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					This spread sheet contains a list of games that could be used for youth activities.
It is hoped that it can be updated regularly, and if you have ideas that you want to share, that they could be includ
It would be really useful if you could keep a record of any games that you have used with a brief comment on its s

A Minute To Win It
These are all one minute games that come from a huge TV franchise of the same name.
We used them first with the youth on Friday 11th Jan 2013, and it was a huge success.
We split the group into two teams (of four), and generally had only half the group, or single people, competing at
This allowed half the group to enjoy watching the others struggling with biscuits on their face etc!
The whole evening took place in the big lounge in the hub.
Two long tables were set out as games tables at the back end of the room, with sofas and chairs at the front on th
A projector, set up between the sofas and long tables projected the game 'blue prints' onto the screen (which pul
All 'Blueprints' games instruction animations are from ThatBlueprintGuy on Youtube.
You will need the countdown clock also (link in separate tab labelled 'countdown clock')

Last Man Standing Games
These are also from the TV franchise, but do not require the timer.
They could be starter games, with everyone playing to get them energised at the start, or games used to decide o

Each game has a resource list alongside it. Resources in green are found in the plastic boxes in the Hub.
There is a resource tab in this document showing resources wanted - if you are able to provide any of these (perh
 to share, that they could be included.
used with a brief comment on its success, or otherwise!

up, or single people, competing at once.
 on their face etc!

sofas and chairs at the front on the 'dance floor'.
prints' onto the screen (which pulls down from top of rear window).

e start, or games used to decide overall winners.

plastic boxes in the Hub.
able to provide any of these (perhaps stuff you are going to throw out!), then that would be great.

Defying gravity    Keep three balloons in the air for 60 seconds

                   Build a tower of 5 empty soda cans on a plastic plate floating on
                   water in bowl.
                   35 dimples in golf ball. Build a tower of 3 golf balls that must
Caddy stack
                   stand for 3 seconds.
                   Two tea bags hanging one from each side of the peak of a
Tea party          baseball cap. Swing head to get both tea bags resting on the
                   100,000 muscles and tendons in an elephant trunk. Plastic spring
Pink elephant      attached to forehead. Swing head to land fully retracted spring
                   on forehead.
                   Play a familiar tune on water filled glasses. When glasses lined up
                   and played in order, from one end of the line to other, they play
Spoon tune
                   familiar tune – i.e. row row row your boat (9 glasses)

                   Place small box of raisins on table, with upturned soda bottle
Raisin the bar     resting on it. Flick away raisin box to leave soda bottle still
                   resting on table without toppling.
                   2Lt soda bottle. Stack 4!

                   Drop coffee shop coffee cup on side to get it to spring back up
Cappucino          into standing position, then bounce a ping pong ball into it (from
                   say 3 ft away.
                   Team head to head. Use two different colour ping pong balls –
                   one per team. Bounce ping pong ball off their table and into an
                   empty egg box (large) on table between them. The most balls at
                   end of 60s wins!
                   Use a polythene pool noodle (foam noodle 1 meter long) Roll
                   marbles down the inside of the noodle to project them across the
Spare me.
                   stage to knock down 12 upright markers/posts

                   Roll marbles across surface to get them to stop on double sided
Sticky balls
                   sticky tape, without rolling past.
                   Bounce ping pong balls to land 2 in peanut butter (on bread) and
                   1 in jelly/jam (on bread). Player stands about 10 ft from the table
Sticky situation
                   with sandwich on and bounces the balls off the floor.

                   Stack four cups, with an index cards between (three total), then
Yank me
                   yank cards out to restack the cups!
                   Team game. Use heads – pass one to next – move wreath from
Wreath relay       one end of room to other and hang on ‘lamppost’
                       Sticky jelly worm on fishing line, real in single pretzel from inside
Worm diving            a narrow neck bowl using worm and eat it without using their
                       Use a towel attached to the flour to launch a ping pong ball into a
Whippersnapper         bowl.

                       Use only aces, K, Q, J and 10’s from pack, face down on table.
                       Pick a card and deal onto one of five tables at edge of room in
Wheel of a deal        order to separate out all cards into correct group.

