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the     Signatura                The Official Publication of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association October 2011

2011 National Conference
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Message from the President
Message from the President
                                     Greetings SNPhA Members,

                                     Welcome to another exciting year in SNPhA! Your unwavering
                                     dedication and passion for helping the underserved and affecting
                                     real change in our communities has led to an unprecedented level
                                     of growth in membership, submission of resolutions, and the
                                     development of innovative service projects. As we enter our 39th
                                     year of service, I look forward to raising the bar even higher as we
                                     ascend to new heights in leadership within the pharmacy profession
                                     and service within the community. Always know that we are hard
                                     at work on your behalf to provide you with all the tools and support
                                     you need to continue to L.E.A.D. in all you do. Let’s make it a great


                                     Leshawn Smith
                                     National President 2011-2012

             2011-2012 SNPhA National Board
             2011-2012 SNPhA National Board
Leshawn Smith                        Gayle Tuckett                      Cynthia Perez
President                            Region I Facilitator               Diabetes and Chronic Kidney
                                                                        Disease Chair
Pejman Ahmadi                        Jennifer Harris
President-Elect                      Region II Facilitator              Crystal Spencer
                                                                        Power to End Stroke Chair
George Okpamen                       Shirley Yu
Vice President                       Region III Facilitator             Onyebuchi Amaechi
                                                                        Remember the Ribbon Chair
Deborah Jackson                      Melvin Roberts, Jr.
Recording Secretary                  Region IV Facilitator              Louchard Lamothe
                                                                        Bridging the Gap Chair
Jenny Luo                            Ruth Awosika
Financial Secretary                  Region V Facilitator               Dazhi Liu
                                                                        Operation Immunization Chair
Emmanuel Akinwole
Public Relations Liaison /                                              Alysha Robinson
Historian                                                               Legislative/Membership
                                                                        Benefits Chair

2 || the Signatura | October Issue
2011 National Conference | Atlanta, Georgia
 NPhA/SNPhA Scholarships and Book Awards

          Rite-Aid Chauncey I Cooper Chapter Excellence Award
  Small Chapter:     Univerisity of South Carolina                  |   $5,000
  Medium Chapter:    Campbell University                            |   $5,000
  Large Chapter:     Texas Southern University                      |   $5,000
  Overall Winner:    Univerisity of South Carolina                  |   $1,550

                    Rite-Aid SNPhA Community Leader Award
              George Okpamen - Texas Southern University            |   $2,500
              Nikko Ware - University of South Carolina             |   $7,500

                             Rite-Aid Endowed Scholarships
              Roshanda R. Ruffin - Hampton University               |   $2,000
              Femi Felix-Ukwu - Texas Southern Universtity          |   $2,000
              Jenny Chu - University of New England                 |   $2,000
              Henry Delu, Jr. - University of Southern California   |   $2,000

                    WalMart NPhA Future Leader Scholarships
  Region 1:   Chibuzor Okoro - Howard University                    |   $2,000
  Region 2:   Angela Dawn Johnston - Auburn University Mobile       |   $10,000
  Region 3:   Gabrielle Wells - Chicago State University            |   $2,000
  Region 4:   Quinn Branch - Texas Southern University              |   $2,000
  Region 5:   Henry Delu, Jr. - University of Southern California   |   $2,000

              Walmart Health and Wellness Endowed Scholarship
              Samantha Burke - University of Georgia                |   $1,000
              Roda Maalin - University of New England               |   $1,000
Walgreens SNPhA Student Pharmacist Excellence Scholarships
     Nikko Ware - University of South Carolina             |   $1,000
     AIbrahim Ibrahim - University of Maryland Baltimore   |   $1,000
     Neha Patel - University of South Carolina             |   $1,000
     Moon Lee - Mercer University                          |   $1,000
     Grace Mbagwa - University of Texas at Austin          |   $1,000

        Target SNPhA National Leadership Scholarship
     Ruth Haile-Meskale - Mercer University                |   $5,000

