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									   Opportunities for the Private Sector

                              April 2010
                    Pittsburgh Technology Council
Thomas A. Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA
Chief Commercialization Officer
Department of Homeland Security
Discussion Guide
       Overview of Department of Homeland Security
       Commercialization Office Initiatives at DHS
       Capstone Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)
       Market Potential is Catalyst for Rapid New Product
       Getting on the Same Page
       SECURE Program
       Safety Act Protection
       TechSolutions
       SBIR Opportunities
       Getting Involved
       Effecting Change in Government
       Summary
Homeland Security Mission
           Lead Unified National Effort to
            Secure America
           Prevent Terrorist Attacks Within
            the U.S.
           Respond to Threats and Hazards
            to the Nation
           Ensure Safe and Secure Borders
           Welcome Lawful Immigrants and
           Promote Free Flow of Commerce
       U.S. Department of Homeland Security
                                                                                       ________________                                        Secretariat
                                                                                                                    Chief of Staff
                                                                                     DEPUTY SECRETARY
                                                                                                                                             Military Advisor

Sample Text
                          SCIENCE &             NATIONAL PROTECTION
MANAGEMENT                                                                    POLICY                                     LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS            PUBLIC AFFAIRS
                         TECHNOLOGY                 & PROGRAMS                                    GENERAL COUNSEL                                                              INSPECTOR GENERAL
Under Secretary                                                          Assistant Secretary                               Assistant Secretary          Assistant Secretary
                         Under Secretary            Under Secretary

Chief Financial
                                                                                                    CITIZENSHIP &
                        HEALTH AFFAIRS            INTELLIGENCE &           OPERATIONS                                                                 CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL     COUNTERNARCOTICS
                                                                                                    IMMIGRATION              CHIEF PRIVACY
                        Assistant Secretary/         ANALYSIS             COORDINATION                                                                     LIBERTIES             ENFORCEMENT
                                                                                                      SERVICES                  OFFICER
                        Chief Medical Officer     Assistant Secretary        Director                                                                         Officer               Director

                                                   FEDERAL LAW
                                                                        DOMESTIC NUCLEAR
                                                                         DETECTION OFFICE
                                                  TRAINING CENTER

                        “Gang of Seven”
    SECURITY              U.S. CUSTOMS & BORDER           U.S. CITIZENSHIP &         U.S. IMMIGRATION &                                      FEDERAL EMERGENCY
                                                                                                                U.S. SECRET SERVICE                                           U.S. COAST GUARD
 ADMINISTRATION                 PROTECTION              IMMIGRATION SERVICES       CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT                                       MANAGEMENT AGENCY
                                                                                                                       Director                                                   Commandant
Assistant Secretary /           Commissioner                    Director              Assistant Secretary                                        Administrator

   Office of the Under Secretary for
       Science and Technology
                                                                    UNDER SECRETARY
                                                                                              Chief of Staff

                                STRATEGY, POLICY &         CORPORATE         ASSOCIATE GENERAL
                                                                                                     OPERATIONS ANALYSIS         SECURITY
                                     BUDGET              COMMUNICATIONS          COUNSEL

                                     INTERAGENCY           INTERNATIONAL                              TEST & EVALUATION         OPERATIONS,
                                                                             SPECIAL PROGRAMS
                                       PROGRAMS              PROGRAMS                                  AND STANDARDS          SERVICES & HUMAN

                                                                             INNOVATION / HOMELAND
                                                                               SECURITY ADVANCED
                                RESEARCH                   TRANSITION
                                                                               RESEARCH PROJECTS
                                  Director                   Director

                                                                                           Small Business
                Office of National                Tech
                      Labs                    Clearinghouse

                                             Safety Act Office                              Homeworks

EXPLOSIVES              CHEMICAL / BIOLOGICAL         COMMAND, CONTROL &      BORDERS & MARITIME                                    INFRASTRUCTURE &
Division Head                                                                                               HUMAN FACTORS
                            Division Head              INTEROPERABILITY           SECURITY                                             GEOPHYSICAL
                                                                                                              Division Head
                                                          Division Head          Division Head                                          Division Head

                     Divisions Drive S&T Interactions with Customers
DHS S&T Goals
 Consistent with the Homeland Security Act of 2002

 Accelerate the delivery of enhanced technological
  capabilities to meet the requirements and fill capability gaps
  to support DHS agencies in accomplishing their mission.
 Establish a lean and agile world-class S&T management team
  to deliver the technological advantage necessary to ensure
  DHS Agency mission success and prevent technological
 Provide leadership, research and educational opportunities
  and resources to develop the necessary intellectual basis to
  enable a national S&T workforce to secure the homeland.
DHS S&T Investment Portfolio
Balance of Risk, Cost, Impact, and Time to Delivery
Product Transition (0-3 yrs)             Innovative Capabilities (1-5 yrs)
 Sample Text
  Focused on delivering near-term         High-risk/High payoff
  products/enhancements to acquisition
                                          “Game changer/Leap ahead”
 Customer IPT controlled
                                          Prototype, Test and Deploy
 Cost, schedule, capability metrics
                                          HSARPA
Basic Research (>8 yrs)                  Other (0-8+ yrs)
 Enables future paradigm changes         Test & Evaluation and Standards
 University fundamental research         Laboratory Operations & Construction
 Gov’t lab discovery                     Required by Administration (HSPDs)
  and invention
                                          Congressional direction/law

Customer Focused, Output Oriented

                                                                                  7   7
Homeland Security S&T Enterprise
                          DHS RESEARCH

             DHS Labs                      HSI

          National Labs                    Centers of

    SECTOR                  DHS S&T                     DoJ
    PARTNERS               Directorate                  DoT
                                         PARTNERS       EPA

