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					           Prepare to work as an                            Emergency Medical Technician
Job Outlook                                                 EMT to Paramedic Career Path                                        Other Career Opportunities
Be ready to help at a moment’s notice. Emergency
                                                                                                                                Emergency Dispatcher Program
Medical Technicians are trained to care for patients        EMT-Basic is the first step towards a Paramedic
at the scene of an accident and while transporting          Certificate. Complete EMT-Basic and pass the exam,                  Get the knowledge and skills needed to answer
patients by ambulance to the hospital under medical         and you could enter the Paramedic Certificate program!              emergency calls made to a 911 dispatch
direction. EMTs have the emergency skills to assess                                                                             operation center, public safety, and ambulance
a patient’s condition and manage respiratory, cardiac,      Emergency Medical Technician - Basic                                services. These skills are easily transferable to
and trauma emergencies. EMTs may be employed by             Train to care for victims in emergency situations. This             non-emergency settings. Includes both classroom
fire departments, hospitals, and private ambulance          course is designed to help you gain the knowledge and               and simulated training. (XME 591) (86 hours)
services.                                                   skills necessary to be a competent, productive and                  Prerequisites: HSD/GED and background check
                                                            valuable member of the emergency medical services                   Oct. 17 - Dec. 14 MW 6 - 10pm $793
     According to the U.S. Department of Labor,             team. This SC DHEC approved course covers                           Class also meets alternating SATs, 8am - 12 pm
     employment of Emergency Medical Technicians            preparations for the National Registry examination.

                                                                                                                                                       certificate requireD
     is expected to grow faster than average for all        Successful graduates are eligible to sit for the
     occupations through 2014. The national median          National Registry EMT-Basic exam.
     wage for EMTs is $28,400.                              (200 hours includes 20 hours clinical ride alongs)
                                                            Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED. Prior to                                                                        Paramedic
                                                            registration students must take the appropriate                                                                             (Offered for
                                                            WorkKeys tests and achieve passing scores. Call (803)                                                                     academic credit
 Course Requirements and                                    593-9954, ext. 1264 for more information.
Information                                                 Next class starts Spring 2012
                                                            Class also meets every other Saturday

                                                            EMT-Basic Online
•	     A high school diploma or GED is required

                                                                                                                                                       eMt-BaSic requireD
                                                            Complete online assignments and attend Saturday lab
•	     Prior to registration students must take the         sessions. (143 hours)
       appropriate WorkKeys tests and achieve               Prerequisites: Same as EMT-Basic                                                                                         EMT-Intermediate
       passing scores.                                      Starts Spring 2012 Sat. labs 8 am - 5 pm    $985
•	     You must be in good physical condition and
                                                            EMT-Basic Refresher
       able to lift, carry and balance 125 lbs
                                                            Train to care for victims in SC DHEC approved refresher
•	     You are required to have a minimum of 5              course for EMT recertification. (44 hours) (XME 682)
       patient	contacts	in	an	EMS	field	setting,	           Prerequisite: EMT training
       which may occur on ambulance service                 Call to be placed on the interest list

                                                                                                                                                       HigH ScHool Degree requireD
       “ride-alongs” .                                      MW 6 - 10 pm $330
•	     This course is SC DHEC approved
     A $40 background check is required for all health
                                                            Learn general patient assessment, initial management
     programs and must be completed at ATC prior to the
     class start. Students must complete a 2-step PPD (TB
                                                            of life-threatening emergencies, airway management,
     skin test) and other immunizations as required.
                                                            pulmonary ventilation and oxygen administration,
                                                            pathology and treatment for shock, and pharmacologi-
 BONUS - Job Fair!                                          cal actions of drugs and fluids. Emphasis is placed on                                                                     Emergency
 We will hold an invitation-only Job Fair with area         medication and fluid therapy, basic vehicle extraction,                                                                    Dispatcher
 employers for successful graduates of these                and rescue. (68 hours + 16 clinical hours)
                                                            Prerequisites: EMT-Basic, State & National Registry, COMPASS test
 programs! Meet your next employer at ATC!
                                                            Starts Spring 2012
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       EMT Basic      Spring 2012                            MyCAA
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                      HOW TO REGISTER                        •  All students withdrawing from a course or
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BY PHONE: Call (803) 593-9954, ext. 1230
    Registration hours are from 8 am to 6 pm                    Aiken Technical College 72 hours before the
    Monday-Thursday and 8 am to 5 pm on Friday.                 course begins.
                                                             •  Students withdrawing from a course three days
BY FAX: Fax registration is available 24 hours a day, 7         before the course begins will receive an 85%
    days per week. Be sure to fax your fully completed
    enrollment form with credit card information provided       refund of the course fee.
    to (803) 593-8051.                                       •  No refunds will be given on or after the course start
BY MAIL: Complete the registration form above, attach your
    check or money order and mail to the address listed
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