                     Kroger Endowed Scholarships
     Nicole Avant - University of Illinois Chicago         |   $1,000
     Valana Vannoy - University of Georgia                 |   $1,000
     Niki Patel - Rutgers University                       |   $1,000
     Amber Jenkins - Univerisity Georgia                   |   $1,000

                       NPhA Auxiliary Scholarships
     Folayemi Fashola - Univerisity of Southern California |   $1,000
     Onyebuchi Amaechi - University of the Incarnate Word |    $1,000
     Gabrielle Flash - University of New England           |   $1,000

                    Other Scholarships and Awards
     Dr. Barry Bleidt Endowed Scholarship
     Ruth Awosika - University of Southern California      |   $1,000
     Mr. Wilbert Bluitt Endowed Scholarship
     Brianna Parra - University of Illinois Chicago        |   $1,000
     Mr. & Mrs. Terrence and Terri Burroughs Endowed Scholarship
     Christopher Chidueme - University of Cinncinnati      |   $1,000
     Dr. Horace and Ethel Bynum Endowed Scholarship
     Chibuzor Okoro - Howard University                    |   $1,000
     Dr. Cleon Fowler Endowed Scholarship
     Ishita Gandhi - Wingate University                    |   $1,000
             Other Scholarships and Awards Continued
      Ms. Ramona McCarthy Hawkins Endowed Scholarship
      Geraldene Abbasionwe - State University of New York Buffalo |     $1,000
      Mr. James Bricky Hills Endowed Scholarship
      Alda Shepherd - University of Tennessee                       |   $1,000
      Dr. JW and Erma Ligon Endowed Scholarship
      Bernard Brown - Temple University                             |   $1,000
      Dr. HW “Ted” Matthews Endowed Scholarship
      Leshawn Smith - University of Houston                         |   $1,000
      Ms. Germaine Robottom Scholarship
      Amber Davis - University of the Incarnate Word                |   $1,000
      Dr. Craig and Saundra Ruffin Endowed Scholarship
      Kristen Harris - Howard University                            |   $1,000
      Mr. Jimmy Barnes Book Award
      Andrea Yuen - University of North Carolina                    |   $200
      Sametria Glass - University of Georgia                        |   $200
      Ms. Elwanda Barnes Book Award
      Gifty Kusi - Ohio State University                            |   $200
      Mr. Willie Davis Book Award
      Amyn Madhani - University of the Incarnate Word               |   $200
      Dr. Johnnie L. Early Book Award
      Joshua Smith-Benson - Florida A&M University                  |   $200
      Shaunell Bostic - Medical University of South Carolina        |   $200
      Nader Rouholfada - University of Toledo                       |   $200
      Dr. Sharon Early Book Award
      Brittany Roy - Howard University                              |   $200
      Mr. Benjamin and Jacquelin Holland Book Award
      Tyreia Benjamin - University of the Incarnate Word            |   $200
      Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Carmita Mills Book Awards
      Emmanuel Enwere - University of Texas at Austin               |   $200
      Louchard Lamothe - Auburn University                          |   $200
      Dr. Denise A. Normand Book Award
      Ashley Williams - Mercer University                           |   $200
      Dr. Phyllis Perkins Book Award
      Natasha Conley - University of Kentucky                       |   $200
      Dr. Noble Thomas Book Award
      Olabode Ogundare - University of Maryland                     |   $200

          Total Amount Distributed in Scholarships and Awards:

                                $86, 350
SNPhA would like to thank all of our donors for their unwavering support of our students.
                        Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
Diabetes / Chronic Kidney Disease

 Hello SNPhA!

 Did you know that NOVEMBER is National Diabetes Month?

