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					          The Golden Ticket                                                                    vc 6/21/2010
          Prop Inventory                                                                      Version: Final
    I-1   The Secret Factory
2         Displays on Shop unit Windows   Five Bar pyramid shaped displays Only Top bar on SR is
                                          removable. Top bar on SR removed as part of staging during I-
                                          10 by Prop person through door in back of window.
1         OPEN / CLOSED Sign              Two sided sign, hangs on Shop unit door, will be turned by
                                          singer. Always appears with Shop unit
1         Sandwich Board                  Hangs on Front of Shop Unit. One side pained to say "tickets
                                          won", "2" written in chalk then changes to "3" on stage. Other
                                          side painted to say "1 ticket left". Board is turned around on
                                          stage. Appears on shop unit through out act 1, removed for II-9
                                          and II-10.
5 per show Newspaper 1                    Headline "2 Tickets!!" Used by Gargoyles
3          Lunchboxes                     Black plastic dome toped with handles. Used by Gargoyles in
1         Thermos                         Aluminum with plastic top, old style. No Liquid uses. Used by
                                          Gargoyle in Preshow
8         Gargoyle Umbrellas              [Made by Costume Crafts] Umbrellas coved in fabric to match
                                          Gargoyle costumes. Used by Gargoyles, set by Props in St.
1         Small Push broom                Used by Mr. Know to sweep gold fabric covering shop DS
1         Rag                             Used to wipe chalk on sandwich board. Lives in Mr. Know's
                                          apron pocket. Square of grey muslin.
1         Chalk                           Used to write on sandwich board. Lives in Mr. Know's apron
                                          pocket. White large sidewalk type chalk.
1         School bag                      Used by Charlie. Shoulder bag, sad looking. Also appears in I-
                                          2, I-8.
    I-2   Pale Green Blues
1         Grandparents bed                6' x 4', 2 Metal headboards, frame between with blue grey
                                          upholstery. Frame has cut outs for Grandparent's legs to come
                                          through, and ledges to Grandparents to place their feet when
                                          not moving. Bed driven by Grandparent's using their feet. 4
                                          Grey/blue pillows used, and large striped comforter with
                                          patches. Also used in I-6, I-7, I-8, II-7, II-9.
1         Charlie's Bed                   Part of home unit, Grey/blue pillow and comforter attached.
1         TV                              Empty TV set in SL top section of Home unit facing Charlie's
                                          bed. Light inside on switch operated by singer.
1         Rug                             Painted Canvas with fringe. Painted with Letter "E" of HOME.
                                          Velcros to Home Unit. Is unfolded by Dancers while setting
                                          Home unit, is latter removed and taken offstage by Dancers.

1         Soup Pot                        Large cooking pot with hinged lid. Strainer placed in bottom
                                          with water and dry ice under it. Cabbage is placed in top of
                                          strainer to prevent water from getting in ladle when Charlie
                                          "serves" soup to Grandparents.
1         Ladle                           Distressed metal ladle used to serve soup.
1         Cutting board                   Wood, Rounded rectangle shaped
1         Knife                           Large chief style knife, VERY DULLED, not used for actual
1         Salt Shaker                     Glass jar with shaker top and silver colored screw on solid top.
                                          Solid top never removed. In St. Louis shaker contained
5         Tin Bowls                       4 large and 1 Small, camping style enameled bowls with grey
                                          paint treatment. Bowls are hit with spoons to make noise.
             The Golden Ticket                                                                          vc 6/21/2010
             Prop Inventory                                                                            Version: Final
6            Spoons                            For Soup, 4 carried by Grandparents, 2 set on Home Unit.
                                               Bent and distressed, Used to hit bowls to make noise.
1            Cabbage                           Small, whole, real cabbage.
1            Net Bag                           Grey cotton net produce bag, used to hold cabbage.
1            Small Square Stool                Painted to match Home Unit. Charlie stands on stool to reach
                                               soup pot.
2            Coat hooks                        Attached to Home Unit, for Charlie's outer clothes, and school
1            Small Stool                       Rides with HOME unit in ladder opening, for Charlie to stand on
                                               and make soup
3            Dentures                          Click like Castanet's, are "taken out" by Grandma and played

     I-3     Countdown to Battle
1            TV Camera                         Oversized old style TV Camera on large rolling triangular base.
                                               Top Section tilts. Used by Camera operator. Also in I-5, I-11, II-
4 Per show Cigarettes                          Puff, for Candy Mallow. Also in I-5, I-11, II-10
1          Boom mic                            8' tall pole with cord around and fuzzy mic on top. Used by Mic
                                               Operator. Also in I-5, I-11, II-10.
1            Pair of Headphones                Worn by Mic operator, cord tucked into his pocket to look as
                                               though it is plugged into something. Always worn when Boom
                                               Mic is used.
1            Floor Manager clipboard           Letter sized dark Brown clipboard with info sheets for dressing.