                       Use tennis racquet between knees. Wiggle hips to move a gum
What a racquet         ball around the strings and onto the middle square hole in the
                       strings (marked)
                       Stack the following: Half filled water glass, aluminium pie tin,
                       cardboard toilet roll inner then an egg. Use a broom handle to
                       knock the pie tin to remove that and the toilet roll inner to allow
Whack job
                       the egg to drop into the water glass. Do this 12 times with a
                       maximum of 3 misses!

                       Use a water spray to guide a balloon in the air into rubbish bin at
                       other end of the room. The balloon must not touch the flour, and
Wet ball
                       too much water will weigh the balloon down.

                       Use the upturned lid of barbque grill (semi sphere) with four golf
Well done              balls inside. Roll balls to get all four into the four vent holes in
                       the lid.
                       Stand over a soda bottle and drop mints to get one into the soda
                       bottle to start a mini eruption.
                       Use the back of a spoon to keep three marbles moving whilst on
Uphill battle          an angled surface, like a table on blocks. Marbles must not roll
                       off the table in any direction.
                       Use scuba flipper to project a tortilla from the floor to land on a
Tortilla head
                       plate strapped to their head.
                       Blow up balloon and use air inside to blow 14 cups off a table.
This blows
                       Suck up four candies using a straw and transfer across a space to
Suck it up
                       rest them on top of four straws stuck upright.
                       Roll egg around platter to pick up three upturned stickers
Sticker picker upper
                       positioned equi-distant around the edges.
                       Team game. Use lint roller in each hand. Second player bounces
Stick to it            ping pong balls towards them. Must catch 3 balls on each lint
                       roller to win.
                       Throw partially filled soda bottle end over end onto table. 10
Stick the landing
                       attempts, but just need one to land upright.
                       36 plastic cups. Stack into a pyramid, then slide down from the
Stack attack
                       top down each diagonal to restack.
                       Insert 5 bendy straws(short end out) into a potato, then balance a
Spudnick               candy m and m onto the end of each straw.
                        Use a spoon to launch three more spoons into cups.
Spoon frog
                        Flick paper triangle football using one finger so that it lands in a
Split the uprights
                        bowl twice
                        Team game. Spin coin across table. Team member on other side
Spin doctor             must stop the coin with only one finger upright.

                        Pencils with eraser on end. Bounce pencils off eraser so that they
Speed eraser
                        bounce into a cup – repeat for 7 cups in a row.
                        Team game. Use pool noodles – one each – to roll marbles down
Spare me                to knock down 5 pieces of chalk on other side of room.

                        Team game. Bounce ping pong balls off the floor to bounce up to
Snowball fight          knock 4 polystyrene snowballs off four pedestals.

                        Line up 13 cereal boxes to then topple them to knock over box on
Snap, crackle, topple   small platform so that contents spills out in to a bowl.

                        Use foot to launch shoes towards a table. From 9 ft away launch
Shoe fly shoe
                        shoe so that it lands on a table.
                        Use rubber bands to topple three pegs with ace playing cards
Sharp shooter
                        inserted and standing upright on stools.
                        M and ms. Separate the whole pack of m and ms into five bowls
                        – one for each colour – using only one hand.
Separation anxiety

                        Suspend 3 cherries from three pieces of string. Use only air from
                        blowing to start them swinging. Keep blowing to increase
Scary cherry
                        momentum so that cherry swings into their mouth – no leaning
                        Roll a marble down a meter stick and through a hole at the end.
Ruler of the world

                        Two loo rolls on broom handle suspended between two chairs so
                        that loo roll can flow freely. Hold start of each roll in one hand
Roll with it
                        and using a windmill motion unroll the paper onto wrists.

                        Have ping pong on string around neck. Swing head back and
Reindeer nosedive
                        forth to get ball to stick to Vaseline covered nose.
                        Team game. Use spaghetti through ring pull of empty soda can
                        to transport can across 3 ft space. Spaghetti is held in mouth of
Ready spaghetti         two team members.