     International                                   HHS
        Associations                             NIH
                                                              Rev 9-5-08
Commercialization Office: Major Activities
  Sample Text
                        Commercialization                 Public-Private               Private Sector
                           Process                        Partnerships                   Outreach
 Requirements           “Hybrid” Commercialization    FutureTECH™ (TRL 1-6)       Invited Speeches
  Development             Model                         SECURE™ (TRL 5-9)           Meetings with business
  Book(s)                                               Concept of Operations        executives
                         Product Realization Chart
                                                        Website Development         Numerous articles written
 Operational
                         Commercialization             Internal processes           and published regarding
                          Framework and “Mindset”        developed and socialized     observations and programs
  Document Template
                                                        Requirements and             in practice.
 Training for end                                       Conservative Potential      Repository of currently
  users and engineers                                    Market Available             available private sector
                                                         Estimates Communicated       products, services and
                                                                                      technologies aligned to
                                                                                      Capstone Capability Gaps

Commercialization Office Highlights:
 White House Office of Science and Technology Policy briefings (Chief
  Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra)
 Homeland Security Council: Recommended priority for FY11-15 for
   Sample Text
  transportation security: SECURE Program
 Inclusion of Commercialization processes into DHS Acquisition
  Management Directive MD 102-01 (scheduled release September 2009)
 Homeland Security Advisory Council, Essential Technology Task Force
  Report June 2008
 Council on Competitiveness, Chief Commercialization Officer is first
  Federal Government Representative
 “Big Bang Economics”: CNN Feature Video with Jeanne Meserve
 “Burned, Baked and Blown Up”: Reuters Video with Rob Muir
 Two Federal Certification Programs developed and implemented–
  SECURE™ and FutureTECH™: Innovative public-private partnerships
 Published Five books (and more than 20 articles) on requirements
  development and public-private partnerships

Three Step Approach:
Keep it Simple and Make it Easy
 Sample Text
           Develop Detailed Requirements
       And Relay Conservative Market Potential

               Establish Strategic Partnerships
                Business Case Information
                Open Competition
                Detailed Mutual Responsibilities

                        Deliver Products!

Two Models for Product Realization
Big-A Acquisition                              Pure Commercialization
 1. Requirements derived by                         1. Requirements derived by
    Government                                         Private Sector
 2. RFP and then cost-plus
  Sample Text                                       2. Product development funded
    contract(s) with developer(s)                      by the developer (which
    (which incentivizes long                           incentivizes short intervals)
    intervals)                                      3. Technical performance
 3. Focus on technical performance                     secondary (often reduced in
 4. Production price is secondary                      favor of price)
    (often ignored)                                 4. Focus on price point
 5. Product price is cost-plus                      5. Product price is market-based
                                     Is there a
 6. Product reaches users via                       6. Product reaches users via
                                  “Middle Ground”
    Government deployment                              marketing and sales channels

      Performance is King                             Performance/Price is King

 Relationship between end                            Relationship between end
 users and product                                   users and product developer
 developer is usually remote                         is crucial

A new model for Commercialization…
 1. Development of Operational Requirements Document (ORD)
 2. Assess addressable market(s)
 3. Publish ORD and market assessment on public DHS web portal, soliciting
    interest from potential partners
 4. Execute no-cost agreement (streamlined CRADA) with multiple Private
    Sector entities, transferring technology (if necessary)
 5. Develop supporting grants and standards as necessary
 6. Assess T&E after product is developed
 7. New Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) product marketed by Private Sector
    with DHS support
           Differences from the Acquisition model:
            Primary criteria for partner selection is market penetration, agility,
             and performance/price ratio
            Product development is not funded by DHS
            Government involvement is limited to inherently governmental
             functions (e.g., Grants and Standards)
Commercialization Process
PHASE I                Capstone IPT
  Assess                                                                                   “Commercialization” – The
  Capability                                                                               process of developing markets
                                  II                Sponsor and S&T
           Formulate                                                                       and producing and delivering
     Sample TextOperational
            Requirements &
                                                                                           products or services for sale.
                                Feasibility Study              III              Sponsor and S&T
      CG/EHC                                         Technology Scan/
                                                     Market Survey                     Outreach
                                                                 Publish ORD,          Activities
                               ORDs                            System Studies
                          System Studies                     & PAM on website             IV             Sponsor and S&T
                                                        Mkt. Comm./PR Efforts
                                                                           Assess & Choose
                                                                           Strategic Private
  Legend:                                                                  Sector
  EHC – Enabling Homeland Capability                                       Partners      Technology                   V
  CG – Capability Gap                                     Responses from                     Transfer/
                                                                                                New COTS product
                                                                                  Grants (if required)
  ORD – Operational Requirements Document                 Private Industry
  CONOPS – Concept of Operations                                                                marketed by Private
  PAM – Potential Available Market                                                              Sector with DHS support:
  COTS – Commercial Off The Shelf                                                               SAFETY Act
                                                                        Executed Agreement with Public Relations
                                                                                                Marketing Communications
                                                                        Private Sector and DHS

Contact with the Private Sector
                                                            “Full Response
                                                                                   Overview and
Initial Contact               Private Sector                                          Marketing
                                                            Package” sent to
 with Private                    requests                 requestors, usually         Materials
    Sector*                  more information              Within same day         Received and
                                                                                    through S&T
Invited Speeches/Presentations
                                               “Opportunities for the Private
Congressional Referrals                         Sector”
Conference Attendance                          Developing Operational
Seminar Hosting
                                               “High Priority Technology Needs”
Published Articles                             SECURE Program CONOPS
Word of Mouth                                  Example Company Overview
DHS Website                                    Operational Requirements
                                                Document Template
*Private Sector includes Venture Capitalist
and Angel Investor Communities
S&T Transition Capstone IPTs
Members and Function
    SampleS&T Customer                              Identify Capability Gaps

    DHS                                      Validate        T&E
                  T&E        S&T Provider                                Offer Technical
Management                                    Future
(Acquisition)                               Acquisition

                End User                         Provide End User Perspective

  Industry Board of Directors Model         End Result :
  Consensus-driven Process                  Prioritized Investments in S&T