1            Makeup kit                        Small white pouch with make up brushes and nail file, for make
                                               up Girl.
6            Toy Guns                          [Provided by Wardrobe] For Mike Teevee. Worn on his person
                                               for all of show. Bright colored plastic.
1            Desk                              On TV Studio unit. Blue/Grey wooden, rectangular. Violet sits
                                               on Desk
1            Stool                             On TV Studio unit. For Candy Mallow to sit behind desk.
2            Interview Chairs                  On TV Studio unit. Large Blue/Grey chairs with letters on them

     I-4     Veruca Loses Her Nuts
1            Wingback chair                    Silver Colored, wheels on Back legs for a hand truck style
                                               action. Rolled out by Secretary. Stays on Stage through end of
1            TV Remote                         Silver and black plastic remote, not batteries used
1            Secretary Clipboard and pencil    Legal Sized Dark brown clipboard with forms for dressing and
1 Per show   Cigar                             For Lord Salt. Broken each show
1            Newspaper 2                       Headline "3 Tickets Won" For Lord Salt.
1            Chocolate Tower                   Very Tall Gold tower of "chocolate bars" on rolling red cart
1            Rolling Ladder                    Very tall library type ladder with all swivel casters, painted silver.

20           Stacks of 5 Chocolate bars each   These fake bars are each wrapped in gold foil (see general
                                               wrapping Note) and each stack of 5 has a brown "Wonka"
                                               wrapper around it. 15 Set on Tower, 1 in each trash can, 3 on
                                               ladder for ladder riders. Stacks are passes down and opened
                                               by Coro at cans. (Total of 30 stacks used per performance see
                                               section for I-9.)
          The Golden Ticket                                                                                 vc 6/21/2010
          Prop Inventory                                                                                   Version: Final
2         Large Rolling Trash Cans                    Shop style sturdy plastic cans, painted Silver with foam lining to
                                                      deaden sound of bars getting put in. 1 with place for Veruca's
                                                      Ticket to be preset, 1 Coro woman will get inside this can. Foil
                                                      pieces, large foil bits from previous performance, put on rim for
                                                      Coro to throw about. Also in I-9.
3         Large Push brooms                           Large plastic brooms, painted gold. Used by dancers and Coro
                                                      to sweep wrappers. Also in I-9
I-5       Fit or Fat
1         Lollipop                                    For Augustus. XL, rainbow colored, clear plastic wrapper never
1         Chocolate Bar                               Unwrapped fake bar.
1         Gum                                         Chewed by Violet while singing. In St. Louis Ms. Dahl preferred
                                                      strawberry Hubba Bubba.
2         Cap guns                                    Orange plastic, Shot during action of show. These were not
                                                      reliable in St. Louis.
1         Belt with 2 Holsters                        [Provided by Wardrobe] For Cap guns. Guns were more likely
                                                      to fire when worn in holster, as opposed to belt or pockets.

2         Pompoms                                     White kid sized. Worn by Violet in her boots. These did
                                                      occasionally break so an extra pair was always around.
I-6       Dreams and Ambitions
1         Teddy Bear                                  Used by Veruca. Medium Sized tan colored plush bear.
                                                      Slightly under stuffed for a floppy appearance.
1         Present                                     Used by Dancers in Birthday dance. 18" Cube Box with lid.
                                                      Both box and lid wrapped in light blue wrapping paper, lid
                                                      separately so it can be removed. Yellow ribbon on sides of box
                                                      and on lid with a bow.
1         Golden Ticket                               In Present box (See general note about Golden Tickets in I-11
          Charlie's Dream of The Factory (Interlude)
          Items used for Birthday Party Video Shoot   In St. Louis we shot a video sequence to be projected during
                                                      this music of a beautiful birthday party that becomes very sad
                                                      as the cake melts and guests leave. Used to shoot this footage
                                                      were: an ice cream cake, streamer, noisemakers, balloons,
                                                      Happy Birthday Charlie Banner, section of blue foam covered in
                                                      foil with many lit birthday candles as a fake cake to reflect the
                                                      candle light on the performers.