                        Stack 4 martini glasses, each with 4 Christmas baubles in, into a
Raise your glass
                        Set 6 touch LED lights in a pyramid pattern stuck to the wall.
                        Push them all so that they are on. Throw beanbags at them to
Punch your lights out
                        turn them all off – but be careful, hitting one a second time will
                        turn it back on!
                  Place 3 plastic cups full of water in a line. Add a ping pong ball to
                  each one to float in the water. Place a second set of three plastic
                  cups so that they are 3, 6 and 9 inches from the first set. Now
Puddle jumper
                  using breath only, blow each ping pong ball from the first cup to
                  the second in each set.

                  Spin toy propellers (on bamboo cane) to get them to land in a
Propeller head
                  basket 15ft away.
                  Set bottle caps around table edge. Use thumb only to flick them
Pop top           to get one into glass in centre of table.

                  8 soda cans filled with varying amounts of pennies from 5p to
Play it by ear    40p. By shaking the cans you must arrange the cans in order
                  from least change to most
                  Make trunk from plastic spring. Attach to forehead. Swing
Pink elephant     springy trunk up so that it lands fully retracted on forehead.

                  Use grid of 9 water filled glasses. Alternatively bounce orange
Ping tac toe      and white balls to land in the grid to form a line – but be careful
                  not to block yourself.
                  Team game. Attach ‘basket ball backboard’ to waist. Opposite
On the rebound    player must bounce ping pong ball on floor to bounce off
                  backboard and into waste basket.
                  Attack a piece of string with open paperclip (hook) at the end of a
On the hook       chopstick. This makes a fishing rod. Now use this to pick up four
                  keys from the edge of a table.
                  8 nut and bolt pairs. Line these pairs up along a steel ruler. Place
Oh nuts!          each pair down in turn on top of one another to form 8 high
                  Team game. Use clip board ‘racquets’ to rally a crumpled paper
                  ball back and forth to basket at the opposite end of the room.
Office tennis
                  Not allowed to carry the ball or double hit it.

                  Bounce a rubber band ball off floor to rebound to knock 3
Office maximus    separate reems of paper down on desk (start standing on edge
                  facing you)
                  Turn chair upside down. Stretch elastic band over two of the
Office fling      legs. Stretch band and launch a single folded sheet of paper so
                  that it lands on a table 12ft away.
                  Use 11 giant dominoes/reems of paper. Set up like dominoes,
Office dominoes   then knock them down to land on a bell.

                  Set tables around the edge of the room. Place coloured ribbon
Octopus           under upturned water bottles. Pull 3/12 ribbons from under the
                  bottles without them toppling.
                           Move 5 cotton balls from one bowl to another using Vaseline
                           covered nose.

Nose dive

                           Lay 6 pieces of penne pasta around the edge of a circular table.
                           Place a piece of spaghetti in your mouth. Pick all 5 pieces of
Noodling around
                           penne up with the spaghetti – no hands!

                           Place 18 m and ms (of 6x three colours) underneath up turned
                           plastic cups on table in centre of room. Turn over one cup to
                           retrieve the sweet, then run to place it in one of the three bowls
                           placed on tables at the edge of the room. Do this to separate out
                           the sweets in to their three colour groups.

                           Sit on a bathroom carpet with bum near the back and feet at two
                           front corners. Use a worm motion to move carpet forward and
Magic carpet ride
                           through a course with three turns to the end.

                           Place lolly stick in your mouth. Balance six dice on the end, one
A bit dicey
                           on top of the other.
                           Lower a pile of three nuts, with a ping pong ball on the top, over
                           an upright milkshake straw, so that the ball stays on the top and
Lolly pop
                           the nuts sit at the bottom, without knocking over the straw.

                           Balance a paper plate with 10 screws on it on top of a board pen.
                           Use tweezers to remove the screws one at a time.
Leaning tower of tweezer

                           Attach a string to a rubber duck, and a cork to the end of the
Duckathon                  string. Pick the duck up using the cork, then swing it to launch it
                           into a paddling pool.
                           Balance a plastic plate on your hand, waiter style. Now stack 10
Dice dice baby             dice on the plate, one on top of the next, using chopsticks.

