the neighborhood’s                               trained in emergency response procedures
ing at the Triangle Center on June 19 to                          many requests and had two new bike racks                          and tactics. Officer Chris Schenk of the
celebrate another job well done. No matter                        installed near Nookies and the Willow                             18th District is the contact person for this
that we had to move the tables and the                            Pocket Park. We are grateful for these                            program. If you find yourself in need of
band inside, nothing could put a damper                           racks, and hope that Mr. Gagnon will                              emergency assistance, or would like more
on the spirit and enthusiasm of the friends                       reassess our need for more bike racks at                          information about the program, please
and neighbors who made the whole fair                             Willow by visiting the site again this sum-                       contact Officer Schenk at 312-742-5778.
possible. The baby back ribs, brats, sausag-                      mer—especially on week-ends. Corinne                              T

                         FROM THE ALDERMAN’S OFFICE                                                                  move your blue cart to the area where the city garbage
                                                                                                                     carts are kept. If you have curb side pick-up, keep the
                         BLUE CART RECYCLING HAS COME TO OLD TOWN Carts were                                         cart with the other carts. If you have alley pick-up, move
                         delivered in front of houses during the third week in                                       your cart to the alley.
                         June. Alderman Daley explained that the carts were left                                          Once you begin recycling, you may find that you do
                         in front because most people do not have addresses in                                       not need as many black garbage carts. If you would like to
                         the back. It was also easier for crews to determine the                                     have a cart or two removed, or if you would like addition-
                         number of units in a building from the front. You should                                    al blue carts, please call or e-mail the Alderman’s   Ëp6

The Old Town Triangle Association Times O L D T O W N                         OFFICE HOURS                                    OFFICERS                                DIRECTORS
is published ten times a year by        TRIANGLE CENTER
                                        1763 N. North Park Avenue             Monday through Friday–10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   fern bomchill davis, President          Matt Beer
Old Town Triangle Association                                                                                                 philip graff, First Vice-President      Debbie Day
                                        Chicago, Illinois 60614               Saturday–10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Bounded by Clark Street, North Avenue,                                                                                        christina beer, Second Vice-President   Alice Huff
and the ghost of Ogden Avenue           Tel: 312.337.1938 Fax: 312 337 4015   Please feel free to contact Administrators
                                                                                                                              michael warnick, Secretary              Jeff Pines
                                             Shirley Baugher or Leslie Wolfe at the office
                                                                                                                              martha connolly, Treasurer              Emily Rose
shirley baugher, Editor                 email:   during those hours.
                                                                                                                                                                      dirk vos
email:     or:

                                                        Old Town Triangle Times                  2   
             hatever you do, don’t                                                    Many of her drawings are part of a
             miss the July show in the                                                series that incorporates a particular
             Triangle Gallery featuring                                               set of characters. She hopes to turn
the paintings and drawings of Clare                                                   each series into an illustrated book.
Rosean. Clare describes her work                                                      She has already completed the first,
as “art that’s fun to look at”, and she                                               entitled The Poet. You can see the
is right. At first glance, and from a                                                 illustrations for this book under
distance, you might think that her                                                    the heading “The Poet: Drawings”
pieces are bland and uninteresting.                                                   on the services tab of her website.
You would be wrong. Her edgy style                                                    If you would like to purchase one
and witty approach to art produce                                                     of Rosean’s prints, you may contact
works that are fun, sophisticated,                                                    her at She also
and utterly contemporary. ❡Rosean                                                     has illustrated stationery for sale
works primarily with ball point pen                                                   a ❡Whether
or colored pencil, though she has also                                                you are interested in purchasing her
completed a good many oil paintings.                       JULY                       sale items or not, do log on to her
She wants to apply fine art to everyday items,                           site. I guarantee you will be fascinated with her
such as stationery and greeting cards. A look at       eastern art       sense of humor, her quirky characters, and her
her work shows her affinity for book illustration.        spaces         talent. T
                                                       Clare Rosean