 What a better way to serve our community than to get         increase awareness. As SNPhA members, we are in a
 involved in educating communities regarding diabetes         privileged position with a plethora of information that
 prevention and management?                                   can help serve the medically underprivileged in your
                                                              community. I encourage you to host health-related
 As the national initiative chair, I challenge all chapters   events throughout your city that will encompass a broad
 to seek out the American Diabetes Association (ADA)          range of your members. As a regional chapter, you can
 and the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to        have events that educate the public at local churches,
 see how they can help. The yearly ADA Step-Out-to-           supermarkets, libraries, YMCAs, dialysis centers, nursing
 Fight Diabetes Walk is around the corner, and JDRF also      homes, in addition to community pharmacies. I
 hosts their Walk to Cure Diabetes. There’s also always       look forward to reading your reports regarding your
 strength in numbers, so seek out your local CAPS partner,    upcoming events and all the impact that you will make!
 or collaborate with another pharmacy organization to
 Cindy Perez
 National Diabetes / Chrinic Kidney Disease Chair

 6 || the Signatura | October Issue
Ask about us!
University Information
   Texas Southern University
   Founded: 1947
City and State:
   Houston, TX
School Colors:
   Maroon and Gray
University Slogan:
“Excellence through Achievement”

Pharmacy School
                                   Q & A with TSU
Name:                              Describe your Mission and Patient Population
  College of Pharmacy and Health      True to the mission of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association,
  Sciences                         TSU-SNPhA is concerned about pharmacy and healthcare related issues
  Founded: 1949                    that affect minority and underserved populations across the United States,
                                   as well as the poor minority representation in pharmacy and other health-
                                   related professions. This focus is the basis for why we plan, organize,
SNPhA Chapter Information          coordinate and execute programs geared toward the improvement for the
Chartered: 1972                    health, educational, and social environment of our campus, surrounding,
CAPS Partner:                      local, and national communities. Our legacy will show in the positive
  University of Houston            outcomes of our patient population, the impact of the increasing numbers
Chapter Advisor:                   of active student pharmacists, and the continued support and guidance
                                   of licensed pharmacists through Alumni of Texas Southern COPHS and
  Ms. Paula Johnson-Ealy           National Pharmaceutical Association.
  Dr. Darego Maclayton
Recent / Upcoming Events:
  NALEO Citizenship and
     Immigration Forum
  Sex In the Dark Event
  Health Fair at Tracy Pharmacy
 What patient education/services do you regu-                  What is your Best Fundraising Idea/Event?
larly offer at your health fairs/community                        The TSU Chapter is known throu-ghout our College
outreach events?                                               of Pharmacy for marketing professional nametags
   We regularly offer blood glucose and blood pressure         emblazoned with the College of Pharmacy name and
screenings. We disseminate countless handouts and              seal. We market these to students to go along with
brochures about hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney         their white coats on professional outings as well as IPPE
disease, STIs, and our organization, Student National          rotations. We market these nametags to our faculty and
Pharmaceutical Association. We are able to complete            supporting businesses as; indicating their title, name
presentations on a plethora of disease states such as          and logo for their respective businesses. In addition to
hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis, stroke, and the like.    the nametags, TSU-SNPhA has added the TSU College of
We have just been trained to offer vision screenings to        Pharmacy Polo to its line of merchandise for our student
our student population on campus through our Student           pharmacists. A quality professional polo style shirt
Health Center.                                                 embroidered with the College of Pharmacy Seal that
                                                               you are able to wear anywhere as one is representing
Describe some of your Most Unique /                            Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and
                                                               Health Sciences.
Rewarding Events
   Those events that set us apart from other                   What is your most memorable event of the year
organizations in TSU College of Pharmacy and even              or past couple years?
from our industrious brothers and sisters in the SNPHA
family are our “home grown” events. These are the                 The most memorable event of the past couple of
events, for example our annual HIV Movie Night, P1             years was the successful hosting of the Regions 3, 4, 5
Survival Workshop, and Sex In the Dark (new event for          Regional Conference here in Houston, TX just last year.
TSU Homecoming), that are innov-ated, organized, and           We hosted over 400 students and pharmacists from
implemented by our very own members. The most                  across our three regions. In addition to the business
rewarding events are always those events because               meetings, we offered a variety of Continuing Education
they help not only our patient and student populations         seminars, vendor/sponsor booths, as well as social
but they engage the member(s) from which the idea              excursions for our student and licensed pharmacists. We
originated and endows them with leadership skills,             are so thankful and grateful to our SNPhA family that
networking skills, and team building skills that are crucial   supported, participated in, and were encouraged and
for the success of their matriculation through pharmacy        inspired by this hosting. We are indebted to our parent
school and their individual/collective practices.              organization, NPhA, TSU Alumni, Local Government
                                                               Officials, and licensed Pharmacists that forge the path
    Follow us on Twitter: @TSU_SNPhA                           before us, mentor us through our tenure in school, and
                                                               build and uplift us as the future of pharmacy.
           Helping the Homeless
              – Mercy Vianzon, University of Colorado

