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					                Parent Newsletter
                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 8

                                    Prior Lake High school
                                     April 1st, 2013

Inside this
                                    From the Principal—David Lund

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Spanish Dept.

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Health Initia-

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Community       7

                                    Important Dates in April
                                     April 8th: Beginning of the 4th Quarter

                                     April 16th and April 17th: MCA Testing for grades 9—11

                                     April 18th—21st: Spring Play; “Harvey”

                                     April 27th: Prom

                                     April 30th: Parent / Teacher Conferences from 5 to 8 p.m.
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National Honor Society
  Last month, Prior Lake National Honor Society was able to raise approximate-
  ly $4,300 to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which will use
  the money for cancer research. The National Honor Society hopes to once
  again win the Lifeblood award this year.

         A few weeks ago, NHS also put on a new event called the Build-A-
  Hand program. The group raised the money to purchase the kit, which includ-
  ed 10 prosthetic hands. They then spent an afternoon assembling the hands
  and decorating the bags in which they will be delivered.

          In April, a small group of NHS members will be able to help at an An-
  tioch in Minneapolis. These students will prepare and serve a meal, help chil-
  dren with homework, as well as just to spend time with them. NHS is also
  planning many events for the end of the school year, including an AP Slam
  study session on May 2 prior to AP testing, Homeless Awareness Night on
  May 10, and their second annual 5K on June 1. Please send questions to Ma-
  ria Lecceardone at

Nurses Notes
                   Along with the promise of spring break, Prom, etc., Health Services sees many stu-
                   dents who have sunburns. Did you know that even one blistering burn increases
                   the risk of skin cancer by 50%? Check out the information re: sunburns and pre-
                   venting skin cancer @

                     Many Teens Use Tanning Devices Despite Warnings
  Almost 10 percent of females ages 14-17 told a national health survey that they use tanning devices
  such as sunlamps and tanning beds, even though the World Health Organization has warned against
  the use of such devices by persons under 18 because of the risk of skin cancer. The National Health
  Interview Survey (2010) found girls seven times more likely than boys in the same age group to use
  artificial tanning, but in both groups, usage increased with age, peaking at age 17.

  Is your child getting enough Vitamin D? Researchers note that few of us get sufficient Vitamin D
  from foods to prevent fractures, osteoporosis, cancer, autoimmune diseases (like diabetes, thyroid dis-
  orders, celiac disease, etc.) Talk to your doctor about vitamins and/or supplements. Get out and play
  in the sun! (while wearing sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB rays.) http://

    Please consider this a friendly reminder to be sure your Inhalers/Epi-pens are current (not ex-
        pired) both at home and school as we start back into allergy seasons.

    Have a great spring break/spring!
    Health Services
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   SPAN news: SPAN (Synergy/SAGE Parent Action Network) will have
   its last meeting of the school year on Tu. April 23 at 7pm in the West-
   Wood Media Center. Barbara Dullaghan, the Elementary Gifted and Tal-
   ented Coordinator in the Bloomington School District, will give a presen-
   tation on and answer questions about Executive Functioning and organiza-
   tional skills in gifted children. We will also have elections for the SPAN
   Board for the 2013-14 school year. We are still looking for another Board                         Last Meeting of the
   member with younger elementary students to join our Board; please email                           year is April 23rd.
   Apryl at if you are interested in joining our
   Board, to ask questions, or to be placed on SPAN’s email list.

Patrons of the Arts & Activities
                       Join us - the parents of students involved in Band, Choir, Mock
                      Trial, Knowledge Bowl, Robotics, Speech, and Theater! Our next                    Band
                      meeting is Thursday, April 11 room 127. We are looking for                        Choir
                      more officers and representatives for next year - join us! Watch
                      for updates on the HS website - Activities - PAA. Every Wednes-                   Knowledge
                      day you can support Arts & Activities by dining out and a percent-
                      age goes back to the PAA. Upcoming restaurants: BWW, Fongs                        Bowl
                      & Burger Jones . Upcoming events include Band con-                                Mock Trial
                      certs, Choral concerts, Knowledge Bowl, spring
                      play "Harvey", Speech and Robotics competitions. Please sup-                      Robotics
                      port the kids in these activities! Again this year the PAA and
                      LABC are partnering with the Rotary for the Music Fest. Buy ad-                   Speech
                      mission tickets from a student, designate PAA, and 50% comes                      Theater
                      back to the arts and activities! Go to: https://

