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									"Stewardship Is . . ." Announcements
One-liners for bulletins based on PC(USA)Programmatic Emphases & Secular Holidays January 4 Stewardship is.... Making a resolution to appreciate all of God's creation and creatures in 2009. January 11 - Baptism of the Lord Stewardship is.... Deciding to see stewardship of the earth as a Christian moral responsibility. January 18 - Race Relations Sunday Stewardship is.... Thanking those people making our annual congregational meeting possible. January 25 Stewardship is.... Turning the thermostat down a few degrees at night. February 1 Stewardship is.... Generously giving one dollar on Souper Bowl Sunday to help the hungry in our area. February 8 Stewardship is.... Appreciating the beauty of winter. February 15 Stewardship is.... Being a Valentine. February 22 - Transfiguration of the Lord Stewardship is.... Teaching the children of the church the delight of giving to others. February 25 - Ash Wednesday. Stewardship is.... Giving up a personal “treat” (cup of coffee or candy) during Lent and giving the savings to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. March 1 - Self-Development of People Stewardship is.... Giving the poor something to eat during Lent. March 8 - Celebrate the Gifts of Women

Stewardship is.... An annual Mammogram and Pap smear. March 15 Stewardship is.... An annual Prostate checkup. March 22 Stewardship is.... Calling someone today, to say, "I love you". March 29 Stewardship is.... Buying with credit ONLY what can be paid in full each month. April 5 - Palm Sunday Stewardship is.... A generous response to the One Great Hour of Sharing. April 9 - Maundy Thursday Stewardship is.... A quiet and reflective Holy Week. April 10 - Good Friday Stewardship is.... A phone call to someone who lives alone. April 12 - Easter Stewardship is.... Telling someone why the tomb is empty. April 19 - Health Awareness Stewardship is.... Considering tithing one's Income Tax Refund. April 26 - Rural Life Sunday Stewardship is.... Planting a tree to memorialize a deceased relative and starting a compost pile. May 3 - Older Adult Week Begins; Wills Emphasis Sunday Stewardship is.... Having a Will and checking that it's up to date. May 10 - Mother’s Day Stewardship is....

Celebrating Mother’s day with a female friend or relative who doesn’t have children (or doesn’t have children nearby). May 17 - Multicultural Church Stewardship is.... Volunteering at a community meal. May 24 - Presbyterian Heritage Sunday Stewardship is.... Reducing TV watching to by two hours per day. (This also saves electricity.) May 31 - Pentecost Offering; Stewardship is.... Giving a Pentecost offering to celebrate the birth of the Church of Christ Jesus. June 7 - Trinity Sunday Stewardship is.... Thanking God for having food on your plate, day after day after day after day after... June 14 Stewardship is.... Reading to a child. June 21 - Father’s Day; Men of the Church Sunday Stewardship is.... Taking a walk each day for your physical and spiritual health. June 28 - Disability Inclusion Sunday (formerly Access Sunday) Stewardship is.... Reducing packaging purchases, reusing containers when possible and recycling. July 5 Stewardship is.... A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing, is worth nothing. – Martin Luther July 12 Stewardship is.... Writing your joys and concerns in your personal journal. July 19 - Small Church Ministry Sunday Stewardship is.... Spending time reading your Bible daily. July 26 - Metropolitan Urban Ministry Sunday Stewardship is....

Remembering to give to your church while you’re away on vacation. August 2 Stewardship is.... Remembering that the wilderness is not a lonely place. It's full of God! August 9 - Homelessness/Affordable Housing Sunday Stewardship is.... Helping Habitat for Humanity build a house. August 16 - Higher Education Sunday Stewardship is.... Replacing conventional light bulbs with compact florescent lamps. August 23 - Youth in the Church & World Sunday Stewardship is.... Giving of your time to be a Christian Education teacher. August 30 Stewardship is.... Changing your furnace filters regularly and vacuuming your refrigerator's coils so it works better. September 6 - Christian Vocation Sunday Stewardship is.... Thanking your minister and church staff. September 13 - Christian Education Week Begins Stewardship is.... Thanking a Christian Education teacher for their work and dedication. September 20 - Theological Education Sunday Stewardship is.... Making a donation to a Presbyterian College or Seminary September 27 - Evangelism Sunday Stewardship is.... Inviting someone to worship. October 4 - World Communion Sunday—Peacemaking Offering Stewardship is.... An extra gift for the Peacemaking Offering October 11 - Presbyterian HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday Stewardship is.... Mulching your fallen leaves or adding them to a compost pile.

October 18 - Children’s Sabbath; Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday Stewardship is.... Donating diapers and adult clothing to the women's shelter. October 25 - Reformation Sunday Stewardship Is …. Consecrating one's whole life by dedicating a portion of everything for God. November 1 - All Saints’ Day; Christian and Citizen Sunday Stewardship Is …. Checking the batteries in your smoke detectors and voting thoughtfully & responsibly. November 8 - Stewardship Commitment Sunday Stewardship is.... Making a promise to support the work of your church next year. November 15 - Care Giver Sunday Stewardship Is …. Providing respite for a Care Giver. November 22 - Christ the King/Reign of Christ Stewardship Is …. Inviting a single or widowed neighbor to Thanksgiving dinner. November 29 - 1st Sunday of Advent Stewardship Is …. Thinking of ways to give of yourself to your loved ones this Christmas. December 6 Stewardship is.... Baking Christmas cookies and taking them a nursing home, homeless shelter, Meals On Wheels or another agency serving those in need . December 13 Stewardship is.... Considering the gift of appreciated securities to the work, worship, mission and ministry of the church. This avoids taxes on Capital Gains. December 20 - Christmas Joy Offering Stewardship is.... Giving an extra gift to the Christmas Joy Offering. December 24 – Christmas Eve Stewardship is.... Visiting a shut-in or someone who is unable to go to Christmas worship services.

December 25 - Nativity of Jesus Christ/Christmas Day Stewardship is.... Remembering Christ’s birth. December 27 Stewardship is.... Considering a tithe of your appreciated investment gains for the year.

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