   The Colorado SNPhA chapter started off the semester by          which included MMR, Varicella, Tdap, and HPV vaccines. The
helping the homeless children of metro Denver begin the            Back to School Health Fair was highlighted on the local news
school year healthy. There are an estimated 3,000 homeless         and featured a couple of our SNPhA members. Over 200 chil-
under the age of 18 in the metro Denver area on any given          dren participated in the health fair. As a bonus for participa-
night. The impact of homelessness on a child’s physical and        tion, the children received a free backpack filled with school
mental health can have serious consequences that last into         supplies to help get them ready for the new school year. Our
their adult lives. On August 6th, the Colorado SNPhA chapter       members immunized 63 children and gave 132 vaccines.
teamed with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, at the           This experience gave our SNPhA members the opportunity
Stout Street Clinic, during their annual Back to School Healthy    to give back to the community and we hope to team with
Kids Health Fair. This health fair helped to ensure that the       the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless for future events.
homeless children of the metro Denver area received at least       The Colorado SNPhA chapter’s involvement with the Back to
the basic screenings and immunizations they might other-           school Healthy Kids Health Fair was a great way to the kick off
wise miss.                                                         the new school year.
   Pharmacy students helped provide free immunizations,

        Bridging the Gap Between Two Campuses
            – Cortney Dunmars and Emilee McNally, University of Illinois at Chicago
    In the Fall of 2010, the Universi-
ty of Illinois at Chicago College of
Pharmacy opened a satellite cam-
pus in Rockford, Illinois. Nearly all
communication between Chicago
and Rockford is through live video
feed. One might think this meth-
od of teaching would fail instant-
ly; however, it did not. It has been
a major success for the University
and its students.
   We are Emilee McNally and
Cortney Dunmars, first year Phar-
macy students at the Rockford and Chicago campuses respec-         and Chicago campus P1 Liaisons for the organization. We are
tively. Having two campuses as one is great. So far, it has been   assigned with the unique task of making sure P1 students
an amazing experience and we think it will continue to be          in Rockford and Chicago are informed of the meetings and
an amazing experience throughout our four years here. We           events going on with SNPhA, as well as bridging the distance
are both members of the Student National Pharmaceutical            gap between our two campuses, all while serving the under-
Association (SNPhA) and have been elected as the Rockford          served in our communities.

                                                                                            October Issue | the Signatura || 9
   Communicating across campuses is not a problem at all.          issues facing the underserved in our respective communities,
For our general body and executive board meetings, we do           we both learn about the differences and similarities of health
conference calls with live video feed. Similar to software such    problems in rural and urban areas. Currently, we are coordi-
as Skype or Facetime, we are able to have conversations as if      nating events for both Chicago and Rockford, and hopefully
we are talking in person. In addition, we both keep in contact     at least one large combined event for both campuses. Ulti-
through emails and sometimes even phone calls. Our conver-         mately, raising awareness about the underserved in rural and
sations often center on ideas and events that we are having        urban communities is our #1 goal.
on each campus. As we teach each other about the health

         Chapter starts the New Year with a strong conviction and promise
               – Mariana Ashamalla, California Northstate College of Pharmacy