                           Head to head game. Roll toilet rolls out so that they come to stop
                           within a marked area on the floor, say 4 meters ahead. The team
Bog roll bowls             with the most rolls in the area wins – any that roll and stop
                           outside the area are discounted.

                           Roll 10p coin across a table to stop in the tines of a fork
Get forked
                      Use a pair of tweezers to get a tic tac through a marked square in
                      a tennis racquet and into a bowl on the other side – only
Tweeze me             problem…the tennis racquet is balanced upright on its handle,
                      with a tennis ball balanced on top of it!

                      Balance three candy canes on a taut line
Hung with care
                      Move a cookie from forehead to mouth, and eat it, using only the
                      muscles of the face.
Face the cookie

                      bounce 6 small balls into 6 upturned thimbles
Nimble thimble

                      strap 4 pedomitors to arms and legs. Dance wildly to accumulate
Nervous Nelly
                      a total of 500 clicks in total within 60 seconds
                      pull a 'dollar bill' from between a pair of bottles stacked mouth to
Mouth to mouth
                      use a candy cane rod, catch 4 other candy canes fron the edge of
Merry Fishmas
                      a table
Marbles grande        Team game. Toss white balls into a ring to knock 7 red balls out
                      of a hoop
                      roll 15 marbles across 15ft space to knock down 1 pencil
                      Lay a rail track using staples and 6 preset erasers on tilted table.
                      Marble should be able to roll down track
Layin' Track
                      use ball of wool like lassoo to knock down 3/5 soda cans set at
                      different heights, but not knocking down the cans they are sat
Knock it off          on.
                      Snatch a 'dollar bill' sat between the rim of a glass and 5 stacked
Keep the change       10p coins - complete this twice
                      Keep 2 feathers off the groung for 60 seconds by blowing them -
Keep it up            without feathers touching body
                      Catapult marshmallows from a paper plate into a cup using
Ka-boom               broom, 3 times
                      place 8 ping pong balls in empty tissue box - attach to back. Jump
                      and shake to get all 8 balls out of box within 60 seconds
Junk in the trunk
                      place 12jingle bells in empty tissue box - attach to back. Jump
                      and shake to get all 12 bells out of box within 60 seconds
Jingle in the Trunk
                      Team game. Roll a single marble across ironing board to get
Iron board man        marble to land on one of three designated holes
                      Team game. Throw 10 toilet rolls through a hoop 15 ft away.
Hut, Hut, Hike
                      Hang a banana from string attached to waist. Swing the banana
How's it Hangin'      to knock 2 oranges across the floor into a hoop.
               Team game. Roll hula hoops to fall over 3 soda bottles
Hoop de Loop
               use pressure of lips to transfer 3 baubles from one washing line
Holiday kiss
               to another
Resources (Green resources we
have, red resources are perishables)

3 balloons

5 empty soda cans, plastic plate,
large bowl
3 golf balls per team

peak cap, tea bags, string, duct

Plastic slinky, head band

9 glasses, spoon

small box of raisins, soda bottle

4 empty 2Lt plastic soda bottles

cardboard coffee cup, ping pong
ball, table

large farm egg tray, 10 white and
10 orange ping pong balls, table

marbles, double sided sticky
tape, table

four plastic cups per team, 3
index cards per team
towel, ping pong balls, heavy
duty tape like duct tape, bowl

Pack of cards (using only picture
cards and 10s), five stools placed
in circle several paces from the

tennis racquet per team, small
bouncey ball per team

balloons, water spray per team

bottle of cola, mint imperials,
ground sheet
table propped up at one end
with wooden blocks, 3 marbles,
scuba flipper, tortillas

