Questions for The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses

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					Questions for The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses

    1. Explain how the issue of race relations is presented in “The Prisoner Who Wore
    2. How does the character cope with oppression?
    3. How does Brille gain control over Wader Hannetjie? How does Brille’s memory
        of his family give him insight into Warder Hannetjie’s character? Explain.
    4. What incidents early in the story provide clues about Brille’s personality? Cite
        specific examples.
    5. Literary characters can be classified as round or flat characters, depending on how
        they are developed in a story. A round character displays a variety of personality
        traits, as opposed to a flat character, whose personality is dominated by a single
        trait. Characters can also be distinguished as either static or dynamic. A dynamic
        character changes significantly in the story. A static character undergoes little if
        any change.
                  Is Brille a round or flat character? What traits does he display?
                  Would you classify Hannetjie as a static or dynamic character?
    6. Irony is a contrast between what is expected and what actually exists or occurs.
        What is ironic about Brille’s eyesight?
    7. Is the story believable? Why or why not? Do you think the story expresses
optimism or pessimism about the future of South Africa? Explain.

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