Spanish Department News
   In April, students in levels 1-5 have an opportunity to show what they know by competing
   in the annual Quijote Festival at St. Olaf College. At this event, students can compete in a
   variety of areas against high school students throughout the state. Field Trip forms will still
   be taken after spring break. The cost is $5 for the bus and students need to bring money for
   lunch as well. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lecceardone-Brown at mlec- or go to the following link for more information:

   On May 2, Mrs Lecceardone-Brown’s classes and Mrs. Hidalgo’s level 4 class will be at-
   tending, “In the Time of the Butterflies” at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. Field
   Trip forms will be handed out on Monday, April 8th and are due by Monday, April 15th.
   The Cost is $20 for the bus and the ticket to the show.
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From the Guidance Office
  *ATTENTION       SENIORS: Local Scholarship Applications are available
  NOW in the Career Center and/or The Guidance Office website. Please
  stop by to pick them up or visit our website and print them from home!
  Please note deadlines and any additional information you may need! Cur-
  rent local scholarships include:


  PL Chamber/Underferth Humanitarian Scholarship           April 15, 2013

  Dollars For Scholars                                     April 11, 2013

  Laker Scholarships                                       April 11, 2013

  Nick Sotis Memorial Scholarship                          April 19, 2013

  *Counselors will also be meeting with juniors individually this quarter to
  discuss credits, graduation requirements, course selection, career and col-
  lege planning. Students will be called to the Guidance Office to receive
  their meeting date and time, or are welcome to set up an appointment with
  their Counselor.
  *ACT Test Prep Opportunity: Offered through Community Education:
  April 22nd - May 13th (5:45 - 8:45 pm) Mondays (4 sessions) Click link
  for registration information:
  *The next ACT Test is June 8th, 2013. The registration deadline is May 3,
  2013. You must register online at
  Guidance Office
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Mental Health: Letʹs Talk About It! What You Need to Know About the
Wellstone‐Barlow Mental Health Initiative

                               Saturday, April 20
                               9:30-11:00 am in the Sanctuary

                               Bethlehem Lutheran Church
                               4100 Lyndale Ave S
                               Minneapolis, MN 55409

    Register at:

    Maybe someone in your family has it or an acquaintance does. The thing
    that is so difficult to name, let alone talk about - mental illness. But talk
    about it we must so that we can better understand, support and get help if
    needed for those affected and maybe ourselves. The newly launched Well-
    stone-Barlow Mental Health Initiative - a partnership between Dave Well-
    stone and Ken Barlow - is designed to do just that - get people talking
    about mental illness and move beyond the taboos into action. Hear about
    the experiences of Ken Barlow, recently diagnosed with bipolar disease and
    whose father died with it. Know how he's dealt with the stigma attached to
    mental illness and what he's learned from it that has led him to help 'jump
    start' the public discussion. Become familiar with the Wellstone-Barlow
    Mental Health Initiative and what it's doing to equip individuals to look
    for signs of mental illness or addiction and then to have safe and impactful
    conversations with those they are concerned about. Take home ideas for
    'conversation starters' you can have with others and answers to some of
    your most pressing questions about mental illness and addiction.

    Since 2007, Dave Wellstone has been a key figure in Washington D.C.
    with regards to the recent passage of the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici
    Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act. He continues to be ac-
    tively involved in these Congressional level conversations and is consid-
    ered a force to be reckoned with, much like his father, the late Senator Paul
    D. Wellstone. Dave is in the battle to end the stigma associated with mental
    illness and addiction. Dave speaks of his own struggle with PTSD
    and depression following the plane crash which killed his father Paul, his
    mother Sheila and his sister Marcia. He is also an author with the recent
    publication of " ecoming Wellstone - Healing from Tragedy and Carrying
    on My Father's Legacy"  .
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