14 plastic/paper cups, balloon

straws, sweets (hard), blue tac

tray, small stickers, egg

2 lint rollers, min 6 ping

soda bottle

36 plastic cups

potato per team, 5 bendy straws
per team, 5 M&Ms per team
4 teaspoons, 3 plastic cups

paper/card triangle, bowl

coin, masking tape

min 7 pencils with rubber on
end, 7 cups
1 pool noodle per person,
marbles, chalk, ground sheet

ping pong balls, 4 polystyrene
balls, 4 stools

14 cereal boxes (13 empty, 1

shoes, table

spring clothes pegs, playing
cards, rubber bands
1 pack M&Ms per person, 6
bowls per team, one plate/tray
per team

3 cherries/grapes/sweets, string,
drawing pins (to attach string to
room divide) or clothes rail

meter stick with hole drilled in it,
clothes rail (or broom handle
suspended securely between
two chairs), loo rolls

string, Vaseline, ping pong ball

3 empty soda cans, pile of raw

4 martini glasses, 16 Christmas
6 touch-on LED lights, bean bags
6 plastic cups, 3 ping pong balls

toy propellers, bin/basket

20 bottle tops (or plastic gold
coins), round table, cup/glass

8 soda cans, 80 pennies, masking
tape to seal cans

Plastic slinky, head band

9 plastic cups, orange ping pong
balls, white ping pong balls (min
8 each)
A4 sheet of card, masking tape,
ping pong balls, waste paper
String, paper clips, chop sticks, 5

8 nut-bolt pairs, strong (metal)

two clip boards (or tennis
rackets), paper, basket/bin

large rubber band ball, 3 reems
of paper (or filled cereal boxes)

chair, large elastic bands, paper

11 large dominoes, or reems or
paper, or filled cereal boxes, bell

tables, ribbons, water bottles
cotton wool balls, Vaseline, bowl
per team, towel!

6 pieces of penne pasta, pile of
spaghetti, round table

6x 3 different coloured M&Ms,
18 plastic cups, 3 bowls

bathroom carpet, obstacles

lolly sticks, 6 dice per team

milkshake straws, nuts, ping
pong balls

paper plate, 10 screws,
tweezers, thin cardboard tube
instead of board marker

paddling pool, rubber ducks with
string and corks attached

plastic plates, 10 dice, chopsticks

toilet rolls, masking tape

10 pence coins, fork, long table
tweezers, tennis racket, tennis
ball, tic tacs, bowl

washing line/string, 3 candy
one cookie per person (plus
extra to eat if those used go on
the floor!)

6 small bouncy balls, 6 thimbles
(or small plastic 'shot' glasses)

4 pedomitors

8 soda bottles, 4 'dollar bills'

chopstick, string, 5 candy canes

white balls, 7 red balls, hula
15 marbles, pencil

box of staples, 6 large erasers,
wooden blocks to tilt table

ball of wool, 10 empty soda cans

2 empty glasses, 10 10p coins, 2
'dollar bills'
2 feathers

paper plate, cup, broom,
empty tissue box, 8 ping pong
balls, belt

empty tissue box, 12 jingle bells,

ironing board, marble

10 toilet rolls, hoop

banana, string, 2 oranges, hula
hula hoops (min 3), 3 soda
2 washing lines, baubles
               Rate this game (1
Date(s) used   Never again, to 5   Comment
                   Use this as a team game - two players per
                   team, sorting two packs of M&Ms into 6
1/11/2013   ****   bowls. NOTE: would be better to place
                   M&Ms onto a plate or tray to start as they
                   roll everywhere!

                   Youth found this difficult - spaghetti kept
                   snapping, but that was due to them
1/11/2013   ***    rushing - it requires gentle movement!
                   NOTE: Maybe use Linguine rather than
                                     Lined up 5 cotton wool balls at one end of
                                     each table (one player from each team
                                     competes simultaneously), with bowl at far
                                     end. They put as much Vaseline as they
                                     wanted on their nose - worked better with
                                     less rather than more! In a second round
                 1/11/2013   *****   with different team players, I increased the
                                     number of balls to 10, but maximun
                                     reached was 8 inthe minute. Note: Have a
                                     towel ready for the end.

                                     Used one of the small round tables. Like
                                     'Ready Spaghetti' this game needs player
                 1/11/2013   ***     to move slowly and not try to rush!

