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Mobile Stand-alone PV Generator 1.460 Wh - REC BMS


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									Mobile Stand-alone PV Generator
           1.460 Wh
Mobile stand-alone PV generator 1.460 Wh was developed in cooperation with Slovenian experts and represents an
innovation worldwide. It has been developed with vision for conserving the environment by using renewable energy
sources in locations without access to electricity, improving the efficiency of public lighting, and ultimately for reducing
the costs of electricity consumption. Mobile stand-alone PV generator is ready for immediate "production" of
electricity. Unlike conventional fossil-fuel generators, the stand-alone PV generator only needs sun radiation.

In previous installations of solar panels (PV modules) in public areas, placing the batteries in the whole system was
the biggest challenge. Usually, the optimal solution would be to install the batteries underground or in the poles or
somewhere in a separate compartment. In our system, the batteries are installed in the cabinet directly under the PV
modules. Especially designed housing provides stability, ventilation and enables the inclination of photovoltaic
modules from 0° to 90°. This means that the optimum orientation of PV modules can be achieved, no matter the
location of PV generator. Therefore it is possible to achieve the optimum for maximum solar radiation throughout the
world. The stand-alone system is suitable for all public areas and locations where there is no significant shading and
direct light is falling on the PV modules.

The presented system is designed to differentiate the hot air through the housing, so that the components inside or
the PV modules does not overheat, ragardless of ambient temperature. Thus, the electronic circuits and the batteries
are protected from bad weather. It is also important to emphasize that the used batteries manufactured by
ThunderSky have a wide temperature range between -45°C to +85°C, which means that the stand-alone PV
generator is suitable for almost any climate.
Mobile stand-alone PV generator 1.460 Wh is using LiFePO4 batteries manufactured by ThunderSky. Electronics and
battery cells are mounted in housing directly under the PV modules. This elegant solution requires no additional
installation, which is usually needed in case the batteries are installed into the ground or in other separated casings.
The system contains 8 battery cells with nominal voltage of 3,2 V, 60 Ah. LiFePO4 batteries can hold up to 2000 full
charge-discharge cycles. Used battery cells have a wide temperature range between -45°C and +85°C and can
operate at temperatures where lead, NiMH and LiPo batteries fail. In addition, compared to conventional batteries,
they also have a low self-discharge. Fully charged batteries can provide continuous operation of used LED lamp up to
6 nights for 12 hours. Specific energy for LiFePO4 batteries is 90 – 110 Wh/kg (in comparison: specific energy for lead
batteries is 30 – 40 Wh/kg), which means they are lighter, plus they have a higher efficiency at charging and
maximum allowable current at discharge (to 5C, lead to 1C).

Stand-alone PV generator can be used multi-puropse, it can be designed with batteries from 30 Ah to 100 Ah and
battery pack voltage of 12 V or 24 V. It is also possible to select the solar panels of 70 W or 135 W.

ThunderSky LiFePO4 – main technical data:
Battery cells                                        ThunderSky LiFePO4 TS-LYP60AHA
Nominal voltage                                      3,2 V
Nominal capacity                                     60 Ah
Operation voltage                                    2,8 – 4,0 V
Self-discharge rate                                  ≤ 3 % monthly
Operating temperature                                -45°C do +85°C
Dimensions                                           115 mm x 61 mm x 203 mm
Weight                                               2,3 kg
Management system is composed of PV charger and battery management system (BMS), which controls charging and
discharging of battery cells and therefore prolonging the lifespan of batteries. It also regulates the battery cell-voltage
and controls switching the lamp on/off considering the lighting of surroundings (solar irradiation) and the time of the
day which we define for LED lamp to illuminate. Built-in timer allows you to set the lamp on/off switch using 46
configurable programs for each day of the week. It can also switch automatically between summer and winter time.
The main assignment of the BMS is to control charging and discharging of each individual battery cell. It has built-in
over-voltage and under-voltage protection; it provides balancing due to non-identical chemical composition of cells
and the effect of uneven aging of individual cells, etc. BMS can be connected to your PC via galvanically isolated RS-
485 connection. Especially developed software allows a wide variety of adjustable options and logging or it can also be
used for diagnostics of the system. LED indicators on top of BMS provide us with a quick overview of the cells state
and detect errors and possible deviations.

