How I Beat the End of Grade Test_ And you can too with a few

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					            How to Do Your Best on the End of Grade Test!

                                           By Marc Wood
                                 Illustrated by: ______________

Children will learn proven life-long reading strategies through a fun and engaging story.
              Includes fun and easy activities to promote good reading habit.
                                     Reading Acceptance

Whatever you want to be or where ever you want to go in life you will have to
read at some point in your journey. In order to experience true fulfillment and
success, you must accept the importance of learning how to read well.

   “Good readers don’t just need to read well one time, good readers need to read well every time.” – EOG Whiz Kid

                                 Good readers do not take a magic pill or
                                 learn a cool trick in order to read well.
                                 Good readers work hard and use multiple
                                 strategies to understand content they read
                                 for school, life, and pleasure.

Have you ever been so scared you fell out of bed?
Or wanted to hide by putting nachos on your head?
 If so, you’re not alone! I’m afraid I must protest:
                 I too am terrified…
       of a scary, super-long, stinky old test!
                                            When Taking a Test

                              Great readers create good reading habit:

                              Always stop, think, and process before,
                              during, and after reading, especially when
                              taking a test.

                              Step One: Become a great pre-reader.

This test takes many forms and has many names.
It’s like a perfect storm that doesn’t play games.
 Unfortunately, this test is one you must pass…
       or else stay back in the same old class.
                                                Pre-reading Tip #1

                                         Be focused. Clear your mind of
                                         anything other than the
                                         passage. Close your eyes then
                                         take five deep breathes before
                                         beginning to read. Now imagine
                                         you are taking the test relaxed
                                         and with ease. Begin when you
                                         are focused and ready.

I’m so worried! Should I hide by moving out West?
Or maybe to the moon, away from this huge pest?
                                                  Pre-reading Tip #2

                                            Write down one of your
                                            personal goals or dreams
                                            somewhere on your paper.
                                            Connect what you are doing
                                            today with your future goals.

I’m sure you’ve heard… it’s called the END OF GRADE TEST!
                                                     Pre-reading Tip #3

                                                 Get organized! Good
                                                 readers have their
                                                 materials laid out neatly.

                  My teacher always says,
          “You know any big test is usually not easy.
You’ll have to work hard, but there’s no need to feel queasy.
                                             Pre-reading Tip #4

                                      Good readers always preview a
                                      selection before reading.

                                      1) Read the title
                                      2) Predict what the selection
                                      will be about.

 At the beginning of the year we planted reading seeds.
Now we’re keeping up the work by pulling out the weeds,
 so by the end of the year we can stand tall and cheer!”
                                                     Pre-reading Tip #5

                                            Do a picture walk. Glance over each
                                            picture and ask yourself, “How does
                                            this picture connect to the title?”

      Plan. Strategies. Seeds. Weeds.
          What does all this mean?
I must find out so I can beat this tricky EOG.
                                                   Pre-reading Tip #6

                                               Determine if the selection is
                                                  fiction or nonfiction?

                                                     Fiction = fake
                                                  Nonfiction = not fake

 Push-ups and sit-ups may do the trick…
How strong must I be for this info to stick?
                                                        Pre-reading Tip #7

                                              Good readers try to predict the
                                              author’s purpose for writing the
                                              selection from the title, pictures,
                                              genre, style, or font. It’s easy as PIEE!

                                                        Authors Write to…
                                                           P= Persuade
                                                            I = Inform
                                                          E = Entertain
                                                           E = Explain

60 – 80 questions… Do I know how to bubble?
Or will my paper look like a giant pile of rubble?
                                               Pre-reading Tip #8

                                   Read all the questions first. This will help
                                   you identify answers while reading. You can
                                   also highlight, underline, or write down
                                   important words from each question.

         I’m scared to fail
   and beginning to look pale.
It’s going to be tough and long.
 What if I get too many wrong?
                                     Step Two: Stay Focused During Reading

                              Good readers always stop, think, and process while
                              reading too. Don’t be overwhelmed! Find one or two
                              during reading strategies that work for you and stick
                              with them so you don’t get confused.

        Score! An older kid just told me his plan:
               “I just keep bubbling a-b-c.
Or sometimes, I’ll form the bubbles in the shape of a tree.”
                                                         During Reading Tip #1

                                                       Take notes. After reading a
                                                       paragraph, stop, think, and
                                                       process by writing down
                                                       key words or words you see
                                                       most often in order to
                                                       determine the main idea .

 Sure, taking the test without trying would be nice,
but then again this kid has taken every grade twice.
                                                     During Reading Tip #2

                                               After every paragraph stop and
                                               think about what you just read.
                                               Then write it down in the
                                               margins. What’s the main idea?
                                               What’s the character doing or
                                               feeling? How’s the selection
                                               changing from beginning to end?

                        Wait! I have another plan!
 I’ll be sick, the day of the test, or better yet, I’ll forget to wake up.
Sounds great until my big brother tells me about dreaded make-ups.
                                               During Reading Tip #3

                                    While reading, highlight or underline words
                                    you see most often, important words, or
                                    words that have similar meanings . These
                                    words will most likely appear in many of
                                    the questions and answers.