                    Did this as a warm up with half of each
                    team doing it simultaneously (so other half
1/11/2013   *****   could watch). Could just get the whole
                    group to do it - really funny, but with lots
                    of crumbs!

Game                      Overview

                          All go together. Empty a box of tissues, one tissue at a time, using
Hanky panky
                          only one hand. Last one to empty the box is eliminated.
                          Use pedominator attached to head to count head bobs. Least
Bobble head
                          counts at end of 60 seconds is eliminated.
                          Bounce ping pong ball to get one ball into peanut butter. Last one
Sticky situation
                          to do it is eliminated.

Rapid fire                Use rubber band to knock 6 can soda can stack off its surface.

                          Stack 4 apples one on top of another. Tower must stand for 3
Johny apple stack
                          Balance 3 soda cans on their bevelled edge – cannot be done with
                          can full or empty.
                          Use sticky gummy worm on end of line (like fishing rod) to pick up
Worm diving.              a pretzel from inside a narrow neck bowl and then eat their catch,
                          without using their hands.
                          Completely unwind a paper streamer (or toilet roll?) using
                          rhythmic gymnastics motion – hold end then wrap streamer
Paper dragon
                          around arm by rotating arms forward until roll is completely
                          wrapped around arm. One per arm.
                          Like noughts and crosses, but the game grid is made of 9 cups
                          filled with water, and the noughts and crosses are ping pong balls.
Ping tac toe              Players go head to head to bounce a ping pong balls (one colour
                          per team) into a glass. First team to get three in a row wins. Both
                          players shoot simultaneously.

boxes of tissues

pedomitors, head bands
ping pong balls, bread,
peanut butter, jam
rubber bands, empty soda


new cans of cola etc

gummy worms, string,
bamboo cane, bowl, prezels

toilet rolls

9 cups, ping pong balls of
two different colours
               Rate this game (1
               Never again, to 5
Date(s) used       Brilliant)    Comment


Countdown clock Link

                Have                                         Want
2 clip boards                10 p coins
2 feathers                   80 pennies
2 lint rollers               cardboard coffee cups
2 pool noodles               tea bags
balloons                     5 keys
bendy straws                 bell
bins                         dice
bowls                        empty 2Lt soda bottles
card                         empty cereal boxes
chalk                        Large farm egg tray
Christams baubles            pedomitor
clothes pegs                 rubber ducks
clothes rail                 scuba flippers
coins                        tennis ball
corks/rubber bungs if poss   toy propellers
cotton wool balls            6 touch-on LEDs
Dollar bills'                blue tac
double sided sticky tape     chop sticks
drawing pins                 index cards
duct tape                    large elastic bands
empty soda cans              loo rolls
golf balls                   milkshake straws
ground sheets                nuts
Hula hoops                   ping pong balls
lolly sticks                 plastic plate
marbles                      ribbons
masking tape                 screws
Packs of cards               8 nut-bolt pairs
paper                        9 glasses
paper bowls                  bathroom carpet
paper clips                  boxes of tissue
Paper plates                 empty soda bottles
peak cap                     head bands
Penne Pasta                  large bowl
Plastic cups                 Large dominoes
plastic gold coins           martini glasses
Poker chips                  meter stick
polystyrene balls            plastic slinky with head band
rubber bands                 strong rulers
rubber ended pencils         washing line
shoes                        6 Thimbles
small bouncy balls             Box of staples
small stickers                 6 large erasers
spaghetti                      Ball of wool
spoons                         broom
stools                         empty tissue box
straws                         12 jingle bells
string                         ironing board
tennis rackets x2
water spray
wooden blocks (Jenga blocks)
       Perishable             Ask church
       apples                 bell
       Bottle of cola         dice
       bread                  rubber ducks
       candy canes            empty 2 Lt soda bottles
       cherries/grapes        empty cereal boxes
       cookies                Farm egg trays
       eggs                   old keys
       gummy worms            peak cap
       jam                    scuba flippers
       M&Ms                   toy propellers
       peanut butter
       small box of raisins
       tic tacs

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