Lab _ 4 Cell Structure by yurtgc548


									                 Presented by Kami Dykes
   Lab # 4
Cell Structure

What are the building
blocks from which all
parts of the human body
are formed?

 How do you prepare
 a wet mount slide of
 cells lining the inside
 of your cheek?

  1) Gently scrape the
    If she was making a
      inside of your cheek
    stained slide of her
      with a toothpick,
  cheek cells she would
  add a drop of dye and
  2) Place cells on slide,
   then cover the liquid
  3) Cover the slide with a
       with a coverslip.
Cari is looking for

    Cheek cell
                                            This picture shows several
                                           epithelial tissue cells from a
                                         human cheek. The cell walls and
                                        nuclei are clearly visible. The cells
                                        are suspended in a fluid matrix of

    This picture, taken at a higher
magnification, shows the same cells
stained with methylene blue solution
  to show clearly the nuclei and cell
  walls. The cell in the middle which
 appears to have two nuclei is most
 likely two transparent cells stacked
         on top of each other.
What are the structures of the cell?
                               1. Cell membrane
      1.                            2. nuclear
                                4. Endoplasmic
                     2.             Reticulum
                                 5. Golgi body
                                 6. Golgi body
                                   7. Centriole
                                  8. Lysosome
                               9. Mitochondrion
                                 10. Vessicles
                                 11. Chromatin
                                 12. Nucleolus
                                  13. Nucleus
                                19. "Dots in ER,
          Cell structures and function
             What are the names of the organelle structures?
Cell membrane Outside boundary of the cell
centrosome      Contains centrioles
chromatin       Loosely coiled fibers containing protein & DNA in nucleus
Cilia           Movement
Cytoplasm       Occupies space between cell membrane and nucleus
ER              Protein synthesis in RER, lipid and cholesterol synthesis in SER
Golgi body      Packaging and secretion (UPS guy)
Iysosome        Contains digestive enzyme ( garbage man of the cell)
Mitochondrion   Location of energy release from food molecules (powerhouse)
Nuclear         Separates nuclear contents from the cytoplasm
                Dense body of RNA within nucleus
                Contains chromatin and nucleolus
                Small RNA-containing particles for the synthesis of proteins
Cell structures

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