         Tick tock tick. I’m running out of time.
  My choices are to give up, or cross that finish line.
Why not just take the challenge? What do I have to lose?
   Sure it’ll be tough, but if I pass I’ll get to choose
    from all the possibilities I could grow up to be
 then take advantage of everything life can offer me!
                                       During Reading Tip #4

                            Context clues – These clues can really help
                            you out while reading, but you must be a good
                            detective to find them.
                            If you don’t know what a word means, look at
                            nearby words and pictures to help you
                            determine the meaning of the unknown word.

No point in complaining, and no sense in being scared.
Time to focus on the tools that’ll help me be prepared.
                                          During Reading Tip #5

                           Reading is rereading, and that’s o.k.: Rereading
                           doesn’t mean you are not smart : It means you’re a
                           good reader.
                           Good readers reread because they need to let what
                           they just read sink in: They have to process it.
                           After every paragraph or stop and ask yourself what
                           you just read. If you can’t say what you just read,
                           then READ IT AGAIN. It’s that simple!

Well tomorrow’s the big day. Am I ready? Do I have a solid plan?
         Am I one year closer to being all that I can?
                                 Step Three: Be Thoughtful After Reading

                             These next tips will help you seal the deal. Again
                             just be sure to stop, think, and process after
                             reading too!

                             This is the moment you have been waiting for…
                             GO answer the questions!

Think positively. I mean, how hard can it be?
Anyway, it’s way too late to pack up and flee.
   Time to settle down and get some rest
 so I am ready to try hard and do my best.
                                                          After Reading Tip #1

                                                 Prove you are right by pointing to,
                                                 underlining, highlighting, or circling
                                                 your answers in the selection. This
                                                 strategy works best for answers you
                                                 can find easily in a selection.

                                                 You will need to reread certain parts
                                                 of the section in order to make sure
                                                 your proof answers the question.

    As I walk out my door mom says to me once more,
“Just use your strategies!” As if I haven’t heard that before.
          You may begin                                After Reading Tip #2

                                            For really hard questions that seem to
                                            have two right answers, be a detective to
                                            pick the correct one. Look for words you
                                            see most often or words from the question
                                            that are similar to words in the selection .

                                            The best answer will always have more of
                                            the selection or paragraph supporting it.

            I’m in my seat and waiting.
    Here comes the test and answer sheet.
           In a few hours I’ll be stating:
      “I faced this quest without defeat!”
Closing my eyes I shun away any silly schemes.
   I can do this - it’s not as bad as it seems.
                           After Reading Tip #3

            Use what you know to figure out what you don’t, just
            make sure what you know is accurate and connects
            to what you need to answer. Experts and great
            readers always use their background knowledge .

All done.
                                          After Reading Tip #4
                  Talk to the question: Good readers always take their time and
                  talk to the question in order to understand what or how it wants
                  them to answer. Try rereading, chuncking, or restating the
                  question so you can understand what it wants you to figure out.

Now the waiting game begins. I anxiously wait for my score.
Did I grow enough to earn a place through my new teacher’s door?
I did it! I passed! And it wasn’t half bad.
Do you want to hear an awesome strategy that’s nothing like a fad?
              If you want to find the answers you need
    stop, think, and process before, during, and after you read.
Oh and don’t forget the other strategies you learned from the past -
     they help you gain confidence, focus, and don’t go to fast.
  MY FRIENDS!                                      Look!
                                           It’s math! Its reading!
                                              It’s EOG Wiz Kid!

You know, I hear there are many more tests looming behind other school walls.
          But have no fear! If you get scared, you know who to call.
                 More Before, During, and After Reading Strategies
Before Reading Strategies
•Number your paragraphs
•Identify any paragraphs that are already numbered as they will likely have a question
related to them.
•Good readers will also restate each question by determining what each question is

During Reading Strategies
•Prefix and suffix connections
•Make connections to the text while reading
•Stop, think, and write after reading the width of your four fingers.
•Don’t skip through the text… read everything on every page!

After Reading Strategies
•Confirm your predictions. Were your predictions right or wrong before reading the
selection? Wrong predictions are o.k. as long as you know they were wrong.
•Cross off any wrong answers then circle the best one.
•Don’t forget to check your work… make sure each answer matches each question better
than all the other answer choices.
 Helpful Ideas to Help Students Apply These Strategies in Their Lives
     It Takes Three Weeks to Create a Habit so do the following…
• Practice makes perfect. Please don’t force or teach all these Strategies all at once or the day
before the test. Children need to practice these strategies all year long.
• This same outline pertains to any book as well.
• Use this book as a teaching tool. Go through the strategies with your child or students.
• Let students make an EOG crown.
• Create a comprehension test.
• Make a family feud, jeopardy, or smartboard game
• ESL parents can teach from this…. Because they don’t need to know how to read English they
need to make sure their children are using good reading habit.
• If you think these strategies are to easy... then great... you are on your way to become a more
effective reader.
• If you feel like you are doing these strategies and they are not working then look at what you are
reading in more detail ask yourself what is holding you back from reading better.
• Make connections… why are you good at football? Apply that mentality to reading.
• Play the reading game… not underlining little words and Underlining importants that connect to
each other.
• Grade for reading habit – Double the score for any reading assignment. Students should always
be underlining, proving their answer, writing in margins, and crossing off wrong answers.
• Play good reading habit bingo
   "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." — Colin Powell

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