How can writing make someone free by yurtgc548


									How can writing make
   someone free?
    A Web Quest by
       Green Ink
Finding Freedom in 3 Ways

   Inputs/Informational Sites
     Transformational Sites
      Outcome-based Sites
 input source – an informational site
 that provides “input” for the learner by
 offering facts, images, and data that the
 learner can use to increase her/his
 knowledge of/on a subject – Gather
 information from these sites.
    The Original Site of Freedom!
    m (the original site for the text will give you
    the true story, who the foundation is, what they
    do and their main initiative)
         Music can make you free!
    (this could lead you to a search of many songwriters
    from the 1960s and 1970s who were writing about the
    lack of freedom in the U.S. and world, celebrating
    freedom through expressing oneself in song, and
    bemoaning the lack of freedom felt by those who were
    drafted into the Vietnam War) Input/Informational
Who were the freedom riders?
  civilrights-55-65/freeride.html (this will
  give you information on the original
  Freedom Riders from which the students in
  the text took their name)
   transformational source – a site that the
    learner can interact with that provides
    opinions, comparisons, contrasts, analyses,
    syntheses, or evaluations of/on a subject –
    Form and hone opinions based on these
        Degrees of Freedom
    DEG.html?show=catalogcopy (this synopsis
    of Rebecca Scott’s book looks at how she
    wrote about the degrees of freedom that
    some had and have had in our country – the
    foundation in history really allows her to
    raise great questions)
    Historical Roads to Freedom
    doughome.html (the manuscript of Fredrick
    Douglass – using writing to express the need
    for freedom) Interactive/Transformational
    Write to be “naturally” free
    cle-210528 (an article about freedom
    of speech in the use of “natural”
    language in Creative Writing – read it
    and form an opinion!) Transformational
•   outcome-based – a site that shows what has
    been done using the primary text or theme of the
    quest as a jumping-off point. The work on these
    sites shows – as its outcome – actual examples
    of those who wrote for freedom.
      Writers of the storm…
    ourneys_20000328.jhtml (the story of Isabel
    Allende’s journey to a kind of freedom through
    writing about a death) Outcome-based
Into thIs world they’re born…
 (examples from the life
    and writing of Anne Frank) Outcome-based
    ta.html (click on maps to see the maps that bring people
    to freedom) – example of Zlata’s writing that showed her
    lack of freedom and brought her to some freedoms
        Free the Children
    Q0cVIshwW6KSaLgMgbEhUu2k#PPA5,M1 (a
    snippet about a little girl who loves reading and
    writing – read the full chapter/book if you
    wish) Outcome-based
Texts are multi-dimensional
 and can teach a myriad of
 Using this one small aspect of
 one of the text’s lessons you
 may see now that pens can be
 mightier than swords????????!
     Free Your Mind…

 Writing can free one of burdens;
 writing can free one’s mind from a
 state of panic or feeling a lack of
 control; writing can be the means to
 express one’s freedom or help others to
 be free!
               Images Cited
 (flags – 2)
 (open books – 3)
 (buddha hand – 4)
 (singing girls – 5)
 (face of buddha over figure – 7)
 (road picture – 9)
 (pen on shell – 10)
 (writing hand -- 11)
 (calligraphy brushes – 11)
 (stormy shore – 12)
 (people in jail – 13)
 (child behind bars – 14)
 (smiling Buddha – 15)
 (sword collection – 16)
 (page with writing hand – 17)
 (beach figure – 18)
          Music Sources
 “Me  and Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin
 “Listen!!!” Talib Kweli
 “Anne Frank’s Theme” Mark Isham
 “Eva’s Theme” Mark Isham
 “Riders on the Storm” The Doors
 “Fly Like an Eagle” Steve Miller Band
 “Keep Your Head Up” 2Pac Shakur

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