     DHS S&T Capstone IPTs
     Gathering Mechanism for Customer Requirements:
      Information Sharing/Mgmt                     Border Security                                  Chem/Bio                                   First Responders
                                                                                                                                             DHS 1st Responder RDT&E
                   OIA                                                                                  IP/OHA
                                                        CBP/ICE                                                                                Coordinating Council

 Acquisition                 C2I                                                     Acquisition                           Chem/Bio FEMA Gransts                      S&T 1st
                                     Acquisition                        Borders/
                                                                                                                                  Commercialization                  Responder

                                                   Inspector/Agents                                      End User                                   T&E Standards

       Maritime Security                      Cyber Security                              Transportation Security                              Counter IED
                 USCG                               CS&C                                                 TSA                                    OBP/USSS

                                                                   Infrastructure/                                                                                Explosives
 Acquisition                   Borders/   Acquisition             Geophysical/C2I         Acquisition                Explosives   Acquisition                  (Human Factors /
                               Maritime                                                                                                                          Infrastructure

                                               Infrastructure                                           End-User
               Guardsmen                                                                                                                         End-User
                                                                                                                            Incident Management
        Cargo Security                People Screening                   Infrastructure Protection
                                                                                                                    Interoperability      Prep & Response
               CBP                          SCO/CIS                                  IP                                 FEMA/OEC                        FEMA

                                                           Human                               Infrastructure/                                                   Infrastructure/
Acquisition/                                               Factors Acquisition                                                                 Acquisition
                            Borders/ Acquisition                                                Geophysical                            C2I                        Geophysical
Policy                                                                                                        Acquisition

        Officers/Industry                                                    Infrastructure
                                          US VISIT/TSA                                                              First Responders               First Responders
Cargo Security
Representative Technology Needs
                     Enhanced screening and examination by non-
Sample Text           intrusive inspection
                     Increased information fusion, anomaly
                      detection, Automatic Target Recognition
                     Detect and identify WMD materials and
                     Capability to screen 100% of air cargo
                     Test the feasibility of seal security; detection of
                     Track domestic high-threat cargo
                     Harden air cargo conveyances and containers
                     Positive ID of cargo and detection of intrusion
                      or unauthorized access

                                      Source: S&T High Priority Technology Needs, May 2007

Requirements Hierarchy (TSA example)
                                                       The Component develops operational
  High Level                                               requirements consistent with
  (qualitative)                                              organizational missions.

             DHS Mission – Strategic Goals (“Prevent terrorist attacks”)
                  TSA Mission (“Protect traveling public”)

                    Mission Need/Capability Gap (“Reduce threats to traveling public”)
                       Operational Requirement (“Capability to detect firearms”)

                           Performance Requirement (“Metal detection & classification”)
                              Functional Specification (“Detect metal > 50 gm”)
       Requirements              Design Specification (“MTBF > 2000 hours”)
                                    Material Specification (“Use type FR-4 epoxy resin”)

                                                             The Program Manager and Acquisition /
                          Low Level                         Engineering community develop technical
                          (quantitative)                        requirements and specifications.

                                   Each lower-level requirement must be traceable to a
                                                higher-level requirement.

                               Source: Senior Executive Brief to Secretary Chertoff, Deputy Secretary Schneider and Leaders of G-7
ORD: Operational Requirements Document
What: ORDs provide a clear definition and articulation of a given problem.
How: Training materials have been developed to assist drafting an ORD.
   Developing Operational Requirements, 353pp. Available online:
  Sample Text

When: For Use in Acquisition, Procurement, Commercialization and
 Outreach Programs –Any situation that dictates detailed requirements (e.g.
 RFQ, BAA, RFP, RFI, etc.)
Why: It’s cost-effective and efficient for both DHS and all of its stakeholders.

Generating “Good” ORDs
 Solution Agnostic
 Take into Text
   Sample account the varying needs and
  wants of markets/market segments

                 Define Problem

                                          Verify results to
                Conduct Research          reach consensus-
                                          based articulation
                                          of the problem
                 Data Collection          “Strive for excellence,
                                              not perfection!”

               Interpret and Analyze

                                          Source: Kaufman, et. al.

Interlinking Mechanisms Create Conversations Pipelines

 Sample Text

                                           John Higbee
                                           Acquisition Program
                                           Management Division

                          Evolution of Change:
                          DHS Providing Better Information about its Needs
                DoD, DoE, DHS,
                DoJ, DoT, etc.
DHS, First Responders, CI/KR
                               Federal Stakeholders

                                                                                                                                  Semantic Web 3.0
                                                                                                                                  (The Future)

                                                                                                                  Harnessing the Valuable
                                                                                                                  Experience and
                                                                                                                  Resources of the Private
                                                                                                                  Sector (Feb. 2009)
                                                                    Capstone                       Operational
                                                                                    Requirements   Requirements
                                                                      IPT                          (Nov. 2008)
                                                       Science      Process         Guide (May 2008)
                                                          &         (August 2006)

                                                      Business, Venture Capital/Angel Investment, Strategic Partnerships
Does this look familiar?!