   In the summer of 2011, the student chapter of California        shirt, and a $10 and $25 Gift card to different restaurants.
Northstate College of Pharmacy started a new year with suc-          In addition, the chapter held its first community service
cess having a previous SNPhA officer and classmate to become       event at Shriner’s Hospital for Children to emphasize the im-
the new National President Elect. We genuinely congratulate        portance of healthcare treatments for children’s health and
Pejman Ahmadi for this prestigious honor.                          wellbeing. A total of 6 volunteers came to support the event.
   As the new Fall semester started, the student chapter              In keeping true to mission statement, “to plan, organize, co-
started promoting the organization holding one of the earli-       ordinate and execute programs geared toward the improve-
est and annual fundraiser events on August 27th at Louie’s         ment for the health, educational, and social environment of
Karaoke Lounge, which profited a sum amount of $150. In ad-        the community,” the chapter started off the New Year with
dition, a raffle ticket fundraiser was held during the 3rd annu-   dedicated promise to uphold the goals of SNPhA.
al Club Day and Welcome Back Barbeque on September 9th.
The chapter gave out two prizes which included a SNPhA polo

           Explore - SNPhA at the Incarnate Word
               – Kim-Ly Nguyen, University of the Incarnate Word

    University of the Incarnate Word’s SNPhA Chapter has           Clinical Skills Competition and garnered awards as well. On-
started this year off right! Beginning with our trip to the 2011   yebuchi Amaechi, Tyraeia Benjamin, Amber Davis, and Amyn
SNPhA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, we thorough-        Madhani were all awarded competitive SNPhA scholarships.
ly enjoyed networking with SNPhA members from all over the         We had such a great experience and are eagerly anticipating
country and getting to see first-hand how incredible it feels      next year’s National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada!
to be a part of such a tremendous organization. Several of our        To ensure our recruitment of more members this year, we
dedicated members participated in the Patient Counseling           set up a booth at the Organization Fair during Orientation

10 || the Signatura | October Issue
Week for the incoming pharmacy students as well as held           the invaluable opportunity to attend a presentation by the
two social events. The first event was our Ice Cream Social in    H-E-B Pharmacy Professional Services team. Both speakers
the Student Center of the Feik School of Pharmacy, and the        are pharmacists who took on a role outside of pharmacy and
second event was our Bowling Social at Brunswick Thousand         are striving to make our community healthier by alternative
Oaks Bowl. Both were a success, as we had 103 members at          methods than what the traditional pharmacist may use. We
our first general meeting! We were also proud to continue         will also host our first Clinical Skills Workshop in collabora-
our tradition with participating in the San Antonio AIDS          tion with Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy. The
Foundation (SAAF) Walk for Life 2011 on September 17, 2011 by     workshop will be presented by Amy Witte, Pharm. D. and will
helping with the set-up, registration, and break-down of the      be a great way for our SNPhA members to learn how to prop-
event. We have been very fortunate to work closely with SAAF      erly assess a patient’s medical condition and develop a plan of
in the past, and we were honored to be a part of this signifi-    treatment. We are thrilled to have started out this semester
cant event again this year.                                       so well and look forward to continued success for the rest of
                                                                  the semester as we endeavor to serve our communities and
  To close out the month of September, we will hold two           our patients.
more fantastic events. First, we will offer our SNPhA members

