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  Science Fair
By Zack Patchett
• Hydroponics comes from the Greek words hydro, water and ponos, labor.
• Researchers discovered in the 19th century that plants absorb essential
  mineral nutrients as inorganic ions in water.
• It is also known as “soil less agriculture”.
• If we were forced to live underground, and we had power, we could
• Almost any terrestrial plant will grow with hydroponics.
–   Two pots
–   Some grass seeds
–   A sponge
–   Water
–   Soil
–   Sun lamp
–   Bowl
1.   Collect materials.
2.   Get one of the pots and put seeds in soil. This is plant 1.
3.   In one the pots and sprinkle some of the seeds in it with no
     soil. This is plant 2.
4.   Sprinkle some of the last seeds inside the sponge. Then put
     the sponge in the bowl. This is plant 3.
5.   Make sure that the sun lamp is on from when you awake to
     before you sleep.
6.   Finally give each of the plants water and the sun lamp
7.   Record what happens to the plants every day in a note
     book. Keep on doing this for about a week or so.
         Control / Variables
   My control is plant 1 and my variables are
plant 2 and 3.
• I realized that plant 2 was what I expected, but I did do some more
  research on hydroponics later on and learned that the seeds should have
  sprouted instead of only roots.
• Another thing I realized was that the seeds I sprinkled on top of plant 3
  were growing but the ones on the inside didn’t.
• A thing I found in the experiment was the roots under the pot.
• Plant 1: Grew a lot. (Day 3)
• Plant 2: Germinated and had roots on the
  bottom of the cup, but no grass.
• Plant 3: Grew out of sponge. (Day 6)
Analysis of Data

   My experiment definitely
 tested my hypothesis and I
 could see the difference
   My hypothesis was partly correct because
my hypothesis on plant 1 and 3 were correct
but on plant 2 I thought that nothing would
happen but the plant germinated and grew
roots. I would change my experiment by
adding seeds in small rocks, (like a fish tank) I
would like this because you could pull the
plant out and see the roots. The question I
thought of was, if you were to use real
sunlight will it changed the results.
The Following Slides are some pictures
     I took during my experiment
Plant 1
Plant 2
Plant 3

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