  Sample Text

                            Author Unknown   24
Getting on the
“Same Page”
 Sample Text
 Historical Perspective
 Language is Key
 Communication is

 Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs): Overview
 TRLs are NASA-generated and Used Extensively by DoD

                                                                  TECHNOLOGY MATURITY
Basic principles observed and reported             1
Technology concept and/or application formulated
    Sample Text                                    2    Basic
Analytical and experimental critical function
and/or characteristic
Component and/or breadboard validation in
laboratory environment                                 Advanced
Component and/or breadboard validation
in relevant environment
System/subsystem model or prototype
demonstration in a relevant environment
System prototype demonstration in a operational
                                                   7    Applied
Actual system completed and 'flight qualified‘
through test and demonstration
Actual system 'flight proven' through successful
mission operations

TRL Correlation: DHS and Private Sector

 Sample Text                            PRODUCTS
                       T R A N S I T I O N
        TRL 1-3         TRL 4-6           TRL 7-9



Transition Approaches

    S&T Capstone
     IPTs Identify

    Gaps/Mission                    DHS Component                Field
                                    Acquisition                 Agents
                            Provide Solutions             First            Widely
                            Validate Grants & Equip     Responder        Distributed

                     Provide Solutions/               Private
                     Enables Procurement              Sector
Market Potential Template
                    Other                                                                                                                       Other
                                                DoE                    DoJ                       DoD                    NASA
                 (Government)                                                                                                                (Non-Govt.)
                   __$; __Units                __$; __Units           __$; __Units               __$; __Units           __$; __Units           __$; __Units

                                                                                                                   y Mar
                                                                                                     A n ci l l a r                              First
        Sample Text                                                         DHS                                                               Responders

                  Secret              Coast
CBP                                                        TSA                FEMA                   ICE                  USCIS                S&T                   Others
                  Service             Guard

     Field          Investigations   Atlantic & Pacific      Security         Logistics Mgmt         Detention and            Refugee,           Explosives                OHA
  Operations        __$; __Units       Area Mission         Operations         __$; __Units            Removal              Asylum, Int’l       __$; __Units           __$; __Units
 __$, __Units                        Execution Units       __$; __Units                              __$; __Units            Operations
                                      __$; __Units                            Disaster Mgmt                                 __$; __Units
                     Protective                                               __$; __Units                                                     Chemical/Biological        DNDO
                                                          Transportation                                Int’l Affairs
Border Patrol        Operations                                                                                             Nat’l Security       __$; __Units          __$; __Units
                                     Atlantic & Pacific   Sector Network                               __$; __Units
__$; __Units        __$; __Units                                                Disaster                                    and Records
                                       Area Mission        Management
                                                           __$; __Units        Operations                                    Verification      Command, Control,
                                      Support Units                                                     Intelligence                                                       Etc.
 Air & Marine        Protective                                               __$; __Units                                  __$; __Units         Interoperability
                                      __$; __Units                                                     __$; __Units                                                    __$; __Units
 __$; __Units        Research                                                                                                                     __$; __Units
                    __$; __Units                            Federal Air      Grant Programs                                   Domestic
                                     Atlantic & Pacific   Marshal Service     __$; __Units           Investigations          Operations
   Int’l Trade                         Area Mission        __$; __Units                              __$; __Units           __$; __Units       Borders/Maritime
  __$; __Units                        Maintenance &                              National                                                       __$; __Units
                                         Logistics                            Preparedness            Student and
                                        Command                               __$; __Units          Exchange Visitor
                                                                                                       Program                                  Human Factors
                                      __$; __Units                           US Fire Admin. &
                                                                                                     __$; __Units                                __$; __Units
                                                                                Nat’l Fire
                                                                                Academy                                                         Infrastructure
                                                                              __$; __Units               Federal                               and Geophysical
                                                                                                        Protective                                Protection
                                                                              Nat’l Continuity           Service                                __$; __Units
                                                                                Programs               __$; __Units
                                                                               __$; __Units
                                                                                Mitigation            Nat’l Incident
                                                                               __$; __Units          Response Unit
                                                                                                     __$; __Units
Conservative Estimate: Number of
First Responders in the US
 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8
 Steve Golubic (FEMA)                       Total: > 25.3 Million Individuals

    FIRE                      POLICE                 EMT                  DISPOSAL

                       Front Line > 2.3 Million

                    Support to Front Line > 23 Million

             Port Security         Public Health             Hospitals

  Transportation        Management                 Clinics           Venue Security

                Public                                       Response
                                  School Security
              Works/Utility                                  Volunteers
                                                                                    First Responders
                    Fire                                   Bomb            Port           Public                    Transportati Emergency Search &                  Venue Public works/ School           Response
EMS                                     Police                                                        Medical
                  Fighting                                Disposal       Security         Health                        on       Management Rescue                  Security Utilities   Security         Volunteers
                                                                                                                                                                                       Public     University
                                                                                                                               Transit Emergency Operations Urban        US Park
                                                                                                                                                                                       utility     public
 Ambulance          Retained fire            Local police       Police bomb                    corrosive     University                                     Search &                 protection    safety
                                                                                police                                         police        Centers                      Police
   Corps            departments              departments          squads                        agents       hospitals                                       Rescue                   services     teams
                                                                                 _$; _                                          _$; _       _$; _ Units                    _$; _
 _$; _ Units         _$; _ Units              _$; _ Units        _$; _ Units                      _$; _         _$; _                                         _$; _                     _$; _       _$; _
                                                                                Units                          Units            Units                         Units       Units
                                                                                                 Units                                                        Rural                    Units        Units
  Basic life
            Sample Text
                                             police units
                                                                Federal bomb
                                                                               US Coast
                                                                                                              r Profit
                                                                                                                                         911 Call Centers
                                                                                                                                            _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                            Search &
                                                                                                                                                             Rescue Private Security
                                                                   teams         _$; _            _$; _                                                       _$; _    _$; _ Units
 (i.e., EMTs)        _$; _ Units             _$; _ Units                                                        _$; _
                                                                 _$; _ Units    Units            Units                                                        Units
 _$; _ Units                                                      Military                                     Units
Advanced life
                     Military fire                               explosive                     Pathogen
   support                                   Federal law                                                     Walk-In clinics
                    suppression                                   ordnance                         s
      (i.e.                                  enforcement                                                      _$; _ Units
                       crews                                      disposal                       _$; _                                                    Dive Teams
Paramedics)                                    agencies
                     _$; _ Units                                    teams                        Units                                                    _$; _ Units
 _$; _ Units                                  _$; _ Units        _$; _ Units
                        Incident                                                              Asphyxiat
Aero medical                                 State police                                               Private medical practices
                     investigation                                                               es
 evacuation                                  departments                                                       _$; _ Units
                         teams                                                                  _$; _
 _$; _ Units                                  _$; _ Units
                      _$; _ Units                                                               Units
                     technical fire
  Ambulance                                      Riot control                                 ve agents
                    teams (forest,
    Corps                                           teams                                       _$; _
  _$; _ Units                                    _$; _ Units                                    Units
                      _$; _ Units
                     Fire Department
                                             SWAT teams
                      HAZMAT teams
                                              _$; _ Units
                         _$; _ Units