        Conference Reflections
               – Jordan Khail, Mercer University
    In my last year of pharmacy school I had a revelation. That   this meeting was different. By the time I left on Sunday, I was
revelation occurred during the recent SNPhA conference in         sold.
Atlanta. During my prior years in school I’ve had member-            There is an energy and enthusiasm to this organization
ships with various pharmacy organizations, and made my at-        that seems to be absent elsewhere. Members seemed more
tempts to be involved with them. The pervading feeling with       interested in their peers than their own agendas. The various
all of those experiences was that I was spinning my wheels        chapters intermingled. Politics appeared to be on the back
without accomplishing anything for myself, or the organiza-       burner. Strangers greeted me with open arms. The sponsors
tions. I kept on though, because I’d been told over and over      were great and eager to network. I was sincerely impressed.
that I should be active outside of the classroom. Eventually
that was no longer enough to justify the time and money               As I look back at the weekend I am left wondering what
spent. I became disillusioned with the entire alphabet soup       makes SNPhA different from the rest. Maybe it’s the small-
of organizations and let my memberships expire.                   er size; the fact that “student” appears in the name; or the
                                                                  unique history. Whatever it is, I want to be a part of it. I’ll be
   I was encouraged to attend the conference by good friend       writing the check to my chapter ASAP and will continue as a
that is very active in SNPhA. With the conference being held      NPhA member after graduation. I look forward to seeing you
just a few minutes from home it was hard to pass up. I signed     all in Vegas next year!
up last minute as a non-member and cleared my schedule for
the weekend. Shortly after arriving Friday evening I could tell

           Making a Difference in the Hampton Roads Community
               – Jonathan Grant, Hampton University

   We are all too familiar with the rigor and chaos that start-   focus on health disparities in our local Hampton Roads com-
ing a new year of pharmacy school brings. From buying new         munity as well as building up well rounded caring and com-
text books, to organizing your schedules of classes and exams,    petent health care practitioners. Recently, the Community
to getting that refund check that you so desperately need,        Free Clinic of Newport News opened in downtown Newport
and everything else we encounter in returning to classes, our     News, a community where many of the residents are under-
schedules and life is often times hectic. Here at Hampton Uni-    served and do not have access to health care. On September
versity, we have been able to “keep our eye on the prize” and     10, the clinic held their first health fair open to the commu-

                                                                                            October Issue | the Signatura || 11
nity. Patients had access to a wide variety of healthcare ser-    plies for patients. Here at Hampton University, we are striving
vices, information, entertainment, and of course free food!       to achieve through activism by going out into underserved
As SNPhA, we offered and assisted in medication adherence         and disadvantaged communities and using the skills and
counseling, blood pressure screenings, passed out literature,     knowledge we have obtained to help those in need.
and signed up patients for flu shot vaccinations. In addition,       This past month, we also held a school wide kickball tour-
we helped to clean and organize the clinic’s new pharmacy         nament in which we promoted exercise and the importance
that will be opening this upcoming fall. At the time they had     of good cardiovascular health. Nothing like a little bit of fun
no drugs yet but drug companies are donating over 3 million       and competition to spice up your pharmacy school daily grind.
dollars worth of drugs to the clinic to dispense to qualifying    This year’s winners of the tournament was the professional
patients in the community for free! Our chapter of SNPhA has      3rd year students, who now have bragging rights for a whole
begun to build a partnership with the Free Clinic of Newport      year. A healthy balance of work and play is crucial to any ca-
News that hopefully will continue to blossom and grow in the      reer, including one as mentally stressful and draining as phar-
upcoming years. As of late, our newest volunteer endeavors        macy.
with the free clinic include driving to local area pharmacies
affiliated with the free clinic to pick up medications and sup-

