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					Tourism English
      Part I Lecture Time Assigned


         On the way to the     Tour
  I                                                          1
                hotel        Commentary
 II        Reservation               Check in                1
 III        Listening           Simulated dialogue          0.5
 IV        Role play           Simulated dialogue           0.5
                              Questions for discussion
 V                                  Role play                1
                               Words and expressions
                             Listening          Reading
Total      Five Parts                                        4
                               speaking         Writing
Learning Objectives

   Get to know the tour commentary on the
    way to the hotel
   Be able to book room in advance
   Be familiar with check in
Teaching Procedure

   1.Study the Words and Proper Names
   2. Questions for discussion.
   3. Study the Language Tips Shown in
    This Text
New words and Expressions

   Reserve suite single room with bath
   Beauty parlor laundry brand-new pagoda
   Date back exotic flowers recommend
   Cancellation rate per night minimum and
   Luxurious vacant discount take the room
    for a week
                             Dialogue 1           On the way to the hotel

                Listening and its
     (L: Li Ming ,H: Mrs. Hunt)
   L: ( Counting the tourists) Are all the people here. Mrs. Hunt?
   H: No, not yet. One lady hasn’t come yet. Ho, there she is.
   L: ( To Mrs. Hunt) can we go now, can’t we?
   H: Yes, please.
   L: ( To all the people in the coach after a while) Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself. My
    name is Liming I’m a guide from the Travel Service. Welcome to China. We are glad to have you here. I expect after
    such a long trip you ’d like a good rest. So we are driving straight to the hotel…
   H: Which hotel?
   L:The East China Hotel.
   H: I’ve been told that’s a good one. Well , how far is it?
   L:Quite a way. I’ll take us about thirty minutes. Well, we’ve reserved four suites and eight single rooms for you at the
    Hotel. It’s one of the best in the city. It has a dining-room, a Chinese restaurant, a bar, a barbershop, a beauty parlor
    and a laundry service. We hope you’ll have a good time there.
   H: That’s great!
   L:As we go, please enjoy a glimpse of the outskirts and the city.
   H: This tree-lined road is beautiful, and everything in the fields looks so fresh and green.
   L:Yes, that’s one of the reasons why the crops are so good in spite of the rather bad weather we’ve had.
   H: ( Surprised to see so many newly-built two-storied houses dotted about the fields) Look! I wonder whose houses
    they are. The all look brand-new.
   L:The are farmers’ houses.
   H: How splendid! I wonder if could visit some of them.
   L:Certainly. We’ll include it in your sightseeing program… Please look straight ahead, you can see a pagoda. It dates
    back to the 10th century. Beside the pagoda there’s an ancient temple…Here’s the famous botanical garden. With
    exotic flowers and rare trees in great variety.. Now here we’re in the city proper… Here’s the museum, there’s the art
    gallery, and that’s the exhibition center… the tall building you see over there. Here we are. This is East China Hotel.
                          Dialogue 2 Check in

              Listening and its
   ( T: Traveler C: Clerk , P: Page)
   T:Good afternoon. Is there a vacant room here?
   C: Wr’re practically full up,, but I’ll see. What do you want, a single room or a double one?
   T:A single room, preferably with a bath.
   C: How long do you intend to stay?
   T:For a week or so.
   C: You can have a room on the second floor.
   T:I hope it’s quiet. I hate noise at night.
   C: I think you’ll find it quiet. It faces the courtyard.
   T:What ‘s the rate. Please?
   C: The current rate is $ 50 per night.
   T:What services come with that?
   C: A radio, a color television, a telephone and a major international newspaper delivered to your room
   T:That sounds good. Well, do you give discount for a week or more?
   C: Yes, we give 5% discount for one week, 10% for two weeks and over.
   T:All right, I’ll take the room for a week.
   C: Will you fill out this form, please? The page will show you up to your room; your luggage will be brought up
    straight away.
Listening comprehension

 far is it?
   2.wonder if could visit some of them.
   3.Advance reservation. Good morning. Can
    I help you?
   4. But could you recommend another hotel
    that won’t be full up?
   5. Do you know the rate per night for a
    single with a bath there?

1.   You are a tour guide on the way to the
     Softel hotel. Make a simulated dialogue.
2.   You are a tour guide making room
     reservation for a group of 12 .Make a
     simulated dialogue with the receptionist.
Part VI: Homework

   1.Review the dialogues
   2.Preview next unit
   3. Make simulated dialogues .
   4. Extensive reading .
       Thank You !
Have a nice class!

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