                Wildland Firefighting
                                                  K9 teams
                     _$; _ Units
                                                 _$; _ Units

                University Fire Fighters         Diplomatic
                      _$; _ Units                protection
                                                 _$; _ Units

                                                                                       Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (CIKR)
                                                             Public Health         National                                                                                                                                                            Postal and
Agriculture          Defense                                                                      Banking and                                             Commercial         Emergency           Materials,       Telecommunic         Critical                                             Information
                                          Energy                  and            Monuments                            Water              Chemical                                                                                                       Shipping        Transportation
and Food          Industrial Base                                                                   Finance                                                facilities         Services          Reactors and           ations        Manufacturing                                          Technology
                                                              Healthcare          and Icons                                                                                                                                                             Services
                                                                                                                                         Inorganic                                                 Waste
                         Defense                                Public/Univers    Guided tour       Credit lending                                            Hotels            Fire              Electric            Telephone/Cel     Iron and Steel   United States       AMTRAK
   Food Retail                            Coal mining                                                                 Public utilities   chemical                                                                                                                                                providers
                         Contractors                            ity hospitals     services          institutions                                              _$; _ Units       Departments       utilities           lular services    mills            Postal Service      _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units                            operations                                                                  _$; _ Units        production                                                                                                                                              _$; _ Units
                         _$; _ Units                            _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units                                                                 _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units         _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units      _$; _ Units                             IT
                                          _$; _ Units                                                                                    _$; _ Units                                                                                    Aluminum
                                                                Private/For                                           Desalinization                          Shopping          Law               Reactor and                                            High volume         Commuter rail
   Farm                  Industry                                                 Travel            Commercial                           Organic industrial                                                           Satellite data    production                                               Conglomerate
                                          Coal power            Profit                                                plants                                  centers           enforcement       associated                                             document and        _$; _ Units
   Equipment             analysts                                                 services          banking                              production                                                                   transmission      and                                                      s
                                          plants                hospitals                                             _$; _ Units                             _$; _ Units       agencies          materials                                              parcel
   _$; _ Units           _$; _ Units                                              _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units                          _$; _ Units                                                                  _$; _ Units       processing                                               _$; _ Units
                                          _$; _ Units           _$; _ Units                                           Treatment                                                 _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units                                            shipping            Intracity rail
                         Think                                                                                                                                Stadiums and                                                                                                                       Semiconducto
   Meat/Poultry                           Coal                                                                                                                                  Search and                            Broadcasting      _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Nonferrous                           services
                         tanks/researc                          Clinics           Lodging/Hotel     Private equity    plants             Ceramics             sport arenas                        University and                                         _$; _ Units                             r production
   Processing                             equipment                                                                                                                             rescue teams                          entities          metal                                _$; _ Units
                         h institutions                         _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units        _$; _ Units          _$; _ Units                         educational                                            Container                               _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units                            manufacturers                                                                                                                         _$; _ Units                           _$; _ Units       production
                         _$; _ Units                            Private           Guest                                                  Petrochemical                                            institutions                                           shipping            Commercial
   Food                                   _$; _ Units                                               Consumer           Equipment                              Schools           Ambulance         _$; _ Units         Broadcast         and                                                      Electronics
                                                                medical           services/                                              s                                                                                                               services            airline
   _$; _ Units
                  Sample Text
                                          _$; _ Units
                                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                  _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                       _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                         _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                              _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units       Control
                                                                                                                                                                                Mountain/Cave/ systems
                                                                                                                                                                                Mine rescue
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Private air
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 _$; _ Units