    n August, Mike Barret Kolasinski will bring                         that the three siblings had a similar, passionate
    his show, Brother Nature—The Comparative                            way of seeing the beauty of the landscape around
    Images of Three Brothers: Andy (in memo-                            them. Expressing this love through photography
riam), Doug, and Mike Barret Kolasinski. Of his                         and pastel painting in their show entitled Brother
show, Mike writes: ❡Ten years ago, on the night          AUGUST         Nature, the brothers hope to convey the emotions
of September 30, just before midnight, a drunk           brother       that bond brothers and to become visual activists
driver killed Andy Kolasinski, one of three broth-       nature        for nature. ❡The exhibit will open with an Artists’
ers with a strong love of nature. Andy was an avid                     Reception on Sunday, August 2, 2009 at the Old
outdoors person, enjoying bicycling, canoeing, and      Mike Barret    Town Triangle Center, 1763 N. North Park Avenue,
the occasional ski trip. Throughout                      Kolinski                      from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. In Andy’s
these adventures, he constantly had his                                                memory, a portion of the proceeds
camera at his side, shooting slides with                                               from items sold will be donated to
an SLR 35mm body outfitted with                                                        AAIM, Alliance Against Intoxicated
numerous lenses and filters to capture                                                 Motorists, a local organization which
the scenery around him. ❡As the                                                        dedicates itself to helping families
other two brothers, Doug and Mike,                                                     survive the traumatic, life-chang-
sorted through his work, a common                                                      ing effects of the loss of a loved one
visual treatment of their natural world                                                through the careless act of a drunk
came to light, It became apparent                                                      driver. T

                                   old town art school summer session
                                       Old Town Art School Summer Sessions began June 23,
                                          2009, and run through August 29. Class schedules are
                                              available at the Triangle Center and online at old-

                                         WELL, HERE'S YOUR OPPORTUNITY

                                       Old Town Triangle Times     3
                 Ship Ahoy
   Co-chair Shirley introducing Erich of
 Perennial, Steve the Ship Ahoy martini
  man, first ladies of the fair, Emily and
   Chris with first taste, the music men,
co-chair Paige with friends and helpers,
 co-chair Jacqui and husband Keith, art
                  hanger extraordinaire.

                                                                       First Sight patrons viewing silent auction 2-D hanging art in the front room
                                                                       of A New Leaf Studios and Gardens, perusing 3-D art in the back room,
                                                                       and mingling throughout before the final bidding.

                                                                                                                                    all photos by Bob Dowey

                                             Old Town Triangle Times    4
          60TH OLD TOWN ART FAIR

The heart of the fair: the chiefs; the exhibitors'
  committee; the art, of course; and the artists

              Food court; Childrens' Corner; Music Stage; and

                                                                  through the
                                                                   the Gallery
                                                                   of Gardens

                                                                                                   all photos by Bob Dowey

                                        Old Town Triangle Times   5
office and staff will make the necessary arrangements. The number              considered litter, and they are illegal. Streets and Sanitation has
of carts (blue or black) at every residence is flexible. Since trial and       started a complaint process against businesses and organizations
error may dictate some changes, Alderman Daley will work with                  that use this method of advertising. The Alderman and her staff
neighbors to make the adjustments that best satisfies their needs.             have taken down hundreds of these flyers in the past few weeks,
      Although the Department of Streets and Sanitation attempt-               and they encourage you to remove them whenever you see them.
ed to deliver information packets to all buildings in the ward,                SUMMER TRACK PROGRAM The City has scheduled a summer track
some residents or buildings might have been missed. If you did                 program for kids nine through fourteen. The 43rd Ward program
not receive a packet, you may get the information by logging on                started on Tuesday, July 11 at 4:30 p.m. and will end on August
to the Alderman’s website, and pressing the           15 with an Olympic-style Track Meet featuring runners, jumpers,
Recycling icon on the left. If you have further questions, please              and hurlers. Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays
call the Alderman’s office, 773-327-9111, and staff will be happy              at 4:30 p.m. and on Sundays at 3:00 p.m. at the Alcott School’s
to help you.                                                                   Drummond Place Field, 2625 N. Orchard under the direction of
ADVERTISING FLYERS ARE PROHIBITED There has been a glut of                     Coach Ally Broeren. Sponsors include World Sport Chicago and
advertising flyers taped onto light poles recently. These flyers are           Friends of Track and Field. T

