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					How To Run A Stand

STEP I – Register and Receive Your Official LemonAiD Sign:
 On-line at
 The Salvation Army, 736 W. Main Street, Lexington, KY (Call 859-252-7706 ext. 125)
 Whitaker Bank locations (Fayette & Scott County)

Participants who register will receive a
LemonAiD kit which will include a badge and a poster for your stand.

STEP II – Secure your supplies:
 Cups
 Lemonade and other items you’d like to sell.
 Cash box (remember to have some change on hand)
 Ice (store in your portable cooler)
 Decorations (very important!)

STEP III – Secure your location & Set-up: You can set up and run your stand anytime
during the month of July. Make sure and ask permission if you are setting up in front of a
business. Have fun being a part of LemonAiD!

Top 10 LemonAiD Success Tips

 1. Get help; don’t do all the work yourself.
 2. Be sure to wear your badge and post the LemonAiD sign.
 3. Location! Location! Location! Select a high foot traffic area. Don’t be afraid to ask a
     local store if you may place your stand outside their door.
 4. Ask for a donation rather than setting a specific price. You will be surprised at how
     much money people will give to support your effort to raise money for homeless kids.
 5. Make your stand different from the rest. Use brightly colored decorations such as
     balloons, streamers and pinwheels.
 6. Grab people’s attention – wear a funny hat, dress up your dog, or make additional eye
     catching signs.
 7. Contact your pastor or church youth group leader to see if you could set up a stand at
     your church.
 8. Sell other things at your lemonade stand like baked goods.
 9. Email everyone you know and give them the date, time and location you will be
     operating your stand. Encourage them to stop by.
 10. Have Fun!!

Safety & Health Tips

 Never operate your lemonade stand alone.
    ALWAYS have a parent or adult guardian with you
 If your hair is long, tie it back or wear a cap.
 Use paper or plastic instead of glass.
 Cover the lemonade and ice between servings to keep bugs and dirt out.
 Use tongs to serve ice.
 Provide a covered recycling can to dispose of used cups.
 Never approach anyone in a car to make a sale.

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