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Harpers Ferry - NHEON


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									                                         John Brown’s Raid
                                         Harpers Ferry
Mrs Crompton’s Virtual Field Trip 2009

 Travel and step
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  into history...
                         Setting the Scene...
                                        for John Brown’s Raid

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  differences or                                                               *Click
  sectionalism                                                                Arrow To
  sparked events                                                               Move
  which lead to a                                                             Forward
  Civil War between                                                            on All
  the North and the                                                            Slides!
  South. The nation
  was dividing
  politically, morally
  as well as
  economically by
  the 1850s.
               Setting the Scene...

•   Use this
    image to

                    Courtesy of
         Setting The Scene for ...
           •   Picture the 1850s: A Decade of Crisis

                The Kansas-Nebraska
                     Act of 1854

• Both pro-slavery anti-slavery groups wanted to
  control of new territories being added to the U.S.
  Settlement of the slavery issue by popular sovereignty
  in Kansas made it a bloody battleground.

    “Bleeding Kansas” became a national headline.
The Debate Over Slavery Heats Up!
The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
gave Southerners the legal right
to retrieve runaway slaves from
the North. Despite this, many
Northerners risked
consequence to help slaves to
freedom through the famous
underground railroad.

       To answer the question
       about the underground

     Click the photo to the right
                      America Divided!

•   Answer the
    “map questions”
    using this map
    and the

    The Dred Scott Decision made in the Supreme Court sparked serious
    debate. A slave wanted his freedom when his master moved him to a
    free state, but the court claimed he could not sue because slaves were
    property. With this decision came the extension of slavery to the
    territories, all because Congress legislated a previous compromise
    which was now null and void. This enraged the north!!
            Lincoln Gains National Attention

     During the Lincoln-Douglas
     debates of 1857 Abraham
     Lincoln went from a little-known
     candidate for the Senate to a
     national figure.
 •   His challenging of the
     incumbent Democrat
     Stephan Douglas
     over the issue of
     slavery antagonized
     Southern Democrats,
     but made him a prime
                              •   Answer additional
     candidate for                questions in the
     president in 1860.           “Lincoln Quotes”
                                  section using this
*Civil War breaks out in 1861!
                                  website (click his
                                  photo!)              click photo
                Growing Up John Brown
                                            Click his picture for John Brown quotes!
    •    John Brown was born into
         poverty in Connecticut in
         1800. His first wife died when
         he was a young adult, and
         later he suffered a series of
         personal and financial failures.
•       Brown had sympathy for the
        struggle of American slaves, and
        he used his farm as a stop on the
        underground railroad. He later
        lived amongst free blacks in
        upstate New York.

Click the house to follow
  Brown’s geography!
      Brown’s “Holy War” To End Slavery
•   There had been other brutal
    massacres to end slavery, one
    example being Nat Turner (an
    African-American slave) who
    lead a rebellion and killed over
    55 whites.

      •    Brown began to have
          visions of leading a huge
          slave insurrection in the
          1850s, and he believed
          God was guiding him                           And so he and his
          throughout his quest to                   followers began killing,
          abolish slavery.
                                                     first in Kansas then...

* Most Southerners saw him as insane, many in the North called him a martyr.
               Raid on Harpers Ferry
•   By summer of                                                 • He chose Harpers
    1869, Brown and                                                  Ferry, a federal
    the men who                                                      armory located in what
    supported his                                                    is today West
    efforts put into                                                 Virginia, as a base of
    operation a plan to                                              operations from which
    seize the United                                                 he could lead his
    States Armory in                                                 revolt.
    Virginia.           Click photo for a virtual tour of the armory

                       •   On October 16, 1859, John Brown and
                           18 other men attacked and seized the
                           U.S. armory and the bridges leading to
                           the ferry. They took several hostages
                           and occupied the arsenal, not to
                           mention shocking the nation!      courtesy of
             Learn More About Harpers Ferry
• Visit Harpers Ferry National Park,
  now famous for this raid, as well
  as it’s industrial and cultural
  history, to answer the following

 #1                  #2
What                  Name two
                      aspects of          Click star below to
natural                                  check out photos and
feature(s)            African-
                                         multimedia of the park!
                      history that are
build AND
                      featured at                 HF
                      Harpers Ferry?
this town?
                                   The Surrender
                                                                                    •   The Marines
•    By mid-day,                                                                        forced a
     October 18, 36                                                                     wounded Brown
     hours later the
                                                                                        and the rest of
     Marines, under
                                                                                        his followers
     the command of
                                                                                        (who survived)
     Robert E. Lee,
     broke into the                                                                     to surrender and
     engine house of                                                                    was removed to
     the armory.                                                                        Charles Town
                                     Click photo to see more images from the raid
    facts courtesy of

                * Read letters John Brown wrote to
                   his wife Mary while in prison
                                          click photo to the
    “The most momentous trial in
         American history”

     John Brown’s controversial trial took
     place 18 months before the Civil
     War began. He was charged with
     murder, conspiracy and treason in
     October, 1859.

Click on the photo to watch a brief student-
      made video about these events

           *Be sure to click
           on “Troubling the

   * Click here to read about others who were captured!
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                       Think you will be finished with this
                       journey early? Play the Jeopardy
                       Round 1 on the Harpers Ferry site!
                             Hero or Mad Man?
* Use this activity to answer the first 3 questions
        (write answers in your “Hero or Mad Man” section)

"The Tragic Prelude" and the Legacy of John Brown

John Brown’s legacy has survived long after his 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry.
Immortalized in word, song, and image, the man has become a larger-than-life
figure in American history. In 1939, John Steuart Curry created the mural
attached at right, entitled "The Tragic Prelude."

After closely examining the image, consider the following questions:
                                                                               courtesy of
  1.         Describe how John Brown is depicted in the mural.
  2.         With which biblical figure might the artist be comparing John
Brown? How       can you tell?
  3.         Look closely at the background of the mural. Select three symbols
or images and describe their meaning or significance.
  4.         Based on this mural and all you have learned about John Brown,
assess the nature of his legacy. Is he a tragic figure, a martyr, or a zealot?
Support your judgment of him with concrete details in our upcoming class
                 Credits For Harpers Ferry VFT

•Photos and information:
• which is a free stock photo exchange site.

• as well as the use of their American Journey
        textbook from 2000 (no longer in print.).


          Choose Your Quote
"I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be
purged [to do away with] away but with blood."

John Brown's last letter, the day he was hanged.
December 2, 1859

"Whereas, Slavery, throughout its entire existence in the United States is none other
than a most barbarous, unprovoked, and unjustifiable War of one portion of its
citizens upon another portion; the only conditions of which are perpetual
imprisonment, and hopeless servitude or absolute extermination; in utter disregard
and violation of those eternal and self-evident truths set forth in our Declaration of

John Brown, 1858

"I want you to understand that I respect the rights of the poorest and weakest of
colored people, oppressed [to deny others their rights or liberty] by the slave
system, just as much as I do those of the most wealthy and powerful. That is the idea
that has moved me, and that alone."

Virginia Court Hearing, 1858

             Did You Know?
             Did you know that American poet Langston Hughes' grandmother was married
             to Lewis Leary, one of John Brown's raiders?
                                                                  courtesy of

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