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									       Academic events
  1.  Students trained by Soft skills trainers.
  2.  Workshop on “emerging trends in recession period” by Mr.A.M Rao.
  3.  Guest Lecture on Toyota Way By Mr.Vikram from Australia.
  4.  Guest lecture onrtetail management by Mr.M.Ramchander
  5.  Industrial visits To Coco-Cola,Hyderabad Bateries Limited.
  6.  Field trips to Metro ,Mc.Donalds,Baristha, Dhc courier, Indian Postal Services, KFC, Big
      Bazzar, Cholate Room, Neerus, BUUBls.
  7. Recreation Trips and Educational Trips-New delhi,Goa, Amristar, Wahga Border,
      Shimla, Kulu-Manali etc.
  8. Student exchange Program by AIESSAC
  9. Yoga Classes.
  10. Mock Interviews (AUDIO and Video).
  11. Project Presentations with Video.
  12. Visit by Steve Stephens from Bedfordshire University ,UK
  13. Visit by Topegay,Vocational Quality Manager,EDEXCEL.
  14. Visit By Barry Jolly EV from Edexcel, UK
  15. Visit by Jim INnerd EV from Edexcel,UK.
  16. Training Program conducted by Allen Grant,EdEXCEL UK to the faculty of HSB .
  17. Training program attended by Faculty on Edexcel in Cheenai.
  18. Training Program conducted to faculty and students on Edexcel ,UK.


  1. Workshop on “EMERGING TRENDS IN RECESSION PERIOD” by Mr.A.M Rao,Vice-
     President,HR ,Satyam Venture Engineering.
  2. Guest Lecture on “TOYOTA WAY” by Mr.Vikram Raji
     Reddy,Manager,Production,TOYOTA Inc,Australia.
  3. Guest lecture on “RETAIL MANAGEMENT” by Mr. M.Ramchander,Vice
     President,HR, Reliance Industries.
  4. Workshop on “Corporate etiquettes” by Rammohan ,Corporate Trainer.
  5. Guest Lecture on “Recent trends in financial services” by Mr.Naveen,Charted
     Accountant HYD.


  1. Students had been to field trips to the following companies.
        o Indian Postal Services
        o Mc Donald’s.
        o KFC.
        o Big Bazzar.
        o Neerus.
        o DHL.
         o METRO.
         o I-NEWS.
  2. Industrial visit to coco-cola, Hyderabad Batteries Llimited.


     New Delhi.
     Goa.
     Amritsar.
     Wagha Border.
     Shimla.
     Kullu.
     Manali.


     Mr.Allan Grant has conducted a training program on Edexcel to the faculty of HSB.
     Edexcel has conducted training program to the faculty of HSB in Chennai.
     College has conducted training program on edexcel to the faculties and students on
     Training program conducted on soft skills by training institute skill evolution,
     The college has conducted Yoga Classes.
     Students were trained on interview skills with audio and video coverage.
     Project presentations with audio and video coverage.
     Student exchange program by ISSAC.


  1. Allan Grant, Trainer from Edexcel ,UK.
  2. Steve Stephens, Regional Director ,Head of International Marketing, International student
     experience ,Bedfordshire, UK.
  3. Berry Jolly, External verifier from Edexcel , UK.
  4. Tope Gay ,Vocational Quality Manager, UK.
  5. Jim Innards’ , External verifier from Edexcel , UK.
  6. Mr.Jasbir Uppal ,University of Wolver Hampton, UK.

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