        Local Chapter Honored by National Kidney Foundation
               – Catherine Arnatt, Virginia Commonwealth University
    The VCU School of Pharmacy’s chapter of the Student Na-
tional Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is proud to an-
nounce that they have been awarded Organization of the
Year by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Serving Virgin-
ia. This award was presented to SNPhA for recognition of the
time and efforts volunteered to the NKF in their numerous
outreach events. The NKF reaches the lives of many individu-
als at risk for Chronic Kidney Disease, patients with risk fac-
tors such as Diabetes and/or patients unable to get proper
health care screenings. SNPhA contributed to the mission of
the NKF by volunteering for events such as the Kidney Health
Risk Assessment, Kidney Early Evaluation Program and the an-
nual Richmond Kidney Walk.
   The Kidney Health Risk Assessment (KHRA) is an aware-
ness program that utilizes body mass index (BMI), blood pres-
sure measurement, and a short six-question questionnaire
to bring the awareness of chronic kidney disease to patients.
The members of SNPhA ran screening stations, calculated
                                                                  discussed medical results with the participants, and SNPhA
BMIs and counseled patients on health risks and ways to fight
                                                                  members were on-hand to counsel on medications when
kidney disease. Additionally, everyone with an identified risk
                                                                  needed. This was an amazing opportunity for interdisciplin-
factor for kidney disease was provided information about the
                                                                  ary health care collaboration and SNPhA members enjoyed
Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) health screenings in
                                                                  the experience!
their area.
                                                                     VCU’s chapter of SNPhA also participated in the NKF’s an-
   At the Kidney Early Evaluation Program health screenings,
                                                                  nual Richmond Kidney Walk, screening participants before the
SNPhA members worked with clinicians, nurses, social work-
                                                                  walk and then raising money as a team as they walked the 5K.
ers and other volunteers to provide a comprehensive screen-
                                                                  The NKF recognized the efforts of our chapter and were kind
ing to patients who may otherwise not get this health oppor-
                                                                  enough to award us with a plaque, naming us Organization of
tunity. Screenings included blood pressure, height, weight,
                                                                  the Year and presented during their annual awards ceremony
BMI, urinalysis and glucose testing. Additionally, 3 vials of
                                                                  banquet June 23rd at the Richmond Transplant Center.
blood were drawn from patients to test cholesterol, serum
creatinine levels and to check for anemia. On-site physicians

12 || the Signatura | October Issue
Hope your semester is going great! We know that you have all been anxiously waiting for the inside scoop on the
upcoming coming Regions I&II conference. Good news… the highly anticipated moment has finally arrived! The
previous page contains the official theme and promotion for the 2012 Regions I &II Conference in Charlotte, NC.
We have been working very diligently to bring you finest that Charlotte has to offer and to publicize SNPhA’s end-
less endeavors to serve the underserved.
This year’s conference will be devoted strengthening your individual ability to work in diverse environments and
with unique personalities. It is our mission to foster an atmosphere in which we can come together as a family in
SNPhA to identify the essential elements required to mold a structure for a rooted foundation from which we will
all begin to grow.
As the planning committee, we are designing this conference to exceed your expectations; therefore incorporat-
ing your opinion is vital in creating a conference that you will benefit from for years to come. Below is the link
to a survey. It allows you to vote on various aspects that guide your decision to attend this conference. For those
who decide to participate, there will be a drawing to win A FREE NIGHT STAY at the host hotel. At the end of the
survey please fill-in your demographics to enter in the drawing. Only those who register by January 3, 2012 will be
eligible to win.
Please be on the lookout for future emails and tweets about how to save $30 on the registration fee and addi-
tional details about this conference.

Tami Abbey                                        Email:
Wingate University School of Pharmacy             Twitter: @snphawusop

Letter from the Editor
Hello SNPhA Family,

I would like to thank all the chapters that were able to submit articles for the October Issue of the Signatura. The
Signatura exist for the purpose of sharing our chapters’ events and our individual experiences with the entire
SNPhA community as a means of keeping our family close when we are apart. It serves to remind us that we
are not alone, and that the activities we all engage in at the local level combine to produce a national, in some
cases global, effort to combat the disparities that exist in health care today. I encourage each chapter to consider
submitting at least one article for the Signatura during the year. In the future, when those gaps begin to close
and a given individual’s morbidity and mortality is not affected by their ethnicity or socio-economic status, the
Signatura will serve as a chronicle of the efforts of thousands of students who helped make it happen. Make sure
your chapters efforts are chronicled as well.

I would also like to recognize our Gold, Silver, and VIP Corporate sponsors for their unwavering support:

Lastly, I want to recognize the everyone on National Board for their commitment to SNPhA. I feel privileged to
serve with such an amazing group of individuals. Let’s have an excellent year “Strong Seventeen”!

       – Emmanuel Akinwole, National Public Relations Liaison/Historian

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