                 Rocco’s Café and Pizzeria has              on August 7, 8, and 9. The festival,              played on electric piano, shamisen,
                 opened at the old Ranalli’s site           an Old Town favorite, is held at the              and horn.
                 on Lincoln Avenue. Manager                 Temple site, 435 W. Menomonee                          A donation of $4 is requested
  THE^ OWN Gwen Bry writes that Rocco’s

                                                            Street. Flown in from Tokyo for the               for adults and $3 for students and
                 is a full-service Italian restau-          event, the Waza craftsmen will dem-               senior citizens. Children under 12,
                 rant that seats 210 inside and             onstrate their generations-old skills,            when accompanied by an adult, are
                 165 on the patio. Their menu               meet with festival goers, and sell their          not asked to donate. Hours are Friday:
         offers pizzas, both thin crust and dou-            works. Jewelry, kimonos, anime, and               5:30 – 9:00 p.m.; Saturday, 11:30 a.m.
         ble dough, pastas, salads, appetizers,             origami pieces will also be available             – 9:30 p.m.; and Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to
         sandwiches and desserts. They have                 for sale.                                         6:00 p.m. For more information, visit
         two full bars with 16 different beers                   Traditional Japanese cuisine will            the website at www.midwestbuddhisttemple.
         on top. Hours are Monday – Friday                  be offered during the three days, fea-            org
         11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.; Saturday 10:00             turing the item for which Old Town
         a.m. – 3:00 a.m.; and Sunday 10:00                 neighbors wait all year long: chicken             Summer Safety. Every year about this
         a.m. – 12:00 midnight. Stop by and                 Teriyaki. Also on the menu are udon               time, we admonish neighbors to take
         sample this new version of an Old                  (Japanese cold noodles), sushi, edam-             extra precautions about their personal
         Town favorite.                                     ame, and grilled corn on the cob. A               safety and their homes. This year, the
                                                            favorite dessert offering is kintoki,             admonition is particularly important.
              Once again, the Church of the Three           a Japanese snow cone topped with                  In these harsh economic times, inci-
              Crosses is offering free outdoor              sweet azuki beans. Japanese beer will             dences of burglary, robbery, and petty
              music concerts this summer. The               also be available.                                theft have become increasingly com-
              concerts are held in the park amphi-               The festival is not all food, drink,         mon. On June 22, two offenders were
              theater at the corner of Wisconsin            and crafts, however. Many traditional             arrested by the 18th District police
              and Sedgwick. The first took place on         Japanese dance troops will perform,               for armed robbery. There were two
              June 20 and featured a classical col-         joined by martial arts demonstra-                 separate incidents on this date: one in
              laboration of violins and cello with          tions, and exhibitions of Japanese                the 600 block of West Willow at about
              Mina Zikri, conductor of the Oistrach         self-defense tactics by Aikido, Judo,             10:30 p.m.; and the other in the 1600
              Symphony Orchestra. The second is             and Karate schools. There will also               block of North Mohawk about 9:30
              scheduled for July 18 at 7:00 p.m. and        be Kendo matches (Japanese fencing)               p.m. In both incidents, a hand gun
              stars the Whiskey Hollow Bluegrass            to entertain the crowds. Inside the               was drawn and money demanded.
              Band, a traditional bluegrass and             temple, the great hall will be filled             There were no injuries, and property
              country music group. On August 22,            demonstrations of bonsai, ikebana                 was recovered, as well as the hand-
              the Singleman Affair, a psychedelic           (flower arranging), kamingingyo                   gun. Both offenders were taken into
              folk singer, will perform. These events       (paper dolls), calligraphy, brush paint-          custody, positively identified by the
              are a great opportunity for neighbors         ing, silk flowers, and a haiku contest.           victims, and charged accordingly.
              to get together, experience an evening        The chapel will be open for visitation.                In the past week, thieves climbed
              of fun music, and revel in the pure                New this year will be a Saturday             a neighbor’s fence in the early morn-
              enjoyment of summer in Old Town.              evening performance by Yoko Noge                  ing hours, got into the garage, locked
                                                            and the Jazz me Blues Band. Yoko’s                the connecting door between the
              The Midwest Buddhist Temple will              music is a combination of Japanese                garage and the house, and stole the
              hold its 54th Annual Ginza Holiday            folk music and Chicago blues and is               couple’s Cadillac. In yet another inci-