Introduced stand-alone PV generator is mobile and it can easily be transported to any location due to its weight and
dimensions. It also offers the option of upgrading the capacities of PV modules and batteries – according to the
energy needs required by certain applications.

Off-grid stand-alone PV generator is designed on the Plug&Play principle. The installation is simple: mount it on the
pole and set an appropriate angle depending on the location of installing the PV generator. All you need is a sunny
location. We expect that the Mobile stand-alone PV generator will serve in particular for applications in public areas –
for street lightning, collecting traffic data, powering weather stations, security cameras, etc.

Mobile stand-alone PV generator 1.460 Wh for street lightning contains:

-   solar modules: 2 x poly-crystal module Sinodeu 70 W,
-   8 battery cells : LiFePO4, 25,6 V, 60 Ah,
-   PV charger,
-   battery management system (BMS),
-   LED lamp.

Mobile stand-alone PV generator 1.460 Wh – main technical data:
PV generator                                          1.460 Wh
PV module                                             Sinodeu ZD70-12P poly-crystal
Maximum power point @ STC of each PV module           70 Wp
Batteries used in the system                          ThunderSky LiFePO4 TS-LYP60AHA
Nominal battery voltage                               25,6 V (8 x 3,2 V)
Dimensions                                            1542 mm x 670 mm x 157 mm
Weight                                                51 kg (60 Ah)
Warranty                                              1 year
    LED street light Aerolite LSL® 30 is designed for smaller roadways, drive-ins, parking lots, industrial areas or any
    other situation where a light of 0,5 cd/m2 is demanded and required (ME5 street category).

    Aerolite LSL®30 - main characteristics:
•   Luxeon Rebel LEDs - top quality, awarded LEDs
•   LED GENION bar™ - sophisticated light bar assures quality illumination
•   QUADRUM optics™ - innovative optics with high efficient reflectors and FULL CUTOFF feature (IES and IDA standards)
•   I-NFINITY driver™ - customized, intelligent driver for high energy efficient output
•   MATRIX 3D light™ - unique light with asymetric distribution of luminosity
•   COOLVERT™ - revolutionary cooling system for optimized heat transfer
•   AEROCOMPACT housing™ - aerodynamic, robust housing from aluminium alloy
•   ULTRA COATING™ - extra protection layer for enhanced durability
•   ALL WEATHER RESISTANT – IP66 ingress protection rate
•   complete electronic control of activity and LED light sources
•   ability to use an ordinary regulation of the light current
•   ability to regulate light current from 1-100 % with a rudder signal from 1-10V (without multilevels regulation)
•   acquired certificates:
    CE, RoHS, ENEC, IEC, IDA Approved
•   produced under strict test standards:
    Automotive ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
•   100% made in European Union
•   produced in verified OEM original manufacture
•   environmentally friendly ECO technology
•   LED are connected in series – such connection allows each LED to operate normally, even if one of the diodes breaks
    and stops emitting the light.
•   used LED lamps are installed in cars such as Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW etc.

    Aerolite LSL®30 - main technical data:
    Light source                                       30 LED
    Luminaire flux                                     2700 lm
    Color temperature                                  4200 K
    Power consumption                                  35 W
    Lifetime                                           min. 60.000 hrs / up to 100.000 hrs
    Protection rating                                  IP66 and IK08
    Input voltage                                      8 - 32 V
    Weight                                             3,8 kg
    Dimensions                                         430 mm x 310 mm x 60 mm

                                                       3 types of Aerolite LSL® 30:

                                                       - BV: basic version (without dimming)
                                                       - PR: 50% power reduction
                                                       - DIM: 1-100% dimming (1-10V control signal)

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