                         _$; _ Units      Dam                                     People            societies/ Private Pipe and                                                                   _$; _ Units                           Turbine and      shipping            services            IT services
   Processing                             operations            laboratories                                           water control     _$; _ Units          buildings         teams                                 Radio             Power
                                                                                  moving            banks                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units         _$; _ Units         _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units          National                                _$; _ Units                                                                                   _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                Other              Nuclear safety     equipment
                                          _$; _ Units                             services          _$; _ Units        device                                                                                                           transmission
                        laboratories                                                                                                     Polymers                               technical          systems            manufacturing                      Trucking                                Server and
                                                                Pharmaceutic      _$; _ Units       Merchant           manufacturers                          Museums                                                                   _$; _ Units                          Cruise lines
   Dairy Farms          _$; _ Units       Wind power                              Queuing                                                _$; _ Units                            rescue teams       _$; _ Units        _$; _ Units                        industry                                network
                                                                al                                  banks              _$; _ Units                            _$; _ Units                                                                                                    _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units                                                                                                                                                                  _$; _ Units        Waste              Internet          Electrical                                               hardware
                                          _$; _ Units           _$; _ Units       equipment         _$; _ Units                                                                                                                                          _$; _ Units         Subway
                                                                                                                                         Elastomer                                                                    equipment         Equipment                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                  makers            Global                                                    Zoos and          Bomb disposal disposal                manufacturing     manufacturing                        systems
   Ranching                                                     Health            _$; _ Units                                            production                                                services                                              Airborne                                Display/digital
                                          Solar power                                               financial                                                 Aquariums         units                                 _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units                          _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units                                                  insurance         Private                                                _$; _ Units                                               _$; _ Units                                           shipping                                TV
                                          _$; _ Units                                               services firms                                            _$; _ Units       _$; _ Units
                                                                _$; _ Units       security                                                                                                                            High speed        Motor Vehicle                                            _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units                                                                 Blood/Organ                                                              _$; _ Units         Long-haul
   Organic                                                      Medical                                                                  Oleochemical         Public                              Uranium             data              manufacturing
                                                                                  _$; _ Units       Community                                                                   transplant                                                                                   maritime
   Farming/Sustainabl                     Public utilities      material                                                                 s                    Libraries                           processors          transmission      _$; _ Units      Distribution                            Software
                                          companies                                                 development institutions                                                    supply                                                                   services            shipping
   e Agriculture                                                providers                                                                _$; _ Units          _$; _ Units                         _$; _ Units          _$; _ Units      Aerospace                                                production
                                          _$; _ Units                                               _$; _ Units                                                                 _$; _ Units                           Internet                           _$; _ Units         _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units                                                  _$; _ Units                                                                                                     Amateur radio                                           product &                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                              Amusement                           Protective          service
                                                                                                    Community                            Explosives                             emergency
                                                                Medical                                                                                       parks                               garment             providers         parts                                Trucking
   Traditional                            Oil companies                                             banks                                _$; _ Units                            comms                                                                                                            Gaming
                                                                equipment                                                                                     _$; _ Units                         manufacturers       _$; _ Units       manufacturing                        _$; _ Units
   Planting                               _$; _ Units                                               _$; _ Units                                                                 _$; _ Units                                                                                                      _$; _ Units
                                                                manufacturers                                                            Fragrance                              Public utility    _$; _ Units         Print media       _$; _ Units
   _$; _ Units                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Railroad
                                                                _$; _ Units                         Savings and                          production                             protection                            _$; _ Units                                            Bus services        Information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        rolling stock
                                                                                                    Loans                                _$; _ Units                            providers                                                                                    _$; _ Units         security
   Commercial                                                   Medical                                                                                                                                               Internet          _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units                                                                 _$; _ Units                                                                                                      _$; _ Units
   fishing                                                      technology                                                                                                                                            technology
                                                                                                                                         Chemical                               Emergency                                               Other                                Freight rail
   _$; _ Units                                                  manufacturers                       Credit unions                                                                                                     providers
                                                                                                                                         wholesale                              Road services                                           Transportation                       service             Semiconducto
                                                                _$; _ Units                         _$; _ Units                                                                                                       _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                         _$; _ Units                            _$; _ Units                                             equipment                            _$; _ Units         r equipment
                                                                                                    Insurance                                                                   Emergency                                               _$; _ Units                                              _$; _ Units
                                                                Biotechnology                                                                                                                                                                                                Automobile
                                                                                                    companies                            Exotic                                 Social
                                                                _$; _ Units                                                                                                                                                                                                  travel
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units                          chemicals                              services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                         _$; _ Units                            _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    Insurance                                                                   Community
                                                                                                    brokerages                                                                  emergency
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units                                                                 response teams
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             bridges and
                                                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    Reinsurance                                                                                                                                                              tunnels
                                                                                                                                                                                Disaster relief
                                                                                                    companies                                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                Famine relief
                                                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                Poison Control
                                                                                                    Capital market
                                                                                                                                                                                _$; _ Units
                                                                                                     _$; _ Units
                                                                                                                                                                                Animal control
                                                                                                    Custody                                                                     teams
                                                                                                    services                                                                    _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units                                                                 Wildlife
                                                                                                    Angel                                                                       _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units
                                                                                                    _$; _ Units

Call to Action: Mutual Benefits
Create “Win-Win-Win” Relationships
                                Learn Current
                                 DHS Needs
 Sample Text
                                 for current

          Interact with DHS                        Inform DHS of
          Mutually-beneficial               Request DHS – S&T Full
            Relationship                     Response Package at

SECURE™ Program
Developing Solutions in Partnership with the Private Sector
 ‘Win-Win-Win” Public-Private
  Partnership program benefits DHS’s
  stakeholders, private sector and –most
   Sample Text
  importantly- the American Taxpayer
 Saves time and money on product
  development costs leveraging the free-
  market system and encouraging the
  development of widely distributed
  products for DHS’s stakeholders
 Detailed articulation of requirements
  (using MD 102-01 ORD template) and
  T&E review provides assurance to
  DHS, First Responders and private
  sector users (like CIKR) that
  products/services perform as
                                                                              3   34
SECURE™ Program
Concept of Operations

       Application        Selection       Agreement       Publication of Results

 Application – Seeking products/technologies aligned with posted DHS
 Selection – Products/Technologies TRL-5 or above, scored on internal DHS
 Agreement – One-page streamlined CRADA document. Outlines milestones
  and exit criteria
 Publication of Results – Independent Third-Party T&E conducted on TRL-9
         product/service. Results verified by DHS, posted on DHS web-portal
 Successful products/technologies share in the imprimatur of DHS
 DHS Operating Components and First Responders make informed decisions
  on products/technologies aligned to their stated requirements
 DHS spends less on acquisition programs  Taxpayers win.
Multiple Sources of ORDs for SECURE™
   DHS Operating
 Sample Text
  Other DHS

   First                Operational    SECURE™
   Responders           Requirements

   Capstone IPT

Why SECURE™ Program
 Multi-Use
  Provides private sector, in an open and transparent way, with what they need most—Business
  Provides assurance to DHS, First Responders and private sector users (like CI/KR) that
 Sample Text
   products/services perform as prescribed (and provides vehicle for First Responders, CI/KR owners
   and operators to voice their requirements)
  Augments the value of the SAFETY Act
 Saves Money
  Private Sector uses its own resources to develop products and services to the benefit of the taxpayer
   and the Federal Government
 Creates Jobs
  Detailed articulation of requirements coupled with funded large, potential available markets yield
   OPPORTUNITY that yields Job Creation (it’s better to teach a person to fish than to give them a fish)
  Enables small firms with innovative technologies to partner with larger firms, VCs and angel investors
   because of the credibility of having government show detailed requirements with associated market
   potential (instead of just their own business plans).
 Efficient Use of Government Funds
  Articulating detailed requirements saves time and money. It is better for Government to spend funds
   to procure products or services that are available for sale and rigorously tested compared to
   spending money and time to develop new solutions for ill-defined problems.

