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									May 7th, 2013                                                                           Published by: influenceyourreality

Influence Your Reality's
                                                           requirements for the job appeared to be a low priority
Job Seekers: How Long Do                                   — results showed they spent only 14.6 seconds, on
You Spend Reviewing Job Ads                                average, in that section. Applicants spent the most
                                                           time reading the job description (25.9 seconds) and
and Should You Spend More                                  the company description (23 seconds). In addition,
Time?                                                      participants’ eyes tended to skim the job description
                                                           rather than read it closely, and often skipped the
Looking for a job? The ads you                             bottom section of the description entirely.”

are reading may not be telling you                         With a 7.8% unemployment rate (actual rate is known
                                                           to be as high as 12% due to people who just stopped
much.                                                      job hunting altogether), what are your chances of
The Wall Street Journal dropped by the office of           being the perfect fit for the position?
TheLadders, (a career services provider) last week to       A survey released Thursday by job-search firm
take a look at their research on making job ads easier      TheLadders found that 44% of job-seekers claim
for you to read and understand.                             they spend one to five minutes reading job
Reporter Lauren Weber has been following TheLadders’        descriptions before deciding whether to pursue
research for quite a while now, and was very intrigued      them or not. Another 19% said they invest up to
last year with their study that showed recruiters spend     10 minutes reading a posting on the first pass.
about 6 seconds looking at the typical resume. The         To read Lauren Well’s entire article on the methodology
Ladders, head of product and user experience, Selena       of the job seeker, read her article here:
Hadzibabic, shared studies they’ve done with some
very cool eye-tracking technology to watch users like      Competition is tough for the jobseeker, and it seems
you surf job ads in their search.                          that the employers hold all the cards.

If you are a recruiter looking for qualified candidates,   Not true. If you are tired of the daily grind, the less
this research utilizing eye-tracking software may be       than adequate salaries, the extra workload, the job
hugely beneficial.                                         insecurity and the decreased benefits, take a look at
                                                           our multiple opportunities here:.
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Actual requirements of the job appear to
be your lowest priority.
The key insight Ms. Hadzibabic shared were:
“Even when subjects determined that an opening
was appropriate for them, reviewing the actual

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