I-7       Charlie's Birthday
1         Birthday Bar                                Chocolate Bar with hole to insert candle. Bar wrapped with
                                                      both foil and brown wrapper.
1         Plate                                       Salad size ceramic plate, birthday bar presented on it.
1         Matches                                     Small sized box of double taped wooden matches
1         Birthday Candle                             Small sized striped real candle. Lit and extinguished by singers
I-8       Chocolate Genius
1         Ball                                        Used by Charlie. Round looking blue fuzzy ball, does not
          Snow                                        Plastic theatrical snow. In St. Louis it was sprinkled from the
                                                      cat walks by 2 prop crew and 2 volunteers. Snow also used in I-
I-9       Veruca's Ticket
1         Vogue Magazine                              Used by Veruca. Sturdy cover with Vogue cover glued on it,
                                                      inside Japanese advertisements.
         The Golden Ticket                                                                          vc 6/21/2010
         Prop Inventory                                                                            Version: Final
1        Mini Tower                           Short Gold tower of "chocolate bars" on rolling red cart, looks
                                              as though it is the same items as in I-4 after many bars have
                                              been taken down.
10       Stacks of 5 Chocolate bars each      Same type of stacks as I-4. Placed on Tower to be removed
                                              and unwrapped. (Total of 30 stacks used per performance)

1        Golden ticket                        Preset in trash can to be "found" by Coro Woman. (See
                                              general note about Golden Tickets in I-11 section)
1        Telephone on tray                    Used by Secretary and Lord Salt. Green old style rotary phone
                                              on a round silver tray. Cord had a tendency to get tangled and
                                              required nightly checking.
I-10     Charlie's Heart Stands Still
1        Dollar Bill                          Fake money, green printing on white paper. Dropped by singer
                                              onstage and "found" by Charlie.
3        Chocolate Bars                       Fake bars with both foil and brown wrapper. Unwrapped by
                                              Herpes Trout, Miranda Grope, and Marvin Prune.
1        Chocolate Bar with light up ticket   Fake bar with foil and brown wrapper, light up ticket wrapped in
                                              with writing face away from bar and wires out the end of foil to
                                              allow electrician the attach to Charlie.
1        Light up Golden Ticket               [Made by Electrics department] 4" x 8" Flat, battery powered,
                                              lighting effect. Covered with matte gold contact paper with
                                              letters of "WONKA" cut out so the letters glow. The battery
                                              pack for this item was placed in a pocket on the inside of
                                              Charlie's jacket by an electrician before his entrance, and
                                              power was run through a cord running through Charlie's jacket
                                              sleeve. The deck electrician plugged the ticket into the cord
                                              when Charlie exited into the shop unit (Ticket does not have a
                                              switch and is ON when plugged in.), and disconnected the
                                              ticket when Charlie exited SL at the end of I-10.

I-11     A Wonka Welcome
4        Barricades                           Used by dancers for crowd control. Heavy duty Plastic 6' long
                                              A-frame style barricades, painted grey, with bolts to hold legs in
1        Flash Camera                         Used by Mrs. Gloop to flash at Wonka. Older style film camera
                                              (no film used), with attached flash. On neck strap with strap
                                              around flash to hold camera upright. Required nightly battery
6        Signs                                "I Love you Wonka' Hello from…, Let Us in, Will work for
                                              Chocolate, Why not Me. "Dip me in Chocolate" 4 plywood, 2
                                              Card board, all with wood sticks. Grey with black writing.
1        Small Video Camera                   Used by Veruca and Lord Salt. 4" x 6" x 1" deep, black plastic
                                              fake camera. Elastic handle. Is concealed in Veruca's white fur
5        Golden Tickets                       4" x 8" Matte gold with glossy gold letters spelling "WONKA".
                                              Are put in Wonka's hat by 5 winning children. (Total of 7 used
                                              in performance)
1        Wonka Cane                           Ball toped wooden cane painted with green and white stripes
                                              and silver top. Well balanced to allow Wonka to balance on one
                                              finger with hat on top. Is thrown in the air and caught several
                                              times during I-11. Also appears in all of act 2.
           The Golden Ticket                                                                  vc 6/21/2010
           Prop Inventory                                                                    Version: Final
1          Small Balloon on Stick      Used by Dancer as though the crowd in seeing Wonka's hot air
                                       balloon approaching from a great distance. Small hot air type
                                       balloon with basket and small Wonka doll, on tall stick.