                                                                                                       3    37
SECURE™ Program
Benefit Analysis “Win-Win-Win”
          Taxpayers                         Private Sector                        Public Sector
 1. Citizens are better protected by   1.Save significant time and money    1. Improved understanding and
   Sample Text
 DHS personnel using mission           on market and business               communication of needs
 critical products                     development activities

 2. Tax savings realized through       2. Firms can genuinely contribute    2. Cost-effective and rapid product
 Private Sector investment in DHS      to the security of the Nation        development process saves

 3. Positive economic growth for       3. Successful products share in      3. Monies can be allocated to
 American economy                      the “imprimatur of DHS”; providing   perform greater number of
                                       assurance that products really       essential tasks
 4. Possible product “spin-offs” can   4. Significant business              4. End users receive products
 aid other commercial markets          opportunities with sizeable DHS      aligned to specific needs
                                       and DHS ancillary markets

 5. Customers ultimately benefit       5. Commercialization opportunities   5. End users can make informed
 from COTS produced within the         for small, medium and large          purchasing decisions with tight
 Free Market System – more cost        business                             budgets
 effective and efficient product

FutureTECH™ Program
Addressing the Future Needs of DHS
 ‘Win-Win-Win” Public-Private
  Partnership program benefits DHS
  stakeholders, private sector and –most
   Sample Text
  importantly- the American Taxpayer
 5W template provides detailed overview
  of Critical Research/Innovation Focus
 Critical Research/Innovation Focus
  Areas provide universities, national labs
  and private sector R&D organizations
  insight into the future needs of DHS
 Partnership program encourages R&D
  organizations to work on development
  of technology solutions up to TRL-6 to
  address long-term DHS needs.
                                                                                 3   39
FutureTECH™ Program
Concept of Operations

       Expression        Acceptance         CRADA          Publication of Results
       Of Interest
  Sample Text
 Expression of Interest – Seeking technologies aligned with posted DHS Critical
  Research and Innovation Focus Areas
 Acceptance–Technologies TRL-6 or below, scored on internal DHS metrics
 CRADA– One-page CRADA document. Outlines milestones and exit criteria
 Publication of Results – Independent Third-Party T&E conducted on TRL-6
         technology. Results verified by DHS, posted on DHS web-portal

Insight into future needs of DHS Stakeholders
Increased speed-of-execution of technology development and transition
DHS spends less on technology development  Taxpayers win.

FutureTECH™ Program
Critical Research & Innovation Focus Areas

 Improvised Explosive Devices Detect & Defeat Countermeasures:
    Waterborne
   Sample TextIEDs
    Vehicle Borne IEDs
    Radio Controlled IEDs
    Person Borne IEDs
    IED Assessment and Diagnostics
    IED Access and Defeat
    Homemade Explosives
 IED Threat Characterization
 IED Mitigation: Alert/Warning System
 IED Deter and Predict: Network Attack and Analysis


 Sample Text

Open for Business

                                        SECURE Program

Federal Business Opportunities
Sites where the Office of Procurement Operations (OPO) posts opportunities for prospective suppliers
to offer solutions to DHS – S&T’s needs:

 take advantage of...
 Vendor Notification Service: Sign up to receive procurement announcements and
  solicitations/BAA amendment releases, and general procurement announcements.
 S&T’s Solicitation Portal: The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology
  Directorate currently has several active Solicitations on a broad range of topics. Relevant
  information is posted and access to the teaming portal, conference registration and white
  paper/proposal registration and submission is provided, as applicable. In addition, historical
  information about past Solicitations and Workshops is maintained.
 Truly Innovative and Unique Solution: Refer to Part 15.6 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation
  (FAR) which provides specific criteria that must be met before a unsolicited proposal can be
  submitted to Diane Osterhus.      Contact Information:
                                                                        Diane Osterhus
 EAGLE Contract will serve as a department-wide platform for           Department of Homeland Security
  acquiring IT service solutions.                                       Office of the Chief Procurement Officer          245 Murray Dr., Bldg. 410
                                                                        Washington, DC 20528
Show Us the Difference…
Hall’s Competitive Model

                  Garden of Eden                 Power Alley                      As a function of:
                                                                                  • Market
                                                                                  • Application

                                                                                  • Technology
                                                                                  • Competitor

                                                          a ttle                  • My Company
                                                 v   eB
                                            ti ti
                                    C   om
                             e of
                                                                   Death Valley

                            Differentiation = (A+B)C/(D+E)
More Opportunities with DHS
  Science and Technology
Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of
                                                         Examples of elig
 Enables the development and deployment of                                ible technologies
  qualified anti-terrorism technologies                     Threat and vu
                                                                             lnerability asses
                                                             services                          sment
 Provides important legal liability protections for
  manufacturers and sellers of effective technologies       Detection Sys
 Removes barriers to industry investments in new          Blast Mitigatio
  and unique technologies                                                   n Materials
                                                           Screening Se
 Creates market incentives for industry to invest in                     rvices
  measures to enhance our homeland security               Sensors and
                                                                          Sensor Integrati
 The SAFETY Act liability protections apply to a         Vaccines
  vast range of technologies, including:
                                                         Metal Detecto
    Products                                                           rs
                                                         Decision Sup
    Services                                                         po    rt Software
                                                         Security Serv
    Software and other forms of                                       ices
     intellectual property (IP)                          Data Mining S

                          Protecting You, Protecting U.S.

 Additional SAFETY Act information…
 Online: Email: Toll-Free: 1-866-788-9318
 Long Range Broad Agency
 ( Contact: | )
 Sample Textreview of proposals in Basic Research and Applied Technology
  Peer or scientific
  in science and engineering.
 Research to promote revolutionary changes in technologies; advance the
  development, testing, and deployment of security technologies; and to
  accelerate the prototyping and deployment of technologies.
 Streamlined and flexible funding mechanism. Open to all DHS-relevant ideas, no
  submission deadlines, no ceiling on potential funding.
 Public Solicitation identifies science and technology target areas as does the
  S&T publication “High Priority Technology Needs” dated May 2009, as
  amended. This document may be obtained by accessing
  and by following the link for “Representative High Priority Technology Needs”.

