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									                                    SCAVMA Board Meeting Agenda
                                     Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

1. Meeting called to order at 1800
2. Verify Quarum (2/3rds of EB board voting members and at least 1 faculty advisor in attendance)
3. Approval of prior meeting’s minutes (Tuesday, May 15th, 2012)
4. Call for Last minute additions to agenda (Please place on white board prior to meeting)
5. Unfinished business
        a. Budget (Voted in as is on Tuesday May 15th, 2012; Vote on any changes)
        b. Vote on Points System (Voted in May 2011; Re-visited and Tabled Sept 2011)
6. New business
        a. AVMA Convention – President’s Meeting
        b. Constitutional Amendments
        c. Lunch talks – students taking food but not staying (Tabled on Tuesday, May 15 th, 2012)
7. Officer Reports
        a. Emily Isaacs (President-elect)
        b. CJ Johnson (Vice President)
                PDF funding, Club Presidents Meeting, Student Rep Meeting
        c. Connie Lo (Treasurer)
                2012-2013 Budget: Addressed in “Unfinished Business”
        d. Amanda Silverman (Treasurer-elect)
                Pet Food Program (Progress, system, addition of Platinum Performance)
        e. Christine Haas (UDA Treasurer)/Tanushri Thakran (UDA Treasurer-elect)
                SCAVMA Funding Mini-meetings (Funding awarded at the meeting on Tuesday, September
                11th, 2012; Next meeting for October funding will be…?)
        f. Emma Deane (Secretary)
                SCAVMA One Health Grant; SCAVMA Events Calendar
        g. Rachel Brownlee (Webmaster)
                Evolving SCAVMA Website
        h. Christine Hsueh/Mike Ramos (SAVMA Sr./Jr. Delegates)
                Membership Registration; AVMA Taskforce on Governance and Membership Participation
        i. Fiona Whitton (IVSA Rep)
        j. Shirley Chen (CVMA Rep)
        h. Hanie Elfenbein/Kathleen Heng (Legislative Liasons)
        i. David Kim/Lea Merkins (Waggie Editors)
                Deadline September 28th for submissions; Writers meeting
        j. Christina Tam (Josh Project Coordinator)
                Dunk The Dean fundraiser
        k. Kat Tomalty (Graduate Professionals Student Representative)
        l. SCAVMA Class Representatives
                - Cristin Roach/Katrina Castaneda (Class of 2013 SCAVMA Representatives)
                - Amy Achille/Bernadette Grismer (Class of 2014 SCAVMA Representatives)
                - Nina Akana/Jess McConnel (Class of 2015 SCAVMA Representatives)
                - Olivia Shull/Eric Nickerson (Class of 2016 SCAVMA Representatives)
        m. Class Presidents
                - Esther Zakowski/Justine Ma/Austin Kerns (Class of 2013 Presidents)
                - CJ Johnson/Jon Levine/Elizabeth Engall (Class of 2014 Presidents)
                - Michael Armer/Shirley Chen/Andrew Findlaytor (Class of 2015 Presidents)
                - Corey Harms/Janelle Soppet/Ryen Morey (Class of 2016 Presidents)
8. Faculty Advisor and Administration Representative Reports
        a. Dr. Karl Jandrey (Junior Faculty Advisor)
        b. Dr. Birgit Puschner (Senior Faculty Advisor)
        c. Dr. Jan Ilkiw (Administration Representative)
9. Committee Reports
        a. Career Night Committee (Nina Akana, Dustin Dennis, Colleen Geisbush, Christine Hsueh, Jess
McConnell, Dustin Noack)
              Committee met
              Tentatively Friday February 22nd, 2013 in the ARC Pavillion
              Proposal to administration – Meeting with Dr. Ilkiw and Dr. LeFebvre (TBA)
                     Administrative Representatives will bring proposal to Dean’s Cabinet
                     Goal: To attain financial assistance to cover venue
       b. Mentor Committee (Emily Isaacs, Birgit Puschner)
       c. Surgery Pack Committee (Rebecca Hall, Whitt Hoffman, Ralph Pettus)
              Purchase order
8. Summary of action items
10. Next scheduled meeting (Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 6:00 – Valley Rm. 2020; 5:30 dinner)
11. Call for meeting Adjournment

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