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									Title:Effects of
Preview: In what ways was
 the Age of Exploration a
 positive time period? A
 negative time period?
Age of Exploration

     Effects of
         Positive Effects
 Increased Wealth:
 –Europeans gained new sources
  for raw materials; did not have
  to pay anyone for these goods
 –Europeans gained new markets
  to sell products
 –Gold was most valuable
  resource; led to immediate
         Positive Effects
 TechnologicalAdvances—gained
 new ideas through cultural
 –Magnetic compass, astrolabe
 –Better maps
 –Thermometer, barometer
 –Printing Press spread new ideas
         Positive Effects
 ColumbianExchange:
 –New crops were introduced in
  Europe from the Americas:
  Corn, potatoes, beans,
  chocolate, pineapples
 –New products from Europe were
  introduced in the Americas:
  Wheat, grapes, horses, cows
              Positive Effects
 Political
  –Major shift in power; a nation’s
   power now determined by its
   wealth (mercantilism)
  –Spain & Portugal became the
   strongest European powers
   after creating large number of
            Positive Effects
 New  Empires—European nations
 created large numbers of colonies:
 –Spain: Central & South Americas
 –Portugal: Africa, Brazil, Spice
   Islands (East Indies)
 –England & France: North America
 –Netherlands: New York, Cape of
   Good Hope, Spice Islands (from
Map Activity
Negative Effects of the
 Age of Exploration
            Negative Effects
 Asianempires were dominated:
 –India & Spice Islands were under
  control of Europeans who used
  cotton & spices as luxury imports in
 –China & Japan were influenced by
  Christian missionaries & European
  weapons; but were influenced by
  European merchants (Japan began
  isolate itself under Tokagawa)
            Negative Effects
 NativeAmerican civilizations
 –Native Americans were not immune
  to European diseases (smallpox)
 –Forced into slavery
 –Used tribes against each other
 –Intermarriage with Conquistadors
 –Conquistadors took land and natural
         Negative Effects
 Plantation System:
  –Europeans developed large,
   single-crop plantations to
   produce cash crops for Europe
  –Depleted natural resources
  –Led to need for large, slave
   labor force to work fields
              Negative Effects
 African Slavery:
  –Europeans needed labor force to
   work in Americas
  –Triangular Trade developed:
    • Europeans produce manufactured
      goods, traded for African slaves
    • Slaves taken to Americas, sold for
      money to buy raw materials
    • Raw materials taken to Europe to
      make manufactured goods
               Negative Effects
 TriangularTrade:
  –The transportation of African slaves
   from the West Coast of Africa to the
   New World
   was called
   the Middle

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