                                          Old Town Triangle Times          6
dent that occurred late in the evening,                             and a 42-inch television on the upper      of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the
burglars went over a backyard fence,                                deck; so nothing was taken. The            Triangle Building.
through a basement window, and up                                   owner is in the process of having the
to a second-floor residence. They put                               entire building made burglar-proof.        Another friendly warning. Summer
a number of valuable items in a black                                    The 18th District Police offi-        seems to be the season for overflowing
garbage bag: laptop, jewelry, camera,                               cers ask all residents to be alert, be     garbage cans—which is an invitation to
and other electronic equipment and                                  smart, and be safe. Report any suspi-      vermin, especially rats. Neighbors have
attempted to leave when they heard                                  cious persons or activity by calling       reported a few sightings recently. So, be
the police siren. A neighbor who had                                911, and above all, attend your local      sure the lids of your refuse containers
seen them enter called police. They                                 CAPS meetings. The meeting for Beat        are tightly closed and do not leave plas-
left the bag of valuables on the ground                             1814 is held on the fourth Thursday        tic bags of garbage out. T

It is no secret that Old Town loves its gardens.                                                                               In 1953, we awarded prizes to door-
Indeed, the neighborhood started life as a garden—                                 POST                                        yard gardens, flower box gardens,
albeit a vegetable garden—in the mid-nineteenth                                                                                backyard gardens, and enclosed
                                                           BY SHIRLEY
century, when German immigrants living in the              BAUGHER                                                             patio gardens (won, incidentally
factory area west of Clark Street near the Chicago                                                                              by developer Daniel Crilly for his
River, pushed north. Before they built houses, they turned the                                                                  enclosed Crilly Court patio).
dried-up swampland that was to become Old Town into cow                                                                             Not all Old Town gardens are
pastures and truck gardens for growing potatoes, cabbages, and                                                                  found at ground level. When a
celery. They christened their garden-community “The Cabbage                                                                     real horticulturist is restricted to a
Patch”, and the name stuck, even after they had physically moved                                                                strip twenty feet by nine feet on a

                                                                                                                                2005, Bob Dowey
in and built the first balloon-frame                                                                                            fourth story porch s/he rises (pun
houses that became known as “the                                                                                                intended) to the challenge. More
Chicago style”. No doubt, a few flowers                                                                                         than forty years ago, June and Al
found their way into the rows of veg-                                                                                           Howard were faced with just such
                                           Cabbage Patch, Norman Baugher

etables once the families settled in.                                                           a dilemma on the top floor of the Crilly apartments (now the
      Move ahead a hundred years.                                                               North Park Condominiums). Al planned and planted his narrow
The neighborhood had grown and                                                                  porch, which had the entire Chicago skyline for its background,
changed. There were no more cabbage                                                             and the result was unbelievable. He used vines: bougainvillea,
patches and no cow pastures. But there                                                          clematis, passion flower, and a climbing Peace Rose, to screen the
were gardens. During World War II,                                                              south end from the hot midday sun. On the east side, he placed a
neighbors turned the space on the                                                               long box of white Cascade petunias; and a step above them, a row
southwest corner of Wells and Eugenie                                                           of pink geraniums. All along the floor were tubs filled with roses.
into a victory garden where patriotic residents grew tomatoes,                                  The real show-stoppers were two small Japanese umbrellas whose
beans, peas, and whatever else had been made scarce by rationing                                two-foot stems were actually stephanotis plants to which the
and food shortages. The victory garden remained a community                                     Howards grafted hoyas. The leaves of the hoyas spread over the
effort for a number of years until the property was sold for com-                               tops of the umbrellas, dropping their white blossoms through the
mercial development. As late as 1955, however, before the con-                                  ribs and over the edges. Amid the plants were June and Al’s col-
struction of Americana Towers, Old Town farmers continued to                                    lection of objets d’art, including two magnificent Louis Sullivan
plant on Wells Street. The program book for the 1955 Old Town                                   screens.
Holiday states that Louis S. Forti of 1636 N. Wells Street won                                       The Howards have been gone for many years, but their con-
second place for best vegetable garden in the Garden Walk; Sam                                  cept of a garden in the sky lives on in the fourth floor aerie of Betsy
Rizzuto of 1622 N. Sedgwick placed first. We don’t know what                                    and Norman Zimmerman. Like June and Al, the Zimmermans
they grew. After the west side of Wells went commercial, our                                                                                     have transformed
urban farmers moved over to the east side and dug in Old Town                                                                                    their North Park
dirt there until they were, once again, displaced by “progress”.                                                                                 Condominium
      But planting instincts are strong in Old Town. Deprived of                                                                                 deck into an urban
their community gardens, residents stuck their hoes and spades                                                                                   Eden. Pots of lav-
into the little spaces in front and back of their homes and in win-                                                                              ender evoke images
                                                                                                                                                  Norman Baugher

