Monfort-Powell -- Sunday_ January_ 1944_ St. Louis_ Mo by gegouzhen12


									Monfort-Powell -- Sunday, January, 1944, St. Louis, Mo.
Miss Monfort, Alabama Man Wed in St. Louis

Miss Felicia Monfort, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Monfort, and Mr. Roy C. Powell,
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Powell of Auburn, Alabama, were married Sunday afternoon in
St. Louis, Mo.

Guests at the wedding were immediate friends of the bride and groom, and classmates of
Mrs. Powell at the St. Louis Institute of Music.

Mr. Powell recently received his honorable discharge from the US Army Air Force. He
has visited in Alva several times.

The bride is a graduate of Alva High School, attended Oklahoma College for Women at
Chickasha and was a student in the St. Louis Institute before her marriage. The couple
left immediately after the ceremony for Auburn, where they will establish home.

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