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									2006 - Year End Review
  By Richard L. Sorensen
  Huntsville Town Council
2006 Projects and Accomplishments

 Town Residents given priority when
  reserving park facilities and at a Discount
 Became Non Profit members of the Ogden
  Valley Business Association (OVBA)
 New street safety signs (Stop, Yield, Speed
  Limit, etc.) placed throughout town
 New, Retro Address Signs Placed
  Throughout Town
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 New, State of the art and informative web
 Town email list with nearly 100 recipients
 Town Council Minutes Posted to web site
 New Land use ordinances
 Received RAMP grant in the Amount of
  $16,000 to be used for park improvements
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 Public Notice Posting board placed on
  outside of Town Hall
 Member of Tree City USA and received
  $400 grant
 New Signs for History Library and Aldous
 Plaque for Aldous Cabin
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 Major upgrade to Culinary Water system – about
  $300 K - $218,000 funded via CDBG grant
 Moratorium to suspend accepting new requests for
  Culinary Water connections outside of Town
 Town Hall Restrooms remodeled and decorated
 Town Hall interior decorated
 New Building Permitting forms and guidelines
 New Business Licensing forms created
 Rezone request form created
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 Independence Day Celebration that netted
  about $20,000 for Huntsville
 Pioneer Day celebration with the largest
  fireworks display in Huntsville History
 Hosted two Community “Block Parties”
 Renewed Contracts with Weber County
  Sheriffs office and Econo Waste
 Proclaimed May as “Foster Care Month
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 Road Overlay on 200 South and 7400 East
 Held Town Cleanup
 Became ad hoc members of the Ogden
  Valley Pathways Association
 New signs placed on First street directing
  vehicles to the Beach or Historic Downtown
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 Upgraded Town Hall recording equipment
  with a state of the art digital system
 Purchased Projector for Presentations
 Equipped Town Hall with a working
  Whiteboard listing pending projects
 Became member of the Ogden Valley
  Stakeholder’s Committee
 Extended Agreement with Weber County
  Animal Services
2006 Projects and Accomplishments
 New signs listing rules for the Tennis Court /
 New water hydrant for Ice Rink
 New form created for users of Landfill
 New Snowplow purchased for International
 Token gifts created for substantial July 4th
  donors and other “Friends of Huntsville”
 Many Positive Changes in 2006
 What next for 2007?

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