dow boxes on their decks. An unknown resident wrote in 1953,”                                                                                    of Provence. Pink
A box of pansies is a botanic wonderland to a man with only one                                                                                  geraniums rise up
south window. No one can appreciate the charm of a bed of lilies                                                                                 from clusters of
of the valley more than the man who has no sun at all. When it                                                                                   petunias and are
rains, we are not only grateful for the moisture, but know that the                             surrounded by white impatiens and pale green coleus. Wild
soot will be washed from the leaves of our pampered darlings.                                   grasses provide a dramatic vertical accent to lantana, verbena, sal-
The angleworm is our treasured pet.”                                                            via, daisies, and hysop in ornamental clay pots. Ivy and lobe- Ëp8

                                          Old Town Triangle Times                           7

               lia cascade from window                                                                                     boxes of pansies
     POST      boxes. Pots of basil, tarra-                                                                                and plots of zin-
               gon, rosemary, and cilantro                                                                                 nias to displays of
    BAUGHER perfume the air. Down the                                                                                      jasmine, lavender,
               way, Tom Lydon is happily                                                                                   gardenias, and
  fromËp7 cultivating tomatoes in his                                                                                      hibiscus. And
               window boxes.                                                                                               whether twelve
                     Across the courtyard,                                                                                 or forty-three, we
               tucked into a corner of the                                                                                 still walk past and
                                             Norman Baugher

                                                                                                                        Norman Baugher

               Baugher’s deck rose bushes                                                                                  are awed by what
               grow beside a gardenia                                                                                      has been done
               plant and an oleander tree.                                                                                 to effect these
               Masks of Incan gods glower                                                                                  Triangle Babylons:
               over a night-blooming jasmine, and huge containers turn          past the rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, hollies, climbing
               the rest of the space into a kitchen herb garden. All survive    hydrangeas, passion vines, tree peonies, lilies, and roses; past
               happily in Ethel’s shade, Ethel (named for movie star Ethel      fountains, stone cupids, and earthenware urns; past trel-
               Barrymore) being the beautiful autumn flame maple planted        lises and gazebos; and we experience the timeless pleasure
               and named by Carolyn Blackmon a quarter century ago.             expressed by a nineteenth century poet:
                     Over on Menomonee and Orleans Streets, the horti-
               cultural legerdemain of Lucy Wojtas and Sophia Bross so          A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
               captivated an editor from Better Homes and Gardens, who          Rose plot, fringed pool, ferned grot—
               took the Garden Walk during this past Art Fair, that she         The veriest school of peace.
               contacted them about doing a feature on their respective         And yet the fool contends that God is not—
               gardens for an upcoming issue of the magazine.                   Not God! In gardens when the eve is cool?
                     There were forty-three gardens listed on the Garden        Nay, but I have a sign;
               Walk of the 60th Old Town Art Fair—there were just twelve        ‘Tis very sure God walks in mine.
               in 1953 (every garden won a prize). We’ve gone from simple               Thomas Edward Brown (1830-1897) My Garden

                                        Old Town Triangle Times      8

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