1          Large Balloon on Stick      Large version of above item with shorter stick. Used by dancer
                                       as though the balloon in now closer to the crowd.
II-1       Gussie Goes Swimming
2          Chocolate River             2 tubes of brown satin fabric, 1 dark 1 milk chocolate colors.
                                       Tubes are laid out on stage during intermission, then fans are
                                       blown through tubes to inflate them. Prop crew on SR hold the
                                       fabric onto the fan to keep inflated during scene. Prop Crew on
                                       SL shake tubes to make waves. DS river is also held up, after
                                       being deflated, through schnozzles and by Oompa loompa to
                                       make wave effect.
1          Storage bag for rivers      In order to keep the rivers clean and contained we used a large
                                       nylon canvas bag. This bag was used to store the rivers during
                                       act 1 and as each river was struck in act 2 it was put directly in
                                       the bag so as not to tie up floor space in the wings. This
                                       system was very helpful.
2          Fans                        Used to inflate rivers and move balloons. Shop type wire cage
                                       fans. Both new. Also used in II-4 for balloons.
1          Boat                        Prow and Stern sections with handles to allow for rocking
                                       action. Aluminum frame with pink foam and fabric covering.
                                       Prow section has hook for search light, stern section has place
                                       for umbrellas.
1          Search light                Large emergency type flashlight. Painted pink, can hang on
                                       hook in bow of boat.
4          Oars                        Used by Dancers. 8' long plastic oars painted pink.
1          Cube                        Used by Wonka to sit and stand on. 23" hard foam cube with
                                       rounded edges covered in gold foil.
1          Ladle                       Used to taste chocolate from river. Large, gold, metal ladle
           Gummy Bears (Swudge Food)   Placed on DS gold fabric for singers to eat as "swudge". 3 small
                                       packets used per show.
II-2       Where Are We?
5          Pink Umbrellas              2 Light pink, 3 Dark pink.
2          Confetti Cannons            Used by Prop crew through schnozzles for cocoa gizer.
II-3       Good Bye Violet
1          Cooker/Blueberry            Moved onstage by Oompa loompas. Large cooking machine
                                       with a plexy glass tube that fills with CO2 fog and 2 sets of
                                       trash cans that can be moved with levers on the SR side of the
                                       unit. Hoses run from item to item on the top of the unit. On the
                                       other side of the unit is the half sphere blueberry the Violet gets
                                       into as she "blows up".
2          Hoses                       Long plastic hoses that run through schnozzles to "plug in"
                                       cooker. SL hose has electrical cables run through it to actually
                                       plug in cooker effects. SR hose is orange, SL hose is black.

5          Clipboards                  Used by Oompa loompas. Light tan colored clipboards with
                                       brightly colored charts and graphs. Pencils attached on
9          Cogs                        Used by Oompa loompas for mechanical movement. Light
                                       weight, various sizes, gold and silver gear shaped.
1          Piece of Gum                Half a stick of light green gum for Violet to take.
2          Oven mitts                  Used by Wonka. Over sized gold quilted mitts.
           The Golden Ticket                                                                        vc 6/21/2010
           Prop Inventory                                                                          Version: Final
1          Tongs                             Used by Wonka to take gum. Long silver and black kitchen
1          Juicing machine                   Rolled on by dancers. Large round rolling unit with gauge on
                                             top and 2 hoses coming out of top.
II-4       Bubble vision
1          Bubble pack and cup of solution   Used by 1 Oompa loompa to dispense fog filled bubbles to
                                             Wonka and other signers. Pack is a piece of PSC pipe with
                                             caps and a hose coming for the top worn like a back pack.
                                             Water and dry ice are put in pack and fog comes through hose.
                                             The free end of the hose is put in a small cup of soap solution.
                                             When the end of hose is removed from solution a bubble filled
                                             with fog will form.
                                             For complete info in the effect see link.
2          Bubble Vision Cameras             Over sized rolling video cameras. Similar to TV camera in act
                                             1, but with long lenses with lights inside. Gold with silver bases.

