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					Employment Benefits
Full Time Salaried Employees Only

VRS- Virginia Retirement System, Retirement Fund Full-time County employees are automatically members of VRS. Retirement contributions are County funded at 15.30% of employee's annual salary. Membership includes Group Life Insurance for the

employee, at a Regular Death benefit of 2 times annual salary and Accidental Death benefit at 4 times annual salary. The County pays .33% and the employee pays .49% of annual salary for Group Life Insurance premiums.

Current list of Paid County Holidays: New Year's Day (January 1) Lee/Jackson Day (the Friday preceding third Monday in January) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (the third Monday in January) George Washington Day (the third Monday in February) Memorial Day (last Monday in May) Independence Day (July 4) Labor Day (first Monday in September) Columbus Day (the second Monday in October) Veterans Day (the 11 th day of November) Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) Day after Thanksgiving Christmas Day (December 25)
The following benefits are optional and may be selected by the employee at the employee’s expense, except where noted.

Anthem Health Insurance Employees can select from 2 plans. Under the Key Advantage 200 plan, the individual's premium is fully paid by the County and dependent coverage is supplemented 25%. Under Key Advantage Expanded, the individual's premium is paid 96% by the County

and dependent coverage is also supplemented at 25%. Premiums paid by the employee are pre-tax. Both plans include medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage.

FY09/10 Anthem Health Insurance Rates
FY09/10 Type Individual Dual Family Family 2 FT Key Advantage 200 Employee 0.00 299.00 599.00 64.00 FY09/10 Type Individual Dual Family Family 2 FT Key Advantage Expanded Employee 19.00 334.00 650.00 115.00

County 507.00 639.00 770.00 1305.00

Total 507.00 938.00 1369.00 1369.00

County 507.00 639.00 770.00 1305.00

Total 526.00 973.00 1420.00 1420.00

Optional Life Insurance may be purchased for employee and/or employee's spouse and children, up to 4 times the Annual salary for employee and 2 times employee's salary for spouse. Children are covered at a flat rate of $18,000. Premium rates are determined by employee's salary, age of employee or spouse and cost per unit of insurance for age bracket of insured.

Deferred Compensation Plans Employees may select from 2 Deferred Compensation Plans in which to have money payroll deducted, up to $15,000 /year and invested in a 457b plan as a supplement to the VRS Retirement Plan. These investments are pre-tax and tax deferred.

Supplemental Insurance (AFLAC) The County offers a variety of supplemental insurance through AFLAC. Premiums are fully paid by the employee and are payroll deducted. Some premiums are considered pre-tax.