            * Peer or Scientific Reviews *
            * Basic or Applied Research *
  * Maximum Flexibility: Schedules, Subjects, Funding *

Technology Transfer
 Transfer federally owned/originated technology to State and local governments and the private sector, ensuring
                        the widest dissemination and impact of Federal research investments.

DOD 1401 Program                                          Office of Research and Technology
  Sample Text                                             Applications (ORTA)
 Push DHS requirements to DOD                             Manage all technology transfer mechanisms used
                                                            in DHS
 Pull DOD technologies into DHS for first
  responders                                                      Cooperative Research and Development
                                                                   Agreements (CRADAs)
 Assess technology suitability and adaptations
  for DHS applications                                            Licensing Agreements
 Create DHS & DoD Program Manager                                Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs)
                                                                  Commercial Test Agreements
  to maximize
  technology                                                      Work for Others
  enhancements                                                    Partnership Intermediaries
  for our nation’s
  first responders                                         Capture Intellectual Property and licensing in DHS
                                                           Assess R&D projects for potential commercial
                                                           Train engineers and scientists for Technology
                                                            Transfer and Intellectual Property
                                                           Represent DHS in the Federal Laboratory

                                         Contact: Marlene Owens,

Sample Text                           Safety Act

                                    Other Funding


The mission of TechSolutions is to rapidly address
technology gaps identified by Federal, State, Local, and
 Sample Text
Tribal first responders
  Field prototypical solutions in 12 months
  Cost should be commensurate with proposal but less than $1M per project
  Solution should meet 80% of identified requirements
  Provide a mechanism for Emergency Responders to relay their capability gaps
      Capability gaps are gathered using a web site (
  Gaps are addressed using existing technology, spiral development, and rapid
  Emergency Responders partner with DHS from start to finish

                  Rapid Technology Development
                Target: Solutions Fielded within 1 year, at <$1M

Getting Involved: S&T Contacts
Division          Email
Jim Tuttle Text
Beth George
David Boyd
Anh Duong
Sharla Rausch
Chris Doyle
Rich Kikla
Starnes Walker
Roger McGinnis

 Detailed Requirements
Sample Text
 Sizeable Market Potential
 Delivered Products – PERIOD!

  How Can You Afford NOT to Partner with DHS?

        Thomas A. Cellucci, Ph.D., MBA

U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Science and Technology Directorate’s
Chief Commercialization Officer
Dr. Cellucci accepted a five-year appointment from the Department of Homeland Security in August 2007 as the Federal
Government’s first Chief Commercialization Officer (CCO). He is responsible for initiatives that identify, evaluate and
commercialize technology for the specific goal of rapidly developing and deploying products and services that meet the
specific operational requirements of the Department of Homeland Security’s Operating Components and other DHS
stakeholders such as First Responders and Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources owners and operators. Cellucci has
also developed and continues to drive the implementation of DHS-S&T’s outreach with the private sector to establish
and foster mutually beneficial working relationships to facilitate cost-effective and efficient product/service development
efforts. His efforts led to the establishment of the DHS-S&T Commercialization Office in October 2008. The Commercialization
Office is responsible for four major activities; a requirements development initiative for all DHS stakeholders, the development
and implementation of a commercialization process for DHS, development and execution of private sector partnership
programs such as SECURE and leading the private sector outreach for the S&T directorate.

Since his appointment, he has published three comprehensive guides [Requirements Development Guide (April 2008), Developing Operational Requirements (May
2008), and Developing Operational Requirements, Version 2 (November 2008)] dealing with the development of operational requirements, developed and implemented a
commercialization model for the entire department and established the SECURE Program—an innovative public-private partnership to cost-effectively and efficiently
develop products and services for DHS’s Operating Components and other DHS stakeholders. In addition, he has written over 25 articles and a compilation of works
[Harnessing the Valuable Experiences and Resources of the Private Sector for the Public Good, (February 2009)] geared toward the private sector to inform the public of
new opportunities and ways to work with DHS. Cellucci has received recognition for his outreach efforts and engagement with the small and disadvantaged business
communities who learn about potential business opportunities and avenues to provide DHS with critical technologies and products to help secure America.
Cellucci is an accomplished entrepreneur, seasoned senior executive and Board member possessing extensive corporate and VC experience across a number of
worldwide industries. Profitably growing high technology firms at the start-up, mid-range and large corporate level has been his trademark. He has authored or co-
authored over 139 articles on Requirements development, Commercialization, Nanotechnology, Laser physics, Photonics, Environmental disturbance control, MEMS test
and measurement, and Mistake-proofing enterprise software. He has also held the rank of Lecturer or Professor at institutions like Princeton University, University of
Pennsylvania and Camden Community College. Cellucci also co-authored ANSI Standard Z136.5 “The Safe Use of Lasers in Educational Institutions”. Dr. Cellucci is
also a commissioned Admiral and Commander of a Squadron in Texas responsible for civil defense and has been a first responder for over twenty years.
As a result of his consistent achievement in the commercialization of technologies, Cellucci has received numerous awards and citations from industry, government and
business. In addition, he has significant experience interacting with high ranking members of the United States government—including the White House, US Senate and
US House of Representatives—having provided executive briefs to three Presidents of the United States and ranking members of Congress. Cellucci represents DHS as
the first Federal Government member on the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.

Cellucci earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Rutgers University and a BS in Chemistry from Fordham University. He
has also attended and lectured at executive programs at the Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School, Kellogg School and others. Dr. Cellucci is regarded as an
authority in rapid time-to-market new product development and is regularly asked to serve as keynote speaker at both business and technical events.

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