Hardening Mechanism by dffhrtcv3


									Hardening Mechanism in Steel
          Solid Solution                620 MPa
 Rearrangement of C in Quench           750 MPa
       Dislocation Density              400 MPa
     Boundary Strengthening             270 MPa
                etc.                    200 MPa
(0.4 wt% C steel)

      ‘Interstitial’ solid solution is substantial
            Strain hardening
                  Martensite is hard
 Iron or Non-Ferrous Alloys (1)
• ‘Substitutional’ solid solution
• Diffusionless process
• Solid solution is hard to occur

     Martensite is not hard
 Iron or Non-Ferrous Alloys (2)
• Structural change - More closed packing
• More slip planes

    More ductile

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