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									                                                                 SENIOR INFORMATION
                                                                              February 11, 2013

 COACHES 4 CHARACTER                                            Free for Students, $5 Donation for Adults
    February 26, 2013
                                                                Featuring Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin
    Redemption World Outreach Center                           Call Greg Blatt @ (843) 816-3297 for more information

                                                                                OPEN HOUSE
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship: $1000 scholarship. Must
                                                                                        Columbia College
submit essay. Apply online at http;//
www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm. Deadline is                                      February 23rd
June 14th.                                                                                  March 23rd
                                                                                   RSVP @ www.columbiasc.edu
BiLo 2013 Urban League Scholarship: $2500 in scholarship.
See guidance for an application. Deadline is March 15th.

Coastal Carolina University Scholarships: Up to $6000 in                                 Francis Marion
scholarships. Apply online at www.coastal.edu. Deadline is                                 February 23rd
March 1st.
The Music Club of Greenville Scholarship; $1000 in
scholarships. To apply you must be a permanent resident of                                1-800-368-7551
Greenville, Pickens or Spartanburg counties. Applicant must
audition. See guidance for an application. Deadline is March                          Presbyterian College
                                                                                           February 18th
                                                                                          Register online @
Regency Riding Forward Scholarship Essay Contest: $5000
scholarship. To enter, write a 500-word essay about an                   http;//www.presby.edu/getmore/open-house-dates/
African American past or present, who has inspired you. Apply
online at http;//regions.com/ridingforward.org. Deadline is
February 28th.
                                                                             Sponsored by: Urban League of the Upstate, Inc.

Spartanburg Methodist College Full Tuition Scholarship: SMC                              Friday, April 19, 2013
will award full-tuition scholarships to graduates that have a                          Shady Oak Baptist Church
3.0 GPA or better in a college prep curriculum. For
information go online to www.smcsc.edu.                                                 1111 White Horse Road
                                                                                          Greenville, SC 29611

Archibald Rutlege Scholarship Program: Seniors have the                                        10:00 AM
opportunity to compete for a scholarship in creative writing,                     Guest Speaker: Dr. Cynthia A Warrick
dance, music, theatre, or visual arts. The scholarships may be
used for any South Carolina college or university. A student                      Interim President, SC State University
may apply for only one scholarship. See guidance for an                                  Call (864) 322-4104
application. Deadline is February 15th.

                                                                   Mailing Address Line 1
  We’re on the Web!                                                Mailing Address Line 2
                                                                   Mailing Address Line 3
                                                                   Mailing Address Line 4
                                                                   Mailing Address Line 5
February 11, 2013

Address   Line   1
Address   Line   2
Address   Line   3
Address   Line   4
Tel: 555 555 5555
Mobile: 555-555-5555
Fax: 555 555 5555
E-mail: someone@example.com

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