1          Typewriter on cart                Tan '60s style typewriter on rolling cart.
2          Big Chocolate bars                Double sized brown foam fake bars. Used by dancers, then put
                                             through slats of laptop.
1          Chocolate bar                     Fake bar put through laptop when big bar "shrinks".
4          Big Balloons                      Used by Dancers. 36" white balloons.
9          Balloons                          Used by Oompa loompas. Standard size white balloons with
                                             nipples (tied ends) cut off.
2          Large Circles                     Used by Dancers to conceal things being passes through
                                             laptop slats. 4' diameter heavy white foam core with 2 handles
                                             on the back.
1          Mini Mike Teevee                  G.I. Joe type doll with clothes painted to match Mike and tiny
                                             plastic guns. Put in Wonka's hat and Mr. Teevee's purse.

II-5       Two Bad Nuts
1          Train                             Driven by Wonka, pushed by Oompa loompas, ridden by Lord
                                             Salt, Veruca, Charlie. Engine has large horizontal tube section
                                             with a light in the front, a tall smoke stack, a platform in the
                                             back with a bike seat for driver and a steering lever on right
                                             side. Lever pull toward driver or pushes away to steer. The car
                                             has two seats facing each other and is able to be uncoupled on
                                             stage by Oompa loompas. The train is challenging to
                                             maneuver and often requires being lifted to adjust its position.

2          Train Paddles                     Used by Dancer David to direct train, like one directs an
                                             airplane. Wooden ping pong paddles with flat faces covered to
                                             look like red and white targets.
18         Nuts                              Used by Squires. Over sized walnuts (12" to 18" oval). Made of
                                             white foam with foam coat and paint. 40 were made, but only
                                             18 are used. Nuts are rolled through SL and SR schnozzles by
                                             prop crew to Squires and tossed back off stage by squires.

2          Bins                              Large trash cans, formerly I-4 trash cans in rehearsal, used to
                                             store and move SR nuts. Very handy for keeping nuts
           The Golden Ticket                                                                      vc 6/21/2010
           Prop Inventory                                                                        Version: Final
9          Turkish delights                   Stacked, unstacked and restacked by Oompa loompas.
                                              Cardboard and foam cubes in three sizes covered in brightly
                                              colored fabric, batting, and fake nut slices to resemble the
4          Large Cady Sticks                  Dues by Dancers. 4' long dowel painted white with red ribbon
                                              spiral stripes.
1          Nut Hammer                         Used by Squirrel Mistress to tap nuts. Medium sized tack
                                              hammer painted gold with gold ribbon wrist strap.
4          Turkish stools                     Carried on by Dancers, stood upon by Squirrel Mistress and
                                              Veruca. 1' Hexagonal stools with reinforced legs for standing.
                                              All different colored middle eastern style painted designs.

II-6       Only one left
1          Key                                Large brass key. Given to Charlie by Wonka. "The key to the
II-7       I Can Fly
II-8       Here comes Charlie
           Shingles                           Dropped by prop crew from catwalk when the elevator crashes
                                              through the roof. Flat craft foam painted brown.
3          Timbers                            Dropped by prop crew from catwalk when the elevator crashes
                                              through the roof. Upholstery foam and rubber coating for a nerf
                                              like item.
4          Cinder blocks                      Dropped by prop crew from catwalk when the elevator crashes
                                              through the roof. Upholstery foam and rubber coating for a nerf
                                              like item.
II-9       Did Mr. Know Know?
1          "Under new management" Sign        Hangs with "Open/Closed" sign (Closed side showing) on door
                                              of Shop unit.
II-10      Charlie's Chocolate Factory
1          Charlie Cane                       Smaller version of Wonka cane. Green and white striped with
                                              silver ball top.

           General Note about wrapping bars   Bar is placed in the middle of a piece of foil face down. Edges
                                              of foil are brought together to overlap on back side of bar.
                                              Then ends are folded in at an angle then